Trump Fights Back Against 9th Circuit Court and its Liberal Agenda

The voters who elected Donald Trump wanted a fighter and when it comes to the subject of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that’s just what they got.

During one of his classic impromptu news conferences outside the White House, President Trump lambasted the appeals court following one of its Obama appointed federal judge’s injunctions against another one of President Trump’s mandates.

This latest roadblock by the Ninth Courts has to do with Trump’s bill to  protect our borders. A judge from the appeal court circuit struck down the President’s recently announced emergency restrictions on claims for asylum into the U.S. by immigrants.

Trump announced earlier this month that his administration would soon require those seeking asylum to present themselves at a “legally designated” port of entry.

The President’s remarks came after border patrol reported male immigrants hurling rocks and other objects across the border at them. He said, “They’re throwing rocks viciously and violently. …. We’re not going to put up with that. They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back. I told them to consider it a rifle. When they throw rocks, like they did at the Mexico military and police, I said, consider it a rifle.”

When the 9th Circuit made its ruling, President Trump considered that court to be seeking to circumvent his efforts. Now, it looks like that Court has picked a fight with a Chief Executive who won’t shy away from protecting the American people.

While many in the mainstream media jumped to the defense of the 9th District Circuit courts, claiming it has no liberal bias, the President would hear none of it.

In particular, Trump criticized individual federal judges for bringing a halt to executive branch policy. The President refused to back down calling the Ninth Circuit a “disgrace.”

Judge Jon S. Tigar, nominated to U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by Obama in 2012 issued the restraining order.

Chief Justice Roberts defended Tigar, claiming Federal judges are unbiased. President Trump disagreed, telling reporters, “This was an Obama judge… it’s not going to happen like this anymore… Anybody that wants to sue the U.S., they file their case in the Ninth Circuit, and it means an automatic loss. No matter what you do, no matter how good your case is.”

In spite of tension between former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the President, it was Sessions who seconded the President’s fight. Sessions reminded reporters earlier this month that the 9th and other courts are engaged in something new to our republic.

“In the first 175 years of this Republic,” said Sessions, “not a single judge issued one of these orders.”

Trump has plenty of legal precedent on this side. A joint statement from the Justice Department and Homeland Security said the Supreme Court has already ruled that the President has the legal authority to restrict asylum.

That statement concluded that our “asylum system is broken”, fractured by “tens of thousands of meritless claims every year.” A Justice Department spokesman said that both the DOJ and Homeland Security look forward to “defend the Executive Branch’s legitimate and well-reasoned exercise of its authority.”

Sean Hannity of Fox News commented that the Ninth Circuit is the “most overturned court in the country.” Politifact was quick to rate Hannity’s claim as “false.” As usual The New York Times and CNN followed suit, making light of both Hannity’s and the President’s claim,

Derek T. Muller, Associate Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law sided with the President by fact checking Politifact’s analysis. He told NPR that Politifact’s analysis is “seriously flawed and suffers from… misrepresentation of the evidence.”

According to Muller, Politifact based its findings on a very selective “cohort of data from 2010 to 2015.” Using that data, Politifact concluded that the Ninth Circuit is the third-most reversed court behind the Sixth and Eleventh Circuits.

That window of time should be obvious. Trump recognizes that Obama appointees during Obama’s presidency were far less likely to serve as a check and balance to his agenda. As Muller notes, “For Politifact to so brazenly rate Mr. Hannity’s claim as false displays its choice to… to achieve a result that the fact-checker desired to reach.”

This sleight of hand may fool other Republicans but President Trump is not. He recognizes when someone has thrown a punch and he isn’t taking it lying down.

No wonder Andrew Jackson is his favorite President. It was Jackson who said: “This is my chance to do something. I have to seize the moment.” By facing the Nine down, Trump is indeed “seizing the moment.”

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148 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

    1. The President is right, the 9th circuit court nearl 80% of the time sides with liberals.i have personally talked to several lawyers in the past and as soon as you mention you are in the 9th they respond with good luck as you will not win. I’m glad the 9th is now expose for the farse they are. We finally have a President who is not afraid to call it like it is. What Justice Roberts stated is correct in a ideal world, but sorry justice Roberts there are Obama type judges who violate the constitution. They need to be held accountable. I applaud you President Trump for calling it what it really is. A Farse!

  2. I really wish that people would stop using the word immigrant when discussing people who cross our border without permission. They are not immigrants they are illegal alien invaders. An immigrant is one who asks permission to enter our country legally not one who enters without permission then makes false claims to game the system to obtain refugee status.
    The AMERICAN CITIZENS should view it in this light. You go on vacation for a month and when you return there is a family living in your home, eating your food, watching your cable TV, sleeping in your bed.
    Do you say welcome to my home call them unregistered guests in your now newly formed bed and breakfast or do you call the police to have them removed?
    There is no legal obligation to allow these people to invade our country, over the decades we have fulfilled our moral obligation by providing these countries with billions of dollars of foreign aid.

    1. Excellent. This needs to be reprinted in all news media!!!

  3. In a poker game you do not let anyone know what your real intention is and how you plan on getting their. But you let them know that you do have something that will send them running, they just don’t know what it is. And when the president is reviling his hand it will be to late for the 9th.ncircute judges as well as any other judges that think that they can create law instead of ruling on existing laws. The Democarps think that they can do what they want when they want with out having to answer for their lawless acts and we now have a president that is going to show them that the people of the U.S. of A. are sick and tired of the Democraps running over the people that they are suppose to protect. I hope the President can send Dempcraps and their globalist dictator ship running for a new country to live in. I am a citizen and a soldier of this great nation and it is totally shameful what these left wing nuts are doing to the people of our country and what they have done to hurt our country in every way that they can.

  4. The 9th Circuit has been useless for a long time, we finally have leader that is willing to correct the 9th circuit.

  5. This is great. Ellis Island should have never closed. The majority of the illegals aren’t elgible for asylum and need several checkpoints within one location that would save taxpayers funds. If disqualified- immediately no entry. Also they should be barred from filing lawsuits as soon as they reach American soil. Illegals crossings at ILLEGAL points should be immediately deported with no chance of processing or staying in US !! NO agency/politicians/legal activist should be allowed to intercede.

  6. Marsha, I agree with that.. That SOCALLED judge should read the constitution.. That fool cannot overturn the SCITUS..

  7. We are a nation of laws. However, some of our courts seek to subvert those laws. Such is the case of the 9th circus court. It is in serious need of a thorough housecleaning.

    Make America strong again. Get rid of the liberal loons seeking to tear her apart.

  8. If you look back everything was legally done but then said it was not – because that’s what the democracks wanted it to be- and every time President Trump wanted to do something to grow the economy like pipeline ect. It hit a road block from the 9 circuut courts out of Caifornia and Hawaii 9 circuit has always been a tool for the dems .

  9. The Ninth Circuit Court is pro-criminal and pro-Demoncrat!

  10. It is appalling to me that a judge, who knows nothing of what our president and our Government knows can overrule what they are doing. I think our Congress should put a stop to this practice with a bill.

  11. Sad to see what is happening to America. We have too many anti Americans in power in high places!!! This has to be reversed!!!

  12. I truly believe the Democrats are the enemy of this country. All they want to do is lie, destroy and break our rules. With all the voting fraud going on and now that they have the house all they can think about is impeaching Trump. Reason being they are so evil and guilty of wrong doing they dont want to be held accountable. President Trump is a real threat to them for wanting to protect our laws and country.
    They are doing nothing except to destroy our Country. This appears to me to be “a form of treason” .
    There appears to be so many guilty people in our government and they are all sticking together to protect themselves.
    Evil and corruption are like a stage 4 cancer.
    I believe the only way to survive is to destroy it.
    But how??

  13. When the courts play politics instead of following the law – they are NOTHING but kangaroo courts. There is too much politics being played with our laws – like the FBI and DOJ – USELESS!!

  14. Overload the 9th circuit with conservative judges. Also the Supreme Court could administratively dictate that all actions against the US would need to be filed in DC district courts.

  15. Looked and looked in the Constitution… And I’ll be damned if I can find anywhere it says the rulings of an appeals court are only valid if they make “conservatives” happy. Let the dotard Hitler wannabe try his iron fist over separate, but equal branches of government.

    1. Your comment would be valid except that the 9th circuit is trying to be the Executive Branch. Their job is to rule on laws. That’s their only job. They cannot make laws nor can they dictate what the Executive branch does. They have overstepped their bounds by stopping Executive Orders. They have no legal grounds to do so. They can only rule on laws that are on the books. There has been no precedent, except their own illegal halts, of the courts dictating over Executive Orders. And in this case, SCOTUS has already ruled on asylum and the President has every right to do what he’s doing. The whole 9th Circuit Court of Appeals needs to be censured and/or impeached. They need to do their jobs and stop trying to rule from the bench.

    2. Were you BORN stupid, or do you have to WORK at it?? Courts don’t MAKE law, PERIOD!!

    3. Like it or not, Trump is YOUR President! o you can always just STFU!

  16. The 9th Circuit has in fact become the legal arm of the Communist Party USA.

  17. The 9th covers a large area, divide it up and create 3 courts out of it. Then divide the present judges among those courts, and fill all of the vacancies that that creates with Conservative judges. That should fix things for quite a long time.

  18. The 9th CIRCUS has a 80% REVERSAL rate, that alone should tell you that they are mostly full of shite, PERIOD! split it up and reassign the judges to alaska or somewhere they can’t hurt themselves!

  19. Is anyone else ready for a civil war? It is going to happen. I for one am tired of the b*llshît that the democRATS are pulling and getting away with. You people that vote for them should be ashamed. All of you should be kicked out of America. SHOULD A CIVIL WAR HAPPEN, I WILL BE SEEING ALL YOU RATS THAT I POSSIBLY CAN…

    1. Is anyone else ready for a civil war? It is going to happen. I for one am tired of the b*llshît that the democRATS are pulling and getting away with. You people that vote for them should be ashamed. All of you should be kicked out of America. SHOULD A CIVIL WAR HAPPEN, I WILL BE SEEING ALL YOU RATS RUNNING LIKE THE RATS YOU ARE. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT IN THE AMERICAN RATS TRAPS OF WE THE PEOPLE..

  20. We need to shut down this commie kangaroo court…..They are a danger to America……

  21. OPEN and Start the warrant’s and the arrest’s coming for all the traitors to our great country!!!
    President Trump we are behind you!!

  22. I don”t get it. If so many of us get that something is very wrong in our country, why can’t we see what it is? Until we see clearly who is running the world we will never fix our problems. Clearly a foreign entity has taken over. It sure isn’t UFOs and it absolutely is not rich white men even though they are useful tools.If it was white men why has America become a dangerous place for whites? We need to wake up to the truth of who the real enemy of America is.

  23. I agree with Trump judges are supposed to enact the laws not create them. Speaking of laws there is one I would like for Trump to have repealed , it is the one Obama passed that allows banks to confiscate their customers accounts in case of bank failure. I am sure there would be many people harmed if this were to occur.

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