Migrant Invaders at Border Demand $50K Each to ‘Go Home’

Nothing could prove to Americans that the illegal alien lobby is a gigantic group of welfare whores and morally bankrupt Democrat voters than the latest stunt pulled by the Honduran army that’s illegally camping out in Tijuana. Oh, sorry, we’re supposed to call it a “migrant caravan” so that we don’t hurt the feelings of a giant group of terrorists and child molesters.

Did we say terrorists? Yes, we’ll get to that in a moment, but first, check out the latest outrageous demand from the welfare horde: After storming into the US consulate in Tijuana last week, the migrant caravan’s organizers are demanding to either be let into America immediately, otherwise we have to cut every single “migrant” a check for $50,000 and they’ll go back home.

This demand for reparations is especially brazen coming from people who’ve never lived in America, when you consider that the American people have never supported reparations for our own black citizens. At least our own blacks have a sort-of logical case for the US government paying them reparations. Some of their ancestors were enslaved. What’s the argument that the Honduran welfare army is making? Give us money, otherwise we’ll sneak in and take it from you in the form of welfare?

Here’s a hot tip for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, by the way: Don’t pay the extortion demands of the migrant horde. Because as we’ve learned recently, courtesy of CNN and MSNBC, if you pay an extortionist’s demands, it is actually a felony campaign finance violation that will result in a two-plus year investigation by the totally unsupervised, unaccountable Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Just sayin’.

Hey, Democrats! Here’s a deal we’d be willing to make with you in exchange for the wall. (To our conservative friends, bear with us: This will sound crazy at first, but the math works out.)

In exchange for building the wall, we’ll pay reparations to every non-Hispanic black person in America. In exchange for the completion of a contiguous, impassable barrier wall on our southern border, every black person living in America today will receive an annual check for $1,000 from the federal government for a period of 50 years.

Would that plan be expensive? Oh, you bet it would! It would cost around $38 billion per year. But in exchange for that amount of money, we would get to keep our country instead of being overrun by illegal aliens, and we would still save about $120 billion per year over what we’re paying in welfare, food stamps, health care and education for all of the illegal aliens. We’re guessing that Pelosi and Schumer would still reject that offer, since American blacks have been all but shoved aside by the Democrat Party for their new Latino pet project.

A terrible blow was struck against the Honduran welfare horde and the media’s narrative when one of the caravan organizers was demanding reparations last week. The caravan organizer huffily stated, “It may seem like a lot of money to you. But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.” Hahahahaha! Yes, just look around at all of the nice stuff we’ve looted from… Honduras!

Someone at the US Consulate then said, “Hey, aren’t you Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa from Honduras?” To which the caravan organizer shouted, “Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!” and vanished in a cloud of dust and some zippy sound effects.

It turns out the caravan organizer, Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, was a member of the far-left, Che Guevara-loving, communist terrorist Honduran group known as the Popular Revolutionary Forces-Lorenzo Zelaya back in the 1980s. In addition to raping and torching remote Honduran villages, the group hijacked some airplanes and did the other usual commie terrorist stuff that all Latin American commie groups did back in the 1980s.

In the group’s largest terrorist attack, caravan organizer Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa is suspected of planting a bomb in a Chinese restaurant in Honduras in 1987. The resulting blast injured 6 American soldiers who were having lunch. Ulloa fled to Mexico after the bombing and was granted asylum, and to this day the Mexican government has labeled him as a “freedom fighter.”

To sum up, the Honduran migrant caravan’s organizer is a suspected terrorist bomber. The next time CNN’s Chris Cuomo starts weeping on air for the migrants while denouncing Donald Trump as a racist, just remember this fact. If the organizer of the caravan is a terrorist bomber, you can only imagine what else is hiding in the ranks of his army.

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44 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. Just shoot the Foreign Invaders. Bullets cost considerable less that what they’re “demanding”.

  3. Isn’t it funny how the stories get twisted in the news? However, the US used tax dollars to help this country- Honduras! That government didn’t help their ppl but sent this caravan to Mexico to gain entry to our country!!! Now these criminals want paid? Get your pymt from the same ppl you traveled with!!!
    We value the lives of our citizens, take your criminals and terrorists back the same way you came from!!! Build the wall that a ant couldn’t get over or under!!!!

  4. avoid spending money on these no goood bums and build the wall NOW. The money should be spend for the americans welfare and security

  5. The sooner the USA builds the wall, the safer the American tax payer will be.

  6. They certainly are gutzy basturds, NOW I WOULDN’T LET ANY OF THE FREAKS IN!!!!

  7. To all: I’m sure by now most of us have a better understanding 0f the border situation and how serious the wall is to the USA security for all of us.
    Donald J. Trump is the type of president our country needs at this time. Some people may not like the way he communicates and that’s
    to bad. Sir. Winston Churchill was complained about from the public, but he was excellent for that time in the UK.

    PS Us Christians and Jews know that there will be NO peace until God/ Jesus comes. There will many that will say that there IS peace, but there
    will be no peace until God comes… That’s a fact, so look it up!

    God speed.

    Gary G. Cramer, Patriot, Common sense conservative & Christian

  8. I certainly wouldn’t want people like that in my country. Make them go to their previous home. For any future people entering the USA who speak another language make it mandatory that they learn English. I don’t see why we should kowtow to their wants & have multilingual signs all over the place. Europe doesn’t. When I was there in each country you spoke THEIR language or you were OUT OF LUCK! They didn’t make the first move to try to understand you. Why must the US always be soft hearted & give in to others wants & desires? For once why not stand on our own two feet and say the if they are going to come in here & get out welfare, eat out food, take our jobs, send their kids to our schools, pay hardly any taxes, make our economy go down, use public services, etc, the least they can do is LEARN OUR LANGUAGE! Be sure to make it mandatory in stores, no signs will be put up just for them, same goes for streets & highways.
    Definitely PUT UP THE WALL!

  9. This caravan is just one more attempt at growing the left wing demacrap base. They are buying votes with tax-payer money as they have been since the late 30’s. And it gets worse every year and they get bolder. The Antifa punks are using tactics taken from the play book of the Nazi’s and the communists for seizing power from a legitimate , elected Government. Why do you suspect the demacraps want your guns? So they can cram any and all manner of BS down our throats. And we have no way to defend ourselves from this crap if we let them take our means of persuasion and defense.The demacraps don’t want to govern, they want to RULE. They (the Pelosi’s and schummers ) feel that the American people exist to serve them and their agenda , which is to essentially enslave the American people .

  10. Who the hell do these people think they are ….. Demanded anything from America? You are here illegally and you think to demand …. Go back from whence you came .. DEMAND money from own country NOT AMERICA!!!!!WE owe you NOTHING

  11. Wish in one hand and spit in the other- see which one gets filled first.
    Let the people who paid them to come meet their demand..

  12. Yea right……now think of the true immigrants like my grandparents who came from the UK in 1920 never asking for anything, just learned worked and participated in the system. Moreover the Italians, Irish, Polish…never asking for a dime when they came over in masses…..NO…..this just shows their true intent and colors. Its an invasion to disrupt and present a clear and present danger to the US Security as to WHO is in those masses. Criminals, Terrorists. Who? Make one thing clear the day is coming when the LION will suddenly get up and run wild and eat everything in its path and show who is the KING


  14. Those people should not talk to any Real citizen of this country, just go back to your place of origin.

  15. THE TING IS:: WELL LET US KEEP ON HAGGELING: and arguing untill the first of the year then let nasty Nancy come into it and she is the pot hole in the road. she is just waiting all cocked and primed she is going to impeach every body she doesn’t like. All she is going to do she is full of it right up to her ears. To have a senile thing like that in charge of any thing. she is a poor choice to do any thing. she was elected by the enemy of the country. Tthe liberals of the country who couldn’t care what happens to the country or it’s people the good people of the country the conservatives who realy care what happens to tthis country. The liberals don’t care for any thing but them selves.

  16. Why should we pay them to go home, we didn’t pay them to come up here. Let the dems pay it out of their own pocket.

  17. I think it is about time we asked for the money if they are giving it away how come we as United States Citizens cannot receive it. By the way where is the Social Security going to come from when OUR CHILDREN deserve it? Why is it okay for the government to be so rich and they do not even need it? President Trump is not even taking a paycheck. Look at the homes oh excuse me the mansions they live in and the people that clean up after them(you know them as maids- do they get paid or fukd) gardeners that take care of their property WHY WHO ARE these people DO WE STILL LIVE IN THE TIMES OF CAESAR WELL HOW DO WE STAND UP FOR OURSELVES. THEY DO NOT LIKE HAPPINESS THEY ARE SO HATEFUL AND THEY LOVE WAR JUST LOOK AT THE DISCUSS THEY SHOW LIKE ITS MINE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN JUST LOOK AT PELOSI AND SCHUMER DISGUSTING PEOPLE THEY ONLY WANT THEIR VOTES AND OUR MONEY WE DON’T GET. I HAVE READ LOT OF THE POSTS AND NOW I ASK WHAT CAN WE DO WE NEED TO PROTECT EACH OTHER MR. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP BUILD THAT WALL AND CARRY IT ON THROUGH THE BORDER OF CALIFORNIA AND SURROUNDING AREAS AND CLOSE DOWN THE SANCTUARY CITIES NO MORE FUNDING THEM GIVE US BACK OUR COUNTRY AND LIVE BY OUR GREAT CONSTITUTION TELL OBAMA AND THE CLINTONS AND THE BUSHES WE LOVE OUR CONSTITUTION AND DO NOT THROW IT AWAY OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY I DO WISH THEY WOULD BE PUT ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA AND CAPSIZE ON A DESSERT ISLAND AND NEVER BE HEARD FROM AGAIN ALONG WITH CHELSEA CLINTON SHE IS BECOMING JUST LIKE HER MOTHER A DISHONEST LIAR WHY DID SHE have a child they should have used her like they did the other babies she doesn’t care about her child. I could go on and on does anyone listen to anyone. I will die for my country and I would take a bullet for my President he may not be perfect but as I have said become HE who is without SIN cast the first stone. All of you who think you are so righteous should die a horrible death. And you Witches praying against President Trump I hope your spells backfire back in your faces. You all should go to HELL Spells from witches should be loving and caring not evil. ALL WITCHES who cast these spells are demons and SHOULD HAVE THE HUNTERS AFTER YOU. I will volunteer my time to find each and everyone one of you to burn you at the stake if you are demon witches and burn you like they did to the innocent people they put in cages with orange jumpsuits and burned them in the other country with the help of Obama and ISIS.. IT IS NOW TIME FOR US TO FIGHT BACK WE HAVE BEEN TO NICE FOR FAR TO LONG WHO IS WITH ME

  18. If you give these intruders anything more it will only entice more of them to come. Plain and simple, our immigration laws need to be enforce period. Democrats, everyone of them that want open borders should have their heads examined.

  19. I am a Disabled US Navy Veteran. I say send them packing. Build the wall.thay.. are not American citizens, thay have no right to our money. With $50,000 one person can live like a king. It would take me THREE YEARS to make that much on my VA Disability and my family is still homless. THAY HAVE NO RIGHT TO MY COUNTRY IN ANY WAY.

  20. Hold fast on our border and repel any attempt to cross it illegally. Force them to stay in Mexico and let them deal with them. I’m sure Mexico will get tired of them being in their country and turning it into a breeding ground for more poverty for the Mexican citizens. We don’t owe them a cent and our government better not pay them a cent. If they do, it will open up the floodgates for anyone else to do the same. Nip it in the bud.

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  23. They want 50 thousand? Wow they really are Liberals. How about 50 lashes and a kick in the ass?

  24. There is a way to help our President build his wall. Since the Socialist Democrats have no intention to fund the wall,ever, only true freedom loving Americans can get it done. Hi! I’m 81 years old, a veteran , along with 3 deceased brothers, two of whom shed their blood in past wars to assure our future freedom. My hope would be that all veterans ,present and past, start a “GO Fund Me” fund to get it started. To hell with a government that consistently rejects our pleas for the safety of our present and future families. Whether you like or hate our President, It needs to be started immediately! Our present congressional representatives ( both parties) are so full of hate for each other, they couldn’t care less! Mean while, Americans are dying needlessly and our borders are unprotected from drugs,crime, and illegal entry ! Unfortunately, my age and health will not allow me to start such a massive program, however, like many other TRUE AMERICANS, I would be eager to support such a movement financially. So, some true,honest, God loving American who knows how, please consider my suggestion!!

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