Ocasio-Cortez is Already Showing Intent for Corruption

While it’s fun to laugh at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we have to admit a disturbing truth. She is about to become a legislator. She is going to have power in the national government, and she probably can’t even spell “national” or “government.” She certainly doesn’t understand the basics of how any of it works.

It’s a terrifying reality, and getting closer to the office hasn’t tempered her voice. It has emboldened her. She isn’t just displaying adorable ignorance anymore. She’s making dangerous statements, and soon, she’s going to have the power to carry out her plans.

What Happened

As usual, the story surrounding Cortez took place on Twitter. If she has a platform to share her voice, something stupid or dangerous is going to happen. We can trust in that. In this case, it began with Don Jr. poking fun at her. He shared a meme. In it, there’s a picture of Cortez asking why Americans are afraid of socialism. Under is a picture of President Trump answer that “Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.” This is not a conversation that actually happened. It’s just a meme.

When Cortez caught wind of the meme, she had a sharp response for Don Jr. “It’s definitely a ‘very, very large brain’ idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month.”

Read that again. It’s a direct quote. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just threatened a citizen of our country with a retaliatory abuse of power. What was his crime? Sharing a silly tweet that criticized a member of the government.

Cortez’s Excuse

Once again, Cortez found herself with her foot in her mouth. She made a dangerous threat on a public platform. There was no going back. So, she tried to hide behind logistics. She explained that what she said can’t be a threat because she won’t have the unilateral power to follow through on it. That’s her whole defense.

Here’s the thing. If you go into public and threaten to shoot someone, it doesn’t matter if you’re holding a gun. You still just made a dangerous threat and committed a crime. Cortez’s threat is more complicated, legally speaking, but her ability to deliver isn’t the issue. She made clear her position. She is perfectly willing to abuse her power. She wants American citizens to be afraid of her power and to silence her critics. That’s the most anti-American thought that can exist. This country was built to keep the government under the heel of the people, not the other way around.

The Bigger Problem

The scariest part of this exchange is that Cortez is not a rogue agent. Every once in a while we get a Representative who shouldn’t be there. They usually don’t last long. While you can argue against Cortez’s competence and ideology, she clearly represents the voter base of her district. Moreover, she is not a fringe Democrat. They want her to be the next Nancy Pelosi. There is no question that senior Democrats will be willing to abuse their power in her name.

Even that fails to describe the true danger here. The reason Cortez’s threat is so dangerous is that it won’t cost her votes, and supporting her won’t cost most Democrats votes. They have a rabid base who fully wants their corrupt representatives to abuse their power in an assault against the right. They will sell every freedom if it means they can go after Donald Trump. The bad orange man said mean things on Twitter. It’s worth setting the whole country on fire as long as he gets burned in the process.

That’s the mentality we’re up against. It’s the mentality that destroyed Rome and broke the empires of Europe. It changed Russia from a global partner to a communist nightmare and led the Chinese people to 30 years of starvation. The tribalism is at a point now where the left does not care what it costs to fight against the right. They don’t care what the issue is. They can’t be bothered with the policies or the consequences. All that matters is securing power away from those they have branded as demons.

That’s the difference between the right and the left. The right believes that the left wants to institute dangerous and irreversible policy that will hurt everyone. The left believes that the right is evil for the sake of evil. They view us as vaudevillian antagonists. The hero need simply punch us in the face and everyone will clap. It’s a bizarre mixture of naivety, ignorance and stupidity. Their abandonment of rationality and reality will doom us all if we can’t get them to see basic facts.

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3,487 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you.
    Thank you for the good article.
    We need to spread the words around.
    Especially to those young, innocent minds who can’t see far enough in the long run
    of how Communists had started almost a century ago.and killed million and millions of prole around the world.
    By all means we have to stop this nonsense

  2. God save us from Liberals and Socialists. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves!

  3. And the drumbeat goes on. Frightening to know that well over 50% of young people think communism is the answer. Along with the millennials, we can include most teachers, professors, politicians, gov workers,most immigrants both legal and illegal and media. I fear that it is not reversible at this point. We conservative constitutionalists seem to be outnumbered at this point. Trump is stemming the tide right now. In two years we will see what happens, but again I fear for the worst.

  4. Rember that Communists and their backers only know that Power and Threats,like Hitler started out having is all they need to overtake a country. Russia,China are prime examples of how it started and today’s actions are rather calm from the days of take over. Many in the beginning were outright murdered by not only threats but action,is this the Democrats start of socialist take over here the power portion to be followed by the threat action? Seems as if this is the start they hate this country for what it is and has been so they want Power starting now. We must be strong and put the stop to their begenning and turn it into their End.

  5. It’s never too late to do something about communist takeover of our country. God can do anything. We need to put Him back in our lives and let Him lead the way to improve our country.

  6. Unfortunately, those who fail to remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. This generation can’t even recite the “times tables”, let alone have studied history to know how depressingly idiotic their comments are. I am thankful that my time on this earth is almost up at 83, but I grieve for my children and grandchildren and what they may have to suffer through.

  7. i totally agree if she is out of control now what is she going to be when sworn in she would be another trump and we really don;t need one on both sides of the fence

  8. How did this Spanaid get into the legislature if she can’t even SPELL the word. Talk about being DUMB! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sure fits into the roll of being not with it, ie a moron, well! I say GET HER OUT not only of the legislature, but of the USA! We DON’T need DUMMIES like her around spitting her unsavory word to others, especially children.

  9. I fear that a revolution is coming in this country (white against blacks and illegals) with the democratic treasonist dogs on their side. I think we need God to strike them all down before it is too late. And they have our tax dollars to use as they want. What ever happened to the congress that was suppose to be working for us not themselves.

  10. Thank You, so glad we have a site that calls out a person when they think their already better than every American in America. She DROPS more BS.than 100 Bulls in a 100 x 100 Field, What’s really CRAZY she’s not even a Congressperson yet! SAYS she has no money, but the her News agency CNN,MSNBC Film her at the BORDER, Telling our President Trump to let the People into our Country! Forget like the Bush, Obama administrator’s did that Our HERO’S THAT THEY SENT INTO A FALSE WAR THAT WAS ALL ABOUT OIL, GOLD, & RIPPING OFF COUNTRIES MONEY FOR THE U.N.! So until she knows our 3 Branches of Gov., Our CONSITUTION,,Bill of rights!

  11. I doubt she could pass a history test on the Constitution. hopefully her mouth will get her censured and kicked out of Congress. I’ve never seen anyone as stupid as her elected before . I fear for my grandchildrens future if more like her are elected. Trump is doing as much as he can to stem the tide, but he can’t do it by himself.

  12. Dems such as this have one goal and one goal only. To create a regime where NO ONE has any rights or power at all except THEM. They feel that they have the “right” to dictate how everyone will do nothing but increase their power and control over people’s lives. I hate to say it, but the time is rapidly approaching where the ONLY way we are going to return to any form of sanity in how our country Is run is ARMED REVOLITION!

    Our forefathers foresaw this, and the Constitution of this United States guarentees the RIGHT of the people to take this step if it ‘s necessary.. The left has signed their own death warrant by their current actions, and anyone who isn’t willing To fight and DIE for their rights, has no business even thinking of calling themselves an American.


  13. This young lady is being used by the more senior members of the House of Representatives to harass the President, his family and followers. If we complain they can say that she has a right to her opinion. The next two years are going to be pure hell for the administration; a young brash humming bird mouth and an old grouch as Speaker, with Chuckie cheering them on.

  14. This snowflake does not know the first thing about serving in the Senate or Congress. She was probably expecting to be given the key to the Oval office. Says a lot for the value of a good education. Hopefully, she will only serve one term and be downvoted every time she comes up with a lame idea or bill. Somehow, she fits in with Nancy, Chuckie or the Vietnam liar Blumenthal. God help America and save us from fools and idiots. RVN 68-69

  15. When she takes the OATH of office to uphold the CONSTITUTION of the United States, if she doesn’t follow her oath she should be removed from OFFICE. ( “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” ) All elected officials should be held to this standard. If they don’t like it in the United States of America (The Land of THE FREE and the Home of the BRAVE) then renounce your CITIZENSHIP and leave. Their is no one keeping you here. The citizens of the U.S.A do not want you here screwing up our great country. Please leave and go screw up some other country. We have the CONSTITUTION. WE also have the power of providence (GOD) watching over us. Remember its all about FREEDOM. Watch BRAVEHEART with Mel Gibson and learn that its all about freedom.

    Here is a good question I have. How can a Muslim get elected in the U.S.A. and take the oath of office using a BIBLE??? Think about it.

  16. when I see these young brainwashed morons,communists, radical Muslims and anti Constitutionalism getting in the government it is scary. what is worst is the growing masses of the morons who vote for them. I really laugh when the media and the EU controlled NATO GOONS talk about a war with Russia, WHO BY THE WAY GOT RID OF THE COMMUNIST YOKE and now is a growing free market nation. Seeing this Russia should put this out of it’s misery…sad but true.

  17. She is the perfect DNC recruit, dumber than a dirt-clod, young enough to train, she will learn the ins, and outs, of DC and old uncle Joe will take her under his wing!

  18. What do u expect? She’s an ignorant bimbo with a BS in PC.

  19. Cortez is the dumbest bitch I’ve ever seen. The idiots of new york sure got them a real winner… LMFAO… good luck dumbasses…

  20. This is what happens when people vote for someone they know nothing about, only what they are saying at the time. Just by listening to this women, I could see she knows very little. I’m not all that smart about politics, but don’t say anything until I do know what ever is being talked about…I read. But, because of her ignorance, I’m sure the Dems will be more than happy to teach her. God help us all.

  21. We really need to watch this one she makes out like she is not to bright but deep down she knows exactly what she is doing, she could hurt us in the long run. I hope I’m wrong but then again she is not as stupid as we think she is. Beware of the devil and his followers

  22. Hang on folks…we’ve put up with stupider, and louder mouths than this brainless twit…Pullups” Pelosi, Maxine “diarrhea-mouth” Waters, Chuckle “fake tears” Schumer….the cockroaches are coming out to play on the kitchen floor…we’ve always been able to step on them before, and NOTHINGS CHANGED…!!!WORDS OF WARNING.

  23. Someone needs to fine hew big time! The only way to hurt people like this loud mouth is in the pocketbook! Even though she will run to someone else to pay her bills because that is a way of life with her but she needs someone with some backbone to get her to an Ed down! But you know maybe that will only happen when sh falls on face and comes up with a busted lip! Some people are that dumb!

  24. AOC is a complete idiot and those who voted for her more idiotic than even she is. We, the armed citizens, past military (USMC for me) must be prepared to defend our constitution and our God given rights. We all should refuse to comply with magazine limits, gun bans, confiscations, etc.!! Many many of us will fight to the bitter end to defend our constitution and our way of life. Only stupid people (not ignorant people) are pushing this crazy socialist/communist agenda! Stupid is forever and ignorant can be taught and learn something. So far the demonrats have PROVED how stupid they really are. Sad that very likely the leftist socialist communist idiots that stupid voters elected will have to be forcibly removed from office. This Marine will never turn in a magazine nor a rifle or pistol that I legally possess. I’ll support taking back our rights and our country by any means necessary! ANY and ALL politicians voting for gun control are violating the oath of office they voluntarily took. It’s quickly coming time that we, the armed Patriots, will have to forcibly remove those who refuse to live by the oath they voluntarily took. Don’t give up anything you currently own!! You (we) will likely need those weapons to take back OUR COUNTRY!! Count me all the way in!!!

  25. I’m very happy, that I’m NOT alone in my thoughts! I read all the comments and all meet my opinion 1.000% ! I’m originally from Germany and moved with my wife and 4 children Over HERE, 40 years ago! We’re all very happy to be in a free Country and live our life in freedom !! Back 64 years, my wife and I escaped from East-Germany to West- Germany, had over the years 4 children and in 1978 West- Germany changed slowly in the direction of socialism , I sold my CPA Practice, my house and put all our furnitures in 2 containers and moved with my whole Family to the USA!! Here, we are now all happy and my hope or our hope is, the situation right now will stabilize and NOT go in the left direction!! I or we hope, GOD will be with us and help us and OUR USA will remain a free COUNTRY ( Look to Venezuela, my wife and I have been in the same situation, as the people are right now over there!! It’s terrible!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  26. this one is total brain missing, usually with a dumb lefty it’s just a matter of IQ lacking, in her case she’s going for dumbest in the deck……..

  27. Congresswomen Cortez is the best show on Earth. Get her a rocket ship and send her to Pluto.

  28. Not being a New Yorker I’m not familiar with her “district” so I have to ask, what are the demographics of that district? Is it a section of town where all the bums and illiterates live? Filled with mental hospitals and prisons? Are there any thinking humans there and if so, aren’t they embarrassed as hell over who they chose to “represent” them???

  29. Yes. It is Sad and scary indeed. I know that Trump is really trying to deliver on his promises but unfortunately the MOST important promise to deliver on is to DRAIN THE SWAMP! This is where the corruption is stemming from. Until members of the Left/Demoncrats are publicly exposed, arrested, indicted, prosecuted, tried, convicted, sentenced and punished for their various crimes against the American People, The Constitution, Oaths as legislators as well as rules of fair play and inalienable human rights, this behavior of theirs will continue to go on. If they ARE NOT STOPPED and held accountable and made to see that they are not greater than the people whom they are supposed to serve as well as the president, the flag, and the Constitution they promised to uphold and support, this
    country will be lost. We need to get in touch with our conservative/Republican representatives, senators and the President Himself and demand that action be taken against these miscreants so that there will always be an United States of America; the land of the free and brave made greater and greater still!

  30. Boston University gave a degree to Ocassio- Cortez, Rep. elect from the Bronx. BU has lost credibility as an institution of higher learning.
    Ocassio-Cortez not only lacks a coherent thought process, she has difficulty with the English language

  31. In answer to how a muslim elected and there are a few, can put their hand on a Bible and swear. It is easy they are allowed to lie in Sharia law and their bible if it advances their cause. That should be promoting ISlam. It is a sad way our country is going, however, we now have President trying to fight for our freedom and our country. God Bless the USA.

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  33. This woman is dumber than a rock about how government actually works and anyone that would vote in someone like that is also stupid ! If you don,t like our USA then leave and don,t come back !

  34. After reading the comments here, I do not feel so alone! This woman is but a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to the vile, evil and traitorous among us, particularly dangerous are the ones in power. As the many undesirable “changes” began to take place at an ever increasing rate with the Obama administration, I began to realize that our country was under full attack, FROM WITHIN. I had an interest in history during high school and great teachers that gave the real facts. The type that would say, ok, students, we will get through all the material that the school board prescribed and do it quickly, and THEN we will branch out and become much more informed through branching out and away from the textbooks. That was true for American History, Ancient History, and World History. I was hooked as we “traveled” outside the textbooks. I do not remember all the fine points, but as our nation started to slip in an obvious way in the last 10-12 years, I was reminded of the great civilizations and governments I had studied long ago, and it made me start paying attention to politics in a big way. The bottom line as so many here have expressed, is that if we the people who want our constitutional republic to continue, do not fight back against this socialist globalist agenda in a big way, in an armed revolution if necessary, then this republic WILL fall. I am a senior woman so I physically am not able to participate in battle per se, but I AM WILLING to lay what is left of my life down for this nation. I have younger family members who are in or have retired from the military, all of whom are legal owners of many weapons who ARE trained and DO have the means to arm and WILL DO SO if it comes down to it. I fear that if we put off DOING SOMETHING to stop what is happening that it will be too late. God may have taken his hedge of protection from this nation, we need to repent and perhaps he will once again intervene.

  35. It is going to take a revolution with the citizens that are constitutionalists and conservatives to stand up and rid us of the Democratic and liberal communists and unconstitutional politicians in our government once and forever and we all better act quick before the end of freedom and liberty is lost forever!!!! For I really believe that the Democrats and the liberals want a civil war, for they are really pushing us into one with there unconstitutional acts, and there outrageous taxes, and outrageous policies!!! For we are being destroyed from within and the only blood and death that will come of it will be Americans against Americans and it will end with no real winners only with a country that will be lost forever!!! I can only say like the lord said when crucified on the cross!!! God forgive them for they not not what they are doing!!!! Ignorance has no common sense attached to it!!! We have had a great life here in America and have helped a lot of countries around the world to gain freedom and it has been a fight all over the world to keep their freedom and without us all the free countries are going to be lost and evil will have won!!! Maybe it was meant to be that humans were meant to be slaves and ruled by the evil, for it humans can become complacent and not take freedom serious who really knows!!! I can only say I thank god for living in the greatest country in the world, for I am pretty old and most likely will not see the fall of this great country and if the lord asked me if I would want to be reborn again I would have to say in no way would I want any part of a new world order that has no freedom!!!

  36. That stupid Socialist, Cortez, has no place in any part of our government. She’s obviously about 4 beers short of a six pack but she’s actually not the stupid one. The absolute morons who voted for her are the really stupid ones.

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  39. She should marry Hogg in Florida and move to Cuba.

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