Trump 2020: Not a Sure Bet to Win According to these Republicans

Most sitting presidents would likely cringe at the thought of someone in their own party running against them during a re-election bid. But, Donald J. Trump isn’t an ordinary president. During an exclusive interview with President Trump, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner said, “So you mentioned Ohio, so I’m going to bring up John Kasich and I’m going to bring up Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Because they say they may run against you in 2020.” Showing his trademark confidence, Trump responded, “I hope so.”

Referencing his approval ratings, the 45th President of the United States remarked, “I think I have the greatest base in the history of politics. I have people who love me, frankly. That includes a lot of women. I got a tremendous percentage of women last time.” According to Newsmax, a recent poll had President Trump at a 46 percent approval rating. The President chalked the poll up to all of the bad news coverage he gets. He stated, “When you tell me I’m at 48, last time it was at 50 percent at Rasmussen. When I am a 50 percent, and when I open up China like I’m doing right now, nobody reports it.”

During the sit-down with Faulkner, Trump voiced his particular pleasure with his support among women. He revealed that he didn’t think he would even get one woman’s vote in the 2016 election while running against female Hillary Clinton. The President stated, “Hillary wished she had my numbers. She got trounced with women.”

According to Fox News, an advisor for Governor John Kasich, Republican – Ohio, cautioned Trump the day after the President commented he’d welcome a 2020 challenge from his former rival. Chief political strategist John Weaver told CNBC “Be careful what you wish for.” Weaver revealed that Kasich is “open-minded” regarding possibly campaigning in 2020 as an Independent instead of running within the Republican Party.

However, Kasich’s advisor noted that his boss “is a Republican.” Earlier this month, Kasich talked about his political aspirations on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Concerning a 2020 presidential bid, the Governor of Ohio said, “We’re seriously talking about it with family and friends and political allies who have come to me about this.”

Last month while talking with Politico, outgoing Senator Jeff Flake, who is supposedly a Republican (AZ), didn’t shut the door either on a potential White House run against the incumbent Trump in 2020. He said he had neither “ruled it out” nor “ruled it in.” He emphatically stated, “I hope somebody does [run], just to remind Republicans what it means to be conservative and what it means to be decent. We’ve got to bring that back. You can whip up the base for a cycle or two but it wears thin. Anger and resentment are not a governing philosophy.”

Apparently besides himself, Flake shared that he believed Kasich and Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, would be good candidates to give Trump a challenge in 2020.

History hasn’t shined favorably on sitting presidents who endured primary challengers in their re-election bids according to CNBC. Gerald Ford barely bested Republican Primary candidate Ronald Reagan in 1976. In 1980, Jimmy Carter was forced to square off against Ted Kennedy in the Democratic Primary. Both presidents ultimately lost their general elections in November.

One could easily make the case that Kasich and Flake would be inferior primary candidates to Ronald Reagan and Ted Kennedy. After all, Kasich faced Trump in 2016 and lost abysmally. Most people felt Flake declined to compete for his senate seat in 2018 because he knew he couldn’t retain it.

Easily defeating one of these weak candidates in a Republican Primary might make President Trump look even better in a general election. But, the President might be in serious trouble if Kasich, Flake, or some other politician associated with the Never Trump movement decides to run as an Independent in the general election. Anyone remember Ross Perot in 1992?

The third-party industrialist from Texas garnered nearly 19 percent of the popular vote as reported by Wikipedia. After the election, many Republicans blamed George H.W. Bush’s defeat on Perot (including H.W. himself). Of course, Trump is probably betting Kasich and Flake are merely bloviating and won’t have the guts to actually put their money where their mouth is when 2020 rolls around.

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141 Responses

  1. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    1. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange

  2. Hey ole corrupt bitches john kasich & jeff flaky

    can run or walk for any US Elective position they chose, they are legally free to do so

    THROUGH “”if”” they get any US votes at all

    Well bless their hearts, well “”if”” they don’t

    well they can both go to hell, for making such BAD decisions as they always do

    especially going up against our awesome blest US President Donald J TRUMP

    and ALL damned condemned demoncrat lawmakers

    THEY ALL won’t stand a chance either, THOUGH they all think they do

    BLEST their heart BUT they’ve ready lost, though they terribly feel they actual

    got to kick their own asses bloody to prove that they can actual bleed & bruse

    very badly by their own stupid dumbass decisions to beat their own selves that bad

    You just can’t teach a damned dumbass any new successes that blatantly refuse to listen

    and that’s the demoncrats & the
    neverTRUMP politicians

    thinking that they have a very successful chance of overtaking our US President TRUMP’s US Presidency

    BUT they to all you dumbass hateful neverTRUMP politicians

    if you want beat your own asses that bad, well then “death to you apart” Amen & Amen

    because President Donald J TRUMP has already won his US Presidency Reelection

    EASILY without effort, in the name of our Lord Jesus CHRIST
    Amen & Amen!!!

  3. How are these rino’s Flake and Kasich going to get elected from Gitmo for that is where they are going?

  4. If Kasich and Flame run against our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP they will surely owe a lot of people favors because neither will have enough money to do it without others help like our President did. And if they speak of being decent then they need to help President TRUMP get re elected and not go against him. SAVE YOUR MONEY BOYS.

    1. Flake couldn’t win his own re-election, and that other clown couldn’t beat our President before. If either or both run , they will just be giving the country to the demos. they will just take votes from President Trump. These are proably the only two republicans that cobert could beat.

  5. What specifically is John Kasich and Jeff Flake going to run on besides that they don’t like Trump’s personality and his demeanor. What specific issues do each of them disagree with Trump on?

  6. To Senator Jeff Flake…the words “Decent” and “Conservative” certainly are not in the mix when describing yourself, but rather “RINO Globalist” who wants open borders, and higher taxes, especially on carbon emissions. were you watching France, or are you that empty headed?

  7. It is always nice to find out who the traitors are. The Flake and the fluke may run, but unless they run with the Dems, I don’t think they have the chance of a snowball in hell of taking out our President. The people’s President. Of course, it has been this way for some time now, We only hear the haters, the liars and the thieves. No one has the balls to stand up and say, they disagree, and give their reason, they just disagree, because they have to say something, and right, wrong, or indifferent, they keep their name in the spotlight. I will never ever vote for a Democrat, they don’t have another honest John F. Kennedy to run, and the rest will lie cheat steal and if necessary murder, in Hillery’s case, to become the leader of this great nation. Of course this is just my opinion, and like assholes we all have our own.

  8. With the “unbiased” media confident that the right will make no attempt to make inroads on it and the “apolitical” Federal Reserve continuing to raise interest rates to the point of crashing our economy, its a sure bet that the (d)s will take over both chambers of Congress as well as the Presidency in 2020.

  9. It makes no since to split the republican vote and let the democrats win by majority. You were not elected president, trump was. Wait your turn and in the meanwhile, support your president.

  10. Kasich and Flake are career politicians who are constantly grooming and sculpting their little fiefdoms in DC. Trump is a successful businessman. The career politicians both Democrats and GOP are dumb bastards. For a guy like Trump who masters multimillion dollar deals his entire life Dealing with phonies like these dumb bastards is EASY….Just Expose them with the TRUTH and eventually you give em enough rope they will hang themselves with it. This is one example.

    Then on top of that, they are JEALOUS of Trump. He came from corporate America and made his millions by being a more intelligent and shrewd businessman, something the average career politician dreams about, but could never even comes close to. The career politician has made their millions not by their financial intelligence but cutting deals and dodging and weaving their way. They are ENVIOUS. Having a guy like Trump who is clean rich, good looking and knows the system and has made more they them, is too much for them to handle… They HATE it. But their egos won’t allow them to face the above reality. So their only skillful tool in their tool box is not intelligence, like Trump, but scheming, spinning, manipulating the system .That’s why they are in politics. No the American people have had enough, Trump FIRES people and has the uncanny talent of surrounding himself with smart, motivated and loyal people. It’s time to turn OUR ship around and give it in the hands of a REAL captain in 2020

    1. Good point. PRESIDENT Trump EARNED his Billions by working for it. These DC Slime got theirs thru insider trading, which Congress decided it was ok for them to do, but not the General Public, and Lobbyist donations which they eagerly accept to fill their coffers and not concern themselves on the results of their actions to those of us who don’t HAVE Lobbyists to donate big bucks to get laws WE want passed.
      The Masses, Sheep, Cattle, & The Little People. This is the Washington DC Swamp-Dweller’s opinion of us. Flake & Kasich are both Deep-Divers in the Swamp.

      My Vote goes to PRESIDENT Trump and whoever his VP will be cause I don’t think it’s gonna be Pence. If you watched “The Envelope Game”, as like to call it, you noticed his wife got one, too. Q DID say to “Watch the Wives” and not one of them looked happy with the content and when GW’s wife showed hers to Jeb I thought he was going to faint. :]
      hmm…. I Nominate Judge Jeannine Pirro to be VP to President Trump. One SMART Lady, 30 years in Criminal Law as DA & Judge, and she Loves our PRESIDENT Trump

  11. Flake and Kasich?????
    I have no idea how either would do as a republican.
    As Independents, i have no idea how they would do.. I know that as human being s they suck, and I know that there is no set of circumstances that wold cause me to vote for them.
    On a race between the 2 of them, I would probably write Hillary the Outlaw in

  12. Kasich and Flake can waste their time and money if they want, but the President would have to screw up royally before the people of this nation vote for someone else. Those two can’t pour water out of a boot, much less think they could be president. Good luck you rhino idiots!

  13. Sure Flake wants to run. He’s a Democrat in Republican clothing, IE: RINO. He’s talking about a Bill to Raise Taxes b4 leaving office!
    Kasich didn’t do all that well last time and his idea of being a Republican means and acting like a Republican does is what put us in this mess in the 1st place. Every time that Obama dude wanted to raise the debt ceiling they all screamed NO, then immediately said yes. We have ENUF of those type of Republicans already. They’re called Flake & Corker & Kasich, & Ryan, & No Name, to mention a few. We don’t need that anymore. We need more Trump’s!

    #MAGA #WWG1WGA, #KAG2020


  15. Who would want to vote for a person who couldn’t support their own party. I wouldn’t vote for them! When was the last time an Independent won an election. These people need to grow a set of balls, get behind PRESIDENT TRUMP. Let’s win this thing in 2020 with another win with Mr trump for another four years. Let’s show these back stabbers how we feel about people who can’t even support their own party.

  16. Mr. President, please do not brag about your support from women and your base, actually don’t brag about anything because if you miss a group that support you, it may cause them to have bad feelings like you don’t care about them.. We don’t read about your accomplishments from the media, but we all know about it. You have done so much for our country, people, veterans, military, minorities, unemployed, etc. If you had support from the other side, you could do an even better job. I have not read a thank you from you to Kolfage and the other guy raising money for the wall. Those things are important, and showing appreciation means a lot to us.

  17. Kasich and Flake would be inferior primary candidates against Mondale or Dukakis.

  18. Jeff Flack is just that, is just that, a flackeand is as crooked as his nose. Kasich is another Hillary always whining because he couldn”t win and won’t this time either.

  19. Flake & Kasich are both LOSERS, their involvement in the 2020 Election will be barely noticed except by Fake News Media & ranting, raving DemocRats!

  20. Wow. My dream come true. I can actually vote for a Republican again with a clear conscience. Trump is a thief who stole the party away from true conservatives and handed it over to the racist, misogynistic, homophopes to weaken us and turn this great country over to Putin.

  21. Flake is just that a nothing in our congress and we’re he to be Pres aging nothing for MAGA just what ever his Devilrats leaders tell him. RINO. No he isn’t that slick socialist/liberal hater,YES. AS for the real loser Kasich he is just that,loser. He just lost in his home state on guns,lost in the 2016 run for Pres and another true RINO. ALL two of these losers are haters of Pres Trump and that means they are Traitors to their l willi nilly party of limp wrists. They both should run but for cover as neither are candidates in good standing for dog catche let alone President of a Great Country. Just forget these two losers and vote the only candidate with you and me in mind as well as our country,Donald Trump. Demos will place a socialist in the run but that a true ruination of our freedoms.

  22. Kasich and Flake are third class losers…..running against Trump will just prove that point.

  23. Just what we need, two rinos running for President. Flake has consistently done nothing to help the vts. In his state of Arizona, the record of one of the worst VA hospitals in the country has gone unanswered by this rino. Neither one of these rinos will get my vote except for dogcatcher., RVN 68-69

  24. Evidently Kasich and Flake are overwhelmed with narcissism. There is no way I would ever support either of those two losers.

  25. Evidently Kasich and Flake are overwhelmed with narcissism. There is no way I would ever support either of those two sorry losers.

  26. Kasich and Flake should run together against Trump so we can have some comedy in 2019!

  27. Neither of these two are Republicans and should be running as Demonrats. Who is the moron that wrote this article? The author makes three idiots.
    Flake is a Rino at best. He belongs in prison with Hillary but Hillary belongs on Death Row. Katshit or Flake have never done anything Republican or Conservative.

  28. We don’t need anymore RINOs. Kasich and Flake can start The Candy Ass Party!

  29. These two are not Republicans, they are “Dipsh*t RINO’s” which appears to have a bunch “friends” that also have not stones, Period!

  30. these 2 could not run a garbage dump ,they would screw it up. dumb and dumber .traders to the end .OLD VET

  31. This is way too funny for neither on of these two have any kind of chance especially Flake for he is a very weak and good for nothing human being and only loyal to himself and in no way a honest man!!!

  32. Flake is just that a Flake, he ran as a Republican, but in fact voted with the Democrats, he knew Arizona wouldn’t vote Democratic. Kasich is not a good choice either, I don’t think he’ll stand up for America and Americans.
    I was a Dem for year’s, mainly because of my parents. But I changed parties when I heard the Bull that Obama was slinging. I did NOT like his policies, had nothing to do with race, just in case someone thinks I’m racist. I actually liked Ben Carson for the last Race.

  33. Most Republicans in Ohio are fed up with Kasich and are glad he’s gone. Flake is a notorious traitor to the Republican Party, always willing to sell the party out and vote with the Dems.
    What Kasich has been espousing lately seems like the true him and he has most of us really furious at his last vetos. From what I’ve read, his vetos will be overturned in the new year. At least I hope so. He sure put on a good ‘show’ for a long time though.

  34. I don’t understand the true reason for writing this article. It can’t be that Flake and Kasich would be strong contenders against Trump in 2020. That is a laughable proposition. So what is really going on here?

  35. Never would I vote for either of these two men! No persona to bring voters to their ideas. They have none of the necessary
    Skills to discuss in depth goals that will continue President Trump’s agenda….the right track to OUR country that makes America great. We are not and should never be globalist. These two are not fit to lead this great coubtry! Save your money…don’t divide votes. Their policies are not winnable!!!

  36. Demetria Carter, I think the whole point of this post is to show that both those men think they are strong enough to be a contender. Both have huge egos and think they really have what it takes. NOT. It Would be a waste of their money or whoever would donate to them.

  37. If Kasich, Flake or Sasse run for President, I have to think deeply in voting for them.
    I do not believe in RINO. Plus I think non of those three prospective candidates have the
    courage and stamina to stand against the democrat non-sense ideology. They will be the
    puppet of the democrat party.

  38. Just two more McCain “RINO’s” trying to ruin the Presidency and get a Demonrat elected-they both know they haven’t a “Snowball’s chance in hell” of beating Trump, but they can lose the election for him and give it to the Demonrats, which I believe is their ultimate goal anyway!

  39. While many commenters argue that neither Flake nor Kasich can win, they overlook the fact that a great many Democrats would be happy to vote for a centrist Republican, one that is fiscally responsible (unlike Pence, whose tax cuts in Indiana benefited the rich, not the working class–as reported by the right-wing newspaper in Washington DC:

    Many Democrats would have voted for Kasich if he had been on the ballot. While President Trump is very strong, Kasich is a plausible threat.

  40. These two jokes are almost amusing as presidential candidates as the Democrat lineup! Are there any serious candidates out there that want to be totally destroyed by our President? At times it feels like a comedy show when these pitiful candidates are announcing there stupidity!

  41. Kasich AND Flake are nothing but RINOs and jokes as decent human beings. Both have been rejected by voters who see that.

  42. a flake and a ” wackjob ” neither of who won’t get any of my family’s vote or support!

  43. I am so absolutely sick and tired of all the bad smelling tricks the democrats have done with this last election. Paying illegals for their fraud in signing the ballots. It is my belief, that we, the people, should declare this last election as a fraud and begin again. Keep these democrats in check. How did they get individual illegals sign their names in English. So help me God. These liars, deceivers, traders, need to lose their jobs. We voted these losers in. And we should be allowed to remove them. The such as the 2 trouble makers that want to impeach President Trump. By the way you two, how much money did you have to return to the eastern Muslim rulers, like Clinton had to. Is that why you are so angry or is it just plain childish fit.-taking because you did not win the American way.

  44. The only way to really save America as we once knew it is for every veteran to step up and start organizing a strong alliance against the Socialist Democrats who are ‘hell bent” on destroying the country our ancestors fought and gave their lives for. Brave Americans in the past have met the challenge and succeeded. If we are to ever be a strong nation again, something dramatic has to happen. Like him or not, Donald Trump was duly elected by the American people . He has done more positive things for Americans than Obama and others put together. Any attempt to overthrow our elected President should be met with utmost force with those of us who honorably served, if necessary. If you agree, please respond.

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