Somebody Needs to Show Nancy This Data on Border Walls Effectiveness

The highest-ranking Democratic Party official, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, called President Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall on the American-Mexican border “an immorality.”

The Democratic Party’s nominee for president in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, called Trump’s Jan. 8 speech that called for a border wall “ridiculous.”

California Senator Kamala Harris, a leading candidate for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination, called Trump’s plan a “vanity project” for himself.

If you listen to Democratic Party leaders, you would think that the only reason President Trump wants a border wall (that would be more solid than the 653 miles of barriers, including fences, that already exists on the approximately 2,000-mile border) is to fulfill a campaign promise, an absurd pledge in their view, so he can keep his “base” happy.

Democrats, of course, believe that Trump’s base is a bunch of “deplorables” — an uneducated mix of racists, sexists, and older, angry white men and women who resent the changes in 21st century America and just want to keep Mexicans out of the nation.

If you listen to Democratic Party leaders, the concerns that tens of millions of Americans have about illegal immigrants, the possibility of criminals crossing the border and eventually making their way into their communities, and the cost of helping these immigrants via expensive social services is completely unwarranted.

Then, as conservative commentator Paul Harvey used to say, there’s the rest of the story. The real story is that the number of border walls throughout the world has increased dramatically in recent decades, particularly since the Al-Qaeda terrorist attack that killed nearly 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. There are more border walls in the world PRECISELY because nations all over the world are concerned about immigration and security — the exact reasons that President Trump is trying so hard to overcome the politically-inspired Democratic Party intransigence and build a wall to protect Americans.

“Critics of the border wall are more uninformed than the president they dispute if they believe Trump’s proposal is inconsistent with international norms,” wrote former Department of Defense official Michael Rubin in the Washington Examiner article “Trump’s border wall is standard practice in other parts of the world.“ “Indeed, every year, more countries resort to walls after more liberal policies fail.”

A 2018 article in USA Today entitled  “From 7 to 77: There’s been an explosion in building border walls since World War II” says there were seven border walls in the world in 1945, 15 in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell, and “at least 77” in 2018. A 2015 article in the Daily Mail says the number of nations with walls or fences on their borders has quadrupled since 1989 “as governments try to hold back the tide of migrants.”

An article by WorldAtlas entitled “Countries With Border Walls” lists walls that have been completed, walls under construction, and proposed walls. The border walls being built include a 2,030-mile wall on the India-Bangladesh border, a 1,243-mile wall on the Russian-Ukrainian border, a 1,009-mile on the India-Burma border, and an 880-mile wall on the China-North Korea border. Since 2000, the border walls that have been completed include walls on the Saudi Arabia-Iraq and India-Pakistan borders.

Rubin’s article breaks down border walls into those built for security purposes and those built to reduce illegal immigration. Regarding the walls built for security purposes, he wrote that a wall India built on its Pakistan border has kept “Pakistani terrorists at bay” and might have prevented a war between the two nuclear powers, a 1,700-mile wall Morocco built on its Algerian border was so effective at reducing Algerian-backed terrorism that it ended a decades-long war, and Israel’s fences on its West Bank border reduced terror attacks by more than 90 percent.

Rubin also wrote that border walls:

* Brought peace in Cyprus between Turks and Greeks.

* Prevented Iranian-backed militias from launching terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia.

* Produced 15 years of quiet on the formerly violent Turkey-Syria border.

* Reduced attacks on Kenya by Somalian terrorists.

“Three other countries – Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are all constructing border fences in a bid to keep out jihadist groups next door in Somalia, Iraq and Syria,” noted the Daily Mail article.

In regards to the border walls built to reduce illegal immigration, Rubin wrote that the wall India built on its border with Bangladesh has reduced crime just as Trump said a wall on the Mexican border would reduce crime in the United States. In addition, Spain has built border walls to keep African migrants out of its nation and Hungary has built walls on its Serbian and Croatian borders to prevent African and Middle Eastern migrants from entering its nation.

The Daily Mail article has a very good map that shows where some of the border walls are. The article itself is skeptical about the effectiveness of border walls, but the fact that more and more nations are building them is a sign that many politicians and people believe they work.

Will a border wall on the American-Mexican border reduce illegal immigration and crime? The history of border walls shows it could definitely succeed. It’s certainly pro-American to make the effort even if some experts think it won’t work. It’s definitely more noble than Finland’s 450-mile barbed-wire fence to prevent reindeer from wandering into Russia. Ouch!

There is no question that Trump’s border wall plan is controversial, partly because the U.S. has never had the kind of border wall that he is proposing, but there’s also no question that the categorization of his plans as immoral, ridiculous, and a vanity project are based more on blind partisanship than thoughtful consideration of an important proposal.

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642 Responses

  1. Democrats do not care about the safety and security of this nation or American citizens. The only thing that democrats see when they look at all of these illegal aliens invading this country are future democrat voters they can buy with our money no matter the cost In voter fraud or American citizens lives. High ranking democrats have their estates and their armed security, paid for by taxpayer dollars, so they don’t care.

    1. Of course! It interferes with their drug and human slave trafficking. Their wallets and bank accounts would be bankrupt if a wall was built. They would also have no reason to raise our taxes as they always do, and as history shows they always have.
      Democracy, Socialism, and Communism are nothing more than a legal political excuse for their morally illegal political crimes! Robert Meuller has been covering for their activities (and very involved in) pedophilia for decades. All the while allowing them to either serve time with a slap on the wrist or to go free.
      Public info is such a great thing. Better than Emminent Domain.

  2. For the next 3 weeks and maybe longer, all of the Catch N Release Illegals should be bussed to No Wall Nancy’s street and released there.

    Bus driver has 2 options. Point to her house and say ‘FREE LUNCH’.


    Tell them Nancy No Fence says WALLS ARE IMMORAL while pointing to her wall. Maybe they will remove it for her.

    When the National Emergency declaration is protested by the 9th circus court, the releases should continue, but the releases should be divided between her street and the street of the judge that posts the argument.

    It’s time the elitists learn how the rest of us have to survive.

    A little hardball is good for their KARMA


    1. Sure am hungry! I’ll gather all the illegal immigrants I can find and bring them to you for a year long block party. Maybe you can hire them as well.

  4. The Border Committee members should divide the remaining unprotected miles and make accurate, educated recommendations on securing their assigned areas. Methods and costs must be reported before the February 15 deadline. If they can’t do it, what is the purpose for the committee? If they can’t do it let the experts do it.


    1. I agree. But is it necessary to tell all the time?

  6. Ref Marc’s comment; I’m not sure which way he is arguing on this point. But, if there had been walls around the NA continent when white Europeans attempted an “invasion” there would not be an USA and the native 300 tribes would still be warring amongst themselves, riding horses, destroying the landscape by “slash and burn farming” and moving on to another place, never build a building better than a tepee, have no defined borders, no universal written language, no body of laws that could be used to settle disputes peacefully, no documented evidence of any of their accomplishments…. just to mention a few of the things the native peoples would not have. so yes walls can stop all sorts of things from happening. The NA continent would be the same as the places like Chad and similar countries that are real examples of what happens when leaders rule by threat of force and hoard billions of dollars in the hands of the “elites” who call themselves democratic republics and suck billions from wealthy countries and never improve the plight of the powerless, particularly from whom the elites have taken away all weapons of self-defense from the poorest populations. These are the methods of socialism and communism to maintain the elitist’s control of the people and wealth
    that dictators covet.

  7. I support increasing the length of a wall, increased electronic monitoring, increased ICE personnel, and equipment for security along the southern US border to reduce the flow of people illegally entering the US. The flow of illegals is often conducted by those cartels and the illegals are seldom inoculated for contagious diseases and carrying diseases, involved in human trafficking, sex trade, and other crimes, depend upon US social services, burden the US education system, lack sustainable employment, etc.

    1. I support bringing our troops military back to guard this country as stated in the US Constitution.
      What dumbass Democrat repealed it to allow our troops overseas fighting a war that was not ours? Who was it which proposed the United Nations?
      In my opinion, that is the beginning of Americas downfall!

  8. If walls don’t work as the left would have you believing, building prisons on the United States just got cheaper because now we just have to build buildings and not put up walls. You know, since walls don’t work in the Dems world. I’m sure if you tell the prisoners to not cross the line they will just stay in their prison cells and never leave! Wow, we didn’t know we could save all that money!

    1. I would like to hear responses to your comment from Pelosi, Schumer, HRC, et al.

  9. I don’t know why it wasn’t broadcast on the national news but on the net it showed Nancy pelosi having 6 illegals go to her home yet she did not embrace them, invite them in, or offer support-she called the police – why? The illegals are only to be dealt with by the middle-class / working-class. She and the other selective, rich, wealthy, celebrities have gated, fenced communities, security and walls. Walls are only immoral pertaining to the working class / middle class that the Democrats are trying to wipe out! BORDER PATROL OFFICERS ARE ALREADY GETTING SICK BECAUSE OF ILLNESSES BROUGHT OVER THE BORDER. PANDEMICS!! WHO DO YOU THINK WILL GET THE NEEDED INOCULATIONS? THE RICH, WEALTHY AND CELEBRITIES! ALSO FREE HEALTH CARE IS FOR THE ILLEGALS WHILE AMERICANS HAVE DIED BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND PRESCRIPTIONS! Build the wall now and save Americans! AMERICANS FIRST-THAT INCLUDES THE MIDDLE CLASS / WORKING CLASS!


  11. Kamala Harris is a flaming anti-Catholic bigot! She is unfit to serve!

  12. Thank you Gary F for your comment on Jan. 29. Americans revisionist history that has sadly been crammed down most of children’s throats through failed public education (one of the BIG arms of the Democratic Party) has painted the Indians as the heroes and the white man as the bad guy, and it’s not divided up exactly that way. There were good and bad white settlers and there were good and bad Indians. The story would end there to any person who is common-sensed minded. But to keep the narrative alive that white Americans are always the bad guy and everything they do is bad is just the work of the devil and anyone who subscribes to this divisive mindset is caught in the deception of the devil.

  13. Nancy Pelosi and destroy it and does not care for this country now that she had her life when it was good, but now she wants it destroy

  14. “If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it. Go over it. Go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.”

    – Donald J. Trump (Wagner College Commencement Address)

    Welcome to the Hypocrites Club

  15. Nancy pelosi and Democrats are not uninformed pertaining to a wall for security and safety! THEY DON’T CARE! THEY WANT CONTROL, VOTES AND POWER AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICANS LIVES, SAFETY,HOMES, JOBS AND THEIR AMERICAN DREAMS! They’re eliminating the middle class /working class and turning America into another third world country! BORDER PATROL OFFICERS are getting sick and preparation is being made for PANDEMIC-inoculations: however they’re also deciding WHO will be able to get the shots. Obviously the rich, wealthy and celebrities will get them and the Democratic politicians will find a way for their families. Since the working class /middle class has died in cases where they couldn’t afford medical treatment and medicine I suppose they will be the ones (AND THEIR FAMILIES) without these shots but of course they will make sure the illegals have them. They’ve been getting free medical treatment food, clothing and shelter that is not offered to Americans. Over 60% of them are on public assistance-OFF THE BACK AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. They really want the illegals votes also. REPORTEDLY NANCY PELOSI HIS ALREADY HAD 6 ILLEGALS ON HER PROPERTY. WHY WASN’T IT BROADCAST ON NATIONAL NEWS-WHY DIDN’T SHE EMBRACE THEM BUT INSTEAD CALL THE POLICE? AMERICANS ARE BECOMING ALIENS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! BUILD THE WALL !!

  16. How much would you like to bet most of those Countries used U.S.Foreign Aid money to build their walls!!

  17. REMEMBER THE ALAMO ! ? This is an unarmed invasion. No less. Need an Ellis Island senario for vetting in an orderly fashion. Then admission is correctly manage.

  18. PELOSI SAYS THAT WALLS ARE IMMORAL. Guess she hasn’t read her Bible lately(if she ever has). Most countries had walls and cities had walls then. God himself commanded for walls to be built. Guess she’s now elevated herself to HIS level. This woman says and does whatever it takes to keep her and her liberal cronies in power. More illegals=more votes for Dems. She doesn’t care for the illegals or for the American citizens that voted her to her position. And she cares even less for American citizens whose tax dollars pay the bills for them.

  19. During the Obama admin. 6 billion dollars was awarded to build a wall.. Where did that MONEY go..

  20. During the Obama admin.. six billion was awarded to build wall.. So where did that money go….

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