Sarah Sanders Blasts FBI for Its Biased Handling of Roger Stone vs. Hillary Clinton

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, ripped into reporters for placing an inordinate amount of energy covering the indictment of Roger Stone. On CNN she reminded the panel that the charges against Stone had nothing to do with supposed collusion between President Trump and Russian agents.

Sanders bigger question was if former candidate Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would ever be held to the same standard as Roger Stone.

Stone was indicted last weekend on seven counts by Special Counsel Robert Muller.

During her CNN interview, Sanders reminded viewers there are no charges against Stone for having suspect conversations with Trump. Like all of Mueller’s other indictments, Stone faces charges, not for any crime involving the Presidents but rather making misleading statements.

Sanders, known for her tenacity, circled back to the point at hand saying:

“I think a bigger question is, if this is the standard, will this same standard apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper?” Will we see these same people who we know have also made false statements, will that same standard apply?”

Tucker Carlson echoed Sanders on Fox News when he noted a litany of deceptions and lies to Congress from former Obama administration officials and holdovers Trump had to deal with.

In 2017, Former Director of the FBI James Comey testified before Congress that he never authorized the FBI to leak anonymous sources about the Russia or Clinton investigations. Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe later contradicted Comey’s statements.

In 2016, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified to Comey’s FBI that she did not know of the 33,000 emails that landed in the laps of Russians operatives. After one day of testimony, Comey abruptly announced Clinton would face no indictments because he didn’t want to “influence” the presidential election.

In 2013 Clapper denied in testimony before Congress that the federal government collected “metadata on Americans’ phone records.” That testimony later proved to be a blatant lie.

Since Sanders interview with CNN, it has been revealed that the FBI may have tipped off the network about the time and place of Roger Stone’s arrest.

Tucker Carlson pursued the issue further on his nightly show when he compared the handling of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen’s conviction and the lack of pursuit of others who lied to Congress.

Carlson noted, “The problem is if you’re going to enforce statutes you must enforce them fairly and equally.” He added, “The law had to apply to everyone otherwise it’s not really a law – it’s a political weapon.”

According to him, there have been hundreds of occasions where someone lied to Congress between the end of World War 2 and 2007. In that 60 years, just 6 people have faced trial for what Stone may spend the rest of his life in prison for.

The case of James Clapper is enough to prove Sander’s point. Near the end of a 2013 open session of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Ron Wyden (Dem – OR) asked then Director of National Intelligence Clapper if intelligence officials collect data on Americans.

Clappers answer was: “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.”

In the months that followed former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden provided proof that Clapper’s contention was blatantly false. Reports showed the feds collected and stored bulk metadata of American phone records and had methods for capturing a vast amount of email and Internet data as well.

Whether James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Cohen, or Hillary Clinton are guilty the question is why is a minor player in the Trump universe strong-armed into a quick conviction yet Clapper and Comey continued to be lauded by the press? How can Hillary Clinton possibly be considering another run at the White House?

As Sarah Sanders proved in her response to the White House press corps and CNN: politics (for them) is more important than equal justice.

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74 Responses

  1. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    1. What do you expect from a chip off the old televangescammer. She, like Drumpf, think we have a dictatorship. NO THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP!!

  2. Clapper did not tell a lie when he said, “No, sir,” and, “Not wittingly.” He only did it half-wittingly. POS.

  3. OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM has gone down the toilet,,, it has become a “POLITICAL TOOL FOR THE SOCIALIST MARXIST REGIME”, these Heads of these Departments need too be removed. They have destroyed their own credibility and have and are proving they no longer are “PROTECTING” the AMERICAN REPUBLIC” but have become the “DEEP STATE” against a sitting and duly elected “PRESIDENT TRUMP”,, is this “TREASON” ?

      1. believing the truth is NOT delusional…..there is absolute proof ….that crimes were commited by crooked Hillary , Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennen,McCabe, Page, RIce, WATERs, the list of Corrupt Dems is a mile long..Where are the charges against any of them….???? This is unfair prosecution based on political views…..the American judicial system is suppose to be fair and unbiased…BUT TODAY it is just as corrupt as the people they seem to be protecting !! WAKE UP !!! FACE THE TRUTH !!!

      2. You sir, I think are the delusional one. If facts stare you in the face and you deny it! Then you are delusional.

      3. The response from D. Richard Tonge is classically appropriate for a leftie! Of the thousands of articles I’ve read or hundreds of video clips I’ve seen in the past three years, when asked a legitimate, direct question that involves logic and common sense, lefties either walk away or come back at you with a similar reply of “You are delusional,” which is the intellectual equivalency of “You’re a poopy head!” The entire left are a pretentious joke!

      1. Seeing, hearing, is believing. The persons that have lied to avoid their day before a judge is so fast it would take years to bring them all to justice.
        But knowing this, now is The time to rise up, demand change in our government. Term limits, jail time for unlawful deeds, not a pat on the back.
        The gang of rats that’s putting hats in the ring for Democratic President, needs vetting, getting again, again.
        They can run, but cannot hide.

    1. Abortion is murder. A living child…which you have in utero…is a human being and deserves a chance at life. This preborn-person is innocent of any crime yet people who are corrupt and break the law at will are allowed to go unpunished.. If a child is born and smothered within five or ten minutes what difference does it make?! If every person that had a flaw was killed there would be mass murder. Children born with a missing limb, an extra digit or only one kidney deserves to die……reason enough according to the philosophy of these nut jobs that say “abortion is a God-given right!” I do not think God approves! The child’s right to life….which according to our constitution is God-given….should take precedence over the woman’s selfish desires. Read your constitution……”endowed by their creator with certain inaliable rights”LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all!

  4. Way to go Sarah!! She’s not afraid to say what she believes and we are all thinking. God love her!

  5. I love Sara, she tells it like it is! I hope and pray in my lifetime I see the Clinton’s get what is coming to them! Seems they are above the law!

  6. No , smoke and mirrors , Clinton is the real criminal , Russia would not want trump as president, knowing that he would open up our resources coal oil , Clinton would stop the development of our resources, and drain our country making Russia powerful and wealthy

      1. You seem to believe that the Main Stream Media are unbiased journalists. They are not. Bought and paid for to present only one side of any story to fit the liberal agenda. You might start watching and/or reading your “news” from alternate sources. It might surprise you to discover a whole other side to these issues.

  7. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Instigation) is just one more crooked dem loving liberal institution which we no longer need unless they are going to be 100% honest and unbiased. Those miserable A-wholes, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, etc., etc., etc. need to be rousted from sleep, slapped with cuffs and taken to jail in order to make me have any different feeling towards those treasonous FBI agents.

  8. All we need now is a bunch of good ol boys in the FBI/DOJ to go after these DemonCraps for all this wrong doings to us Tax paying Americans. And swallow up Robert Mueller in the process. His ass needs 40 years Prison time for abusing the system. His double standard going along with Ass set this country back another 50 years.


  10. It’s interesting to see that Trollarama is still alive and well by some of these posts? No , they never would abuse people they serve would they? Believe that and do I have a bridge for you.

  11. Looks like a lot of FBI agents should be arrested along with Crooked HEllary and Nancy Pelosi Hillary is now Hellary!

  12. I don’t understand what you mean about not publishing my comment. I don’t have a website other than my email address. You are being too picky. Are doing this on purpose?

  13. Love sarah. Too bad the fbi etc are just as crooked as Mueller and his band of thugs. Do we, the conservatives, ever get to see real justice? Come on, the obumas and their jerks should face what potus people have, hateful rhetoric daily. This country has become very sad.

  14. I do believe God had something to do with President Trump’s election. I still worry about the many citizens that voted in all these House democrats. Maybe the fake news media is winning. We may need some more help from God to right this ship…

  15. It is up to us, the American people, to hole everyone accountable. We must petition our congress to pursue charges against those that betray our trust. Equal justice is the only way we can maintain faith in our system of laws and order. Anything other that this will lead to the demise of our society. As we can see we are well on our way on the path to destruction, and I say it is by design. Those that thwart the rule of law and support those that do, are part of the problem and must be called out and held accountable. Time to make a stand America.

    1. Well put, Tony! I would like to know where all our Republican leaders are while this Democrat takeover is happening. Seems they are MIA!

  16. These are facts we all know and thank you Sarah for keeping them in the lime light! Now whether we ever see true justifier for all is another matter! This countries justice system has gone to the dogs (democrates) and need cleaning up but it will take citizens who have on blinders to see the light! Most democrates that I know pay little
    attention to the facts nor the media that is why Fox is the most popular station and democrates don’t watch because then they would have to face FACTS!

  17. It is so sad and very evil that the liars that trump and his followers are and his followers let’s a evil person make them become file lowlife lowdown thief’s and very big Racist and much. more It’s of a person very sad to be Haters with no one to really love you.

    1. WOW! Really. From what I have seen the Democrats are the LIARS, THIEVES, RACIST. They are trying to create divide with the lying news media. (look at the catholic kids and the Indian gentleman :-(, The media twisted that so bad it was disgusting.)
      Please do your homework and look at the facts (not CNN).
      I am white and far from a white privileged individual.
      Grew up eating rice and beans for dinner, powder milk in my cereal, kicking cockroaches out of my bed.
      Most of you have no idea what some of us have gone through.
      And I am far from racist. My grand children are half Mexican. I love everyone. How I judge you is based on your actions, not your skin color or religion, unless it is impeding on my beliefs, then I do have a problem with it. As I would not imped on your beliefs.
      Please wake up and see the facts!

  18. Let’s stop all this hand wringing crap and take some action. GET THE REPUBLICAN SENATE TO DECLARE OPEN WARFARE ON THE OBUMMERS AND DEMONRATS AND

  19. People that really no the truth knows what and who the leader and his followers are in fact the hold world knows for real.

  20. the FBI and DOJ are operating criminal organizations. 13 TONA and Pinkerton Act are actually still valid and both the FBI and DOJ violate due process.

    They are incapable of providing the enumerated Article III one supreme Court with claimed original jurisdiction.

  21. Lest we forget DNC and Hillary destroyed and refused to turn over evidence, yet it is Trump they are trying to prove obstructed justice. Of course I guess this is acceptable justice in the fact that Democrat’s motto is Obstruct and Resist! Where were the FBI raids then? Oh! that’s right they were included in the corruption. Talk about collusion!

  22. Why do so many still think the Communists are good? They are the ones stealing life from the best country in the world. They need to remember that God is real and He watches as well as hears all things said and done. He will be the real judge so those that are thinking they will not be judged better be wary.

  23. Our Justice System failed to all American people. I will never believe in theirs lacks of justice again. And I will teach everyone not to believe in that System anymore.

  24. Over the past couple of decades, the democratic party has been evolving into a socialist group of people that have completely taken over your grandfathers democratic party. This new socialist democratic party of Pelosi and Schumer is changing its symbol from the donkey to a condom, that more accurately reflects the party’s political agenda.
    A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being screwed !!

  25. If You love your children or Grandchildren, We have to take this country back from
    the traitors of this Country. Everything These socialist- comies blame Trump for.
    is what Obama Democrats did .Who sold 50% of Us. Uranium to Russia, Who sent
    classified secrets to Russia and China..Why did Obama and Holder try to start a race war.. Who made Gun shops give ATF guns to send to Mexico cartell. Who was sending assault rifles to the terrorist, when Stephens was going to report it. They had to shut Him up . Then told the Navy Seals to step down. Who sent 165 billion to Iran?
    But they can’t put back the billions They stole from Social Security. I’ll say this. Trump
    doesn’t know Me. He knows if USA. Goes socialist. He and Everybody Who owns
    anything , Business, Homes, bank accounts., They will own nothing. The Government
    Owns it. They now have these stupid people think, They’ll be Ok.. They won’t need You.
    Ask anyone who escaped one of these countries.Things were so good there, what
    they doing here in trhe US??

  26. Sarah has more wit and balls than all the democraps and cnn put together !! Dems get away with murder and think there above the law and Muller stoops to there level of deep state idiots and is harassing anybody who knows Trump!! Totally un professional and corrupt way of doing your job! Could be a set up to to flush out deep state idiots! Sarah is right, they should have done those tactics on Hillary, Clapper and brennan!! All the cronies.

  27. God bless Sarah Sanders. She always stands for the truth; just like her wonderful family. We need more like her.

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  30. This Country needs an enema to move the Democrats out of fair politics, this system is being destroyed by false statements and innuendo backed up by NOTHING BUT LIES AND DECEITFUL DOGMA! I am an independent voter who once voted for Kennedy, but the times they are a changing, and the use of the media is also to blame by the Liberal media and their lopsided views, every night, the Tonight Show runs their standard liberal hateful humor about our President, and the host is no longer an independent thinker, but takes the cues of the lopsided entertainment industry to try to undermine our courageous President! And the Saturday Night show is just as bad!… Why don’t they talk about Obama and Hillary in regard to the Benghazi incident were they OK’d shoulder fired missiles in the middle east without Congressional approval, which is an impeachable offense for both Obama & Hillary, and the reason her computer files were erased, it cost the lives of 6 people told to go into a combat zone to retrieve the remaining missiles AT THEIR U.S.COMPOUND to cover for Obama & Hillary…ONE OF THOSE MISSILES WAS STOLEN BY THE ENEMY AND FIRED AT OUR HELICOPTERS, THEY DID NOT ARM IT TO GO OFF AND IT STUCK IN THE TAIL SECTION OF THE HELICOPTER, UPON RETURN, THEY CHECKED THE SERIAL NUMBER ON IT AND IT WAS ONE OF OURS! THERE HAS TO BE SOME RATIONAL THINKING RESTORED IN AMERICA, THE AMBASSADOR WHO WAS KILLED WITH THE OTHERS SENT TO RETRIEVE THE MISSILES FOR OBAMA AND HILLERY WAS AMBASSADO STEVENS, HE IS BURIED IN OUR HOME TOWN OF GRASS VALLEY CALIFORNIA~

  31. I just love these comments of you reader’s feedback😊 very entertaining, and amusing.of facts recorded history as we speak. I’m encourage to continue and believe there’s still hope for my future generations of family here in USA. Thank you all bloggers. Let the truth set is free, don’t stop educating about the TRUTH of INFORMATION. Bless our USA!!!

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