The #MeToo Movement is Backfiring

The #MeToo movement may have started with good intentions, but it is already leading to a number of unforeseen consequences. In addition to the elements of the movement that demonize men and declare that all women must be believed regardless of whether or not the evidence is on their side, the #MeToo movement has now begun to harm the careers of many women as well.

The #MeToo movement has made men in positions of power very wary. That was largely the intentions of the movement all along – to put men in power on notice and let them know that they won’t be able to get away with sexual assault and harassment. The problem is that the #MeToo movement has made men in positions of authority who have no intention of abusing their power or committing sexual misconduct very wary as well. They have seen the results of others who have been wrongly accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace, and, for some of them, the answer to mitigating this risk is to avoid working with women entirely. It’s a sad, unfortunate response, but an unavoidable one nonetheless.

In an era where any woman can destroy the entire career of any man with just a single, unproven claim, hiring women inevitably becomes a risk. It’s true that the vast majority of female employees would never make false claims about their employer. However, those employers have no way of knowing whether or not the woman that they are interviewing is willing to ruin their career. All they know is that, thanks to the #MeToo movement, any woman they interview is capable of ending their career.

Recently, Bloomberg interviewed 30 different senior Wall Street executives who all said that they were “spooked” by the #MeToo movement and the workplace environment that it has created. According to one unnamed wealth advisor in the interview, hiring a female employee is now “an unknown risk.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. When a wealth advisor takes on a new client, he doesn’t have to worry about that client falsely claiming he is embezzling funds or stealing from them. The client may very well make such a claim, but they wouldn’t be able to prove it if it wasn’t true, and the wealth advisor wouldn’t suffer any consequences unless they actually committed the crime. Under the new rules of the #MeToo movement, though, even a claim of sexual misconduct comes with dire penalties.

An executive who is falsely accused of sexual misconduct may not go to prison if his accuser cannot prove that he is guilty, but he will likely lose his job as well as his reputation, effectively ending his entire career. These consequences come no matter how little proof the accuser may have. In the era of #MeToo witch hunts, the safeguard of “innocent until proven guilty” loses all value. Faced with this reality, the solution for far too many executives is to simply avoid working with women entirely.

Not hiring women due to fear of false sexual misconduct claims is not only very damaging to women in the workplace, it’s also a risky line for male executives to walk as well. According to one employment attorney named Stephen Zweig, “If men avoid working or traveling with women alone, or stop mentoring women for fear of being accused of sexual harassment, those men are going to back out of a sexual harassment complaint and right into a sex discrimination complaint.”

Male executives who fear false sexual misconduct allegations are really left with no good solution. Likewise, women who are now struggling even more to fit in and climb the ladder at work are left with no good solution as well. It’s safe to say at this point that #MeToo movement is backfiring in a big way.

The only answer is to get back to treating sexual misconduct allegations just like all other criminal accusation – the accusations must be tried in a real court rather than the court of public opinion, and the accused must be proven guilty before they are forced to face any consequences for their supposed actions. In our current environment regarding sexual misconduct, though – the environment that the #MeToo movement has created – this may no longer be a possibility.

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56 Responses

    1. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange

    2. Of course! I know an elderly lady and when all of this “stuff” heated up and everyone was saying as if it’s a tenet of faith, that if a woman accuses a man of anything, no matter how long ago, she must be believed! They kept on and on and this lady said “if I were a man, I would not want to hire a woman and I would never want a situation where I was working alone with a woman. One needs a witness present at all times.” Everyone laughed and were derisive when Mike Pence said he never went out to eat or other with a woman alone. That seems to be a good rule of thumb for a guy to follow if he doesn’t want to risk being accused sometime down the road. Anyone should have been able to see where their really ignorant reasoning would lead. I saw sleazy politicians grab a mic and say “I believe her” in the Supreme Court debacle, when they had no reason what-so-ever to believe her at all. And within a few days, a whole lot of reasons NOT to believe her!

  1. I totally understand the feelings (ah, the liberal in me comes out this morning, if you have no facts deal on feelings) of these men in business. I worked for over forty years in the information field for many oil and gas companies. There were few women that I trusted even back then. And, not mostly for their interactions with me. If you watch the way women interact with other women, you can usually ferret out the ones who are likely backstabbers. Be careful men. #MenToo I did have one that cost me my position, but she got the next guy on sexual harassment. I was lucky on that part.

  2. As a woman who worked in the public for 30 years, let me suggest to these publicity seeking women, BEHAVE LIKE A LADY, and generally speaking, the men won’t bother you. STOP DRESSING LIKE A WHORE!!! STOP TALKING TRASH!!! most of these women today have grown up with the notion that accused means guilty when it’s about sex and that just isn’t true. You complain that you get no respect, and maybe that’s because your behavior tells the men around you THAT YOU DON’T DESERVE RESPECT. GROW UP AND DRESS AND ACT LIKE A “L A D Y”~~~~

    1. You are so right. But one thing more. I too have worked with many men, and I too have been flirtatious, but now at 80 + i think back, realize. Men or women just are not the same. Technology, social media, etc. Has poisoned minds.
      My flirting did no damage, to anyone but me. Thankful to say, any and all of my men friends were safe from me..Fun, laughs, that’s what work places were. Along with hardwork.
      Nowadays, women, or mist. Seem too think all men are lusting, even Pastors are not free from accusations.
      The #me too needs to STOP..
      Thank you for the mention of what women wear. Even in the newscast, their skirts leave little to imagine. Dresses cut too low. Then get angry if approached.
      I have only one granddaughter, but on goodness, I have 4 GREAT granddaughters..believe me, I pray constantly.

  3. Short and sweet….you are so very wrong. Your article was a complete chovanistic piece of work. All I have to say is sit back and watch us roar. My email says more……..

    1. Roar. That’s the problem.. You are women. God created man, first. Women for helpmate.
      Not to say, you or any women can be great, but not by anyone’s expense.
      Road not. Just do a great job. Never ruin a life. Live yours exemplary.
      Believe you will be happier.

  4. The #METOO MOVEMENT is a cause of what happens when the sexual offenders were all wealthy Democrats and the Republicans get blamed for it.

  5. Never supported that movement. More women lie about sex than not. To avoid blame for an affair or the anger of parents, for political reasons (as we have recently witnessed), to get revenge for being dumped or a guy didn’t call back after a one-night stand, to get back at a bully at school or work, merely for attention or no reason whatsoever. To frame, to destroy, to deflect blame. And because women lie, true victims like me are not believed.

  6. Here in Israel, if a woman cries ‘rape’ or ‘sexual abuse’, it is investigated. If the accused is found guilty, he goes to prison.
    If it turns out to be a false accusation, the accuser [and anyone who facilitated her] gets the same prison time that the accused would have got.
    And it is publicised. So that there is a price tag for false accusations.
    That should solve the problem.

    1. I like what is done in Israel! It could go a long way here in ferreting out the truth. And return to innocent until proven guilty! Maybe the liars would have second thoughts on accusing someone if they knew they could go to prison themselves for trying to destroy someone else. In this day and age, anything like sexual harassment or rape should be reported immediately so there is evidence. Not 30 years after the so-called action when it can’t be proved and especially by teenagers. That in itself is a travesty. And why are they crawling out of the woodwork after just one claims harassment? More accusers doesn’t mean they are telling the truth if there is no other evidence. There is a lack of respect now that is ruining everyone’s lives. It used to be Ladies and Gentlemen with moral codes to follow and respect for each other. Now how can you respect anyone who puts stupid ‘hats’ on their heads and speak nasty words? I sure don’t and the foul language that seems to be rampant today doesn’t help one iota.

  7. After the bogus allegations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, what can you believe? It was terrible what they tried to do to that Good man. To wantonly try to ruin this decent person for sexual and political gain was despicable and low. Try an Honest approach for better results.

  8. It’s the same thing that happened to the feminist movement . Back in the early 50’s it did help women. Then in the last 50’s the Lbgt took over and began to turn a once thing for women into a homosexual movement and it became nothing more than a platform for that . Women who truly in need get nothing unless they are confused about the gender they were born with . The LBGT’s main goal is to rid the world of men and the ones who are left to be controlled by a female . And so the metoo movement has harmed women who really just want have a career .I hate to say it but my group always finds a way to harm their own kind .

  9. I think that if a woman presents herself as a lady and not a liberated fool, she will do very well in the workplace. If she throws herself, at men to get preferred treatment, she will not be respected. This has been true since the beginning of time, that women have been working in the work place.There are a lot of good christian men in leadership roles, that will advance women on the predicate of fairness, if they are qualified. This is not the era of keeping women at home, taking care of the children, even though that is a noble position. Women have to decide if they want a career and work toward it or have family oriented ideals, which each are commendable. Lying to make gains, in either career or financial are wrong whether, it is a man or a woman. This is not gender specific, it is just the wrong thing to do, it doesn’t matter if you are a liberal democrat or a conservative republican, right is right and wrong is wrong. It is to bad, that there are some people, in this country, that have forgotten this adage. I believe we can all come to an amenable conclusion, to these problems, by being honest and truthful, which I haven’t seen in a long time.

  10. I know Male executives personally, who have decided, out of self preservation and fear, not to bring women on staff, or at least not to do so unless they are vetted or background checked much more in depth than their male counterparts would have been.

    These are good, loyal men who not only fear the loss of a position, over being falsely accused of something, but even more so the damage it could do to their marriages and families!

    Finally, I have worked with countless women over the years, who were sexually abused as children, who didn’t have the strength to fight back, or were too young to even have the knowledge of how they were bring abused. These women are the silent ones, they dont yell or scream, it hurts too much to continue to live under the black cloud of their abuses. These brave women live and love with grace and most of all refuse to let their abused past hold them as hostages to a life if anger and resentment.
    As one woman put it, “the #metoo movement insures that woman remain victims and, in fact allows the abuse to happen over and over again”.

  11. All this about women comments. What about men. There are very good men. That are painted with the same brush, only because of things like the metoo, feminine groups.
    When did a sexual abuse charge become, a pat on the back, a nice comment, even a wink hello. Rape is a terrible thing. But most incidents that get notarized are not rape.
    Look at the women that induce young men, mostly students. That student was as much to blame, but the women is accused.
    Parents of the generation of free sex and kids raising themselves. Women working, the breadwinner. Many things that has caused this sexual scared nation.
    I won’t even begin to touch on the subjects of gender identity, same sex coupling. I will just believe that our creator will take care of all that.

  12. As men in this new social and business climate, we have to be extra careful to protect ourselves. This is unfortunate – I really do not want to have to be suspicious of every woman that I deal with. However, this is what it is now. If there is a good answer, I do not know what it is..

  13. IMHO, the Pound Me Too movement was very quickly and very cynically turned into an anti-conservative-male movement by people who were less interested in justice and far more interested in political power. Nevertheless, I have seen up close the results of panicky management being more than willing to sacrifice good men to make sexual misconduct allegations just go away. Good men have been literally tossed aside and have had careers stunted or destroyed by women seeking vengeance.
    I have also seen the horrible consequences of sexual misconduct – everything from harassment to physical and sexual violence. These true victims need our full support. Period.
    But, at the same time we MUST differentiate true victims from the charlatans.

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