What You Need to Know About the Recent Climate Change Report

On Black Friday, the Trump administration released a rather foreboding report on the economic impacts of climate change. Despite the fact that the report originated from his own administration, the President was quick to criticize it, arguing that the report came from Obama loyalists and that it was a partisan hit job that relied on “extreme models” to draw its conclusions.

According to the report, “In the absence of significant global mitigation action and regional adaptation efforts, rising temperatures, sea level rise, and changes in extreme events are expected to increasingly disrupt and damage critical infrastructure and property, labor productivity, and the vitality of our communities. Regional economies and industries that depend on natural resources and favorable climate conditions, such as agriculture, tourism, and fisheries, are vulnerable to the growing impacts of climate change.”

There’s little argument about whether or not the climate is changing. However, the debate lies in whether or not human beings are the cause of climate change, and, ergo, whether or not there is anything we can do to reverse it.

President Trump rightly argues that our efforts to reduce climate change are more harmful to the American economy than climate change itself. This is certainly true for the present day; whether it remains true in the future depends on the true cause of climate change and just how impactful it will end up being.

In June 2017, President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris-Climate agreement. Regardless of what the realities of climate change might be, this agreement was a terrible deal for the United States, forcing us to hand over billions of dollars to the United Nations while other countries in the agreement did nothing to hold up their end of the bargain.

However, Trump did leave open the possibility of returning to a deal designed to reduce emissions so long as the deal was fair to the United States, saying, “In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, but begin negotiations to re-enter either the Paris accord or really an entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, and its taxpayers.”

Despite the doom and gloom found in the most recent climate change report, it hasn’t been all bad news for the environment recently, leading many to conclude that climate change isn’t nearly as serious a problem as it is propped up to be. For example, Nature recently released a report showing that global tree canopy has increased by 865,000 square miles over the past thirty-four years. This is good news on a number of fronts, one of which being that trees are able to convert carbon emissions into oxygen, helping reduce any impact that man might be having on the global climate.

Climate change still remains a hot-button issue, largely because no one knows for sure what’s causing it. Politicians on the left act as if man-made climate change is a proven reality, yet this is far from the truth. Meanwhile, many politicians on the right completely dismiss the possibility that man plays a role in climate change while some argue that climate change doesn’t even exist. This isn’t exactly a proven or fact-based position either.

It’s difficult not knowing what is going on with our world when the stakes are as high as they are, yet that’s the position we now find ourselves in. Poorly thought out regulations and throwing taxpayer money at the problem to prevent climate change are knee-jerk reactions that have not been proven to have any real impact. Ignoring or dismissing the issue, though, may prove to be costly in the future if climate change does indeed end up having the impact that some in the scientific community predict that it will.

Of course, with technology changing as rapidly as it currently is, there’s no way to predict what solutions we may be able to come up with in the future. Likewise, there’s no way to predict what findings we will uncover.

In the near future, we may develop technology that reduces or eliminates emissions while at the same time being reliable and cost-effective. We may also prove that climate change is a natural phenomenon that man plays no role in. For now, it’s simply too early to know for sure.

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163 Responses

  1. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. This an uncommonly rational and accurate article. Thank you!

  3. i have lived in northern pa now 20 years and we see snow here but we don’t see major snow til after january accept 1 time this year we had over a foot before thanksgiving, the temps are getting worse, do i think i am someone who says yes i’m an environmentalist in some ways . I know where trump is coming from he doesn’t want to admit there’s a problem that needs fixing because companies paid him to say there was no problem so they don’t have to be responsible for our actions. well if that’s the case lets figure it out by saying who else it could be, the other wildlife that humans are killing into extinction that are raising the global temps that a causing the polar caps to melt. but the truth for everyone is no matter how we look at it is simple and i think trump can understand this is simple for even him, on this planet there is only 1 race that can do anything or some idea how to change it and that is man kind we can keep going and you all can keep pocketing your mega bucks and write your grand kids saying i’m sorry i’m a stupid idiot that we have all proof of our wrong doing but wanted to keep hording mt megabucks for the future i helped destroy so my money is worthless no anyway or puts some back into it and start making a change that might buy us a few more days

    1. If you live in northern PA, you are close to the Great Lakes. What do you think caused the glaciers to melt that were originally where the Great Lakes are now? Some of the people that made the biggest fortunes are the ones that preach climate change. Keep in mind that they never produced a thing that keeps you from starving!

    2. Let’s be honest here a say it’s evolution the world has been evolving for centuries nothing more nothing less. No different than man himself

  4. Funny little screed. So we have 865,000 square miles more of forest canopy. And how long is a piece of string ?

    Is 865,000 square miles a lot ? How are we supposed to know ? this needs to be turned into a %age – which I have tried to do – but only very approximately.

    Earth’s circumference about 25,000 miles, hence radius about 4,000 miles, hence area of surface of globe about – whatever – area of land about 29 % of that, so approx 16 million square miles – no trees on Antartica, not many in Oz (10 %?) Lots in South Africa, not so many in North America, lots in tropical Africa, but not much in the Sahara, and pretty scrubby down south – Europe has trees, but not as many as earlier, and anyway Europe is v small – Asia has jungle stuff in the south, but more rice paddies where the people are – so, average is 10% ? 20% ? say six to twelve million square miles – PLEASE CORRECT ME IF YOU KNOW BETTER – lets say ten million square miles pre-existing – and now we can add a measly 865,000 more in a third of a century. Is this really such a big deal ? Well, of course, it is a move in the right direction (?) but minor impact.

    Ther are a lot of things that can be done, but NOT BY POLITICIANS, nor by their wonks. We do NOT need to push billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into the voracious maw of corrupt and, let’s face it, basically totally incompetent government. They have had no experience in “fighting climate change” or in “mitigating the effects of global warming” or even on “managing an economy” let alone “optimising economic performance.” I do not mean they have not spoken about these things, speculated about these things, tried to implement programmes to effect desirable changes in these things, and are always willing to consider more – just that they have a significant track record of total failure. “Things” have improved, a bit, piecemeal, here and there, from time to time – but never because of any bold political initiative. (Please correct me if I am wrong: your total silence, over the coming days and weeks, will prove me right.) It is private actors who try new things, which sometimes work. Government wonks also do things, sometimes with great skill: and then they fail – or the politicos lose their nerve, back down and give up.

    There are doubtless numerous changes in our ways of living that can be made, will be made, must be made: even without climate change. But inviting government wonks to take the responsibility of steering such changes is asinine – that’s not what they are for. They are stability guys, not innovators. They are experts in “How we have been accustomed to doing these things in the past” – which is the only kind of expertise you can demand. They are not expert at operating outside the zone of expert understanding – and as far as climate change goes, that area is pretty limited. And many of its denizens revealed as corrupt, mendacious, incompetent bunglers. Was not New York supposed to be under water by now, Al ?

  5. When you report something give the whole truth . Fooling people is what we are sick and tired of .This was done without his knowledge . You are a bit late in reporting . Appears the report has done what the guy set out to do . Control what people think. All these reports and info leaking is done for one thing . To attack the president. First off the report was done by a federal employee that was and still is an Obama placement . The man who did it isn’t in Trumps administration and was not chosen by him . Since the democrats passed laws to make it hard for federal employees to get fired . And the fact is no president fires everybody . I believe our president.

  6. We know that there are adverse weather events here and there around the globe. Every time one occurs does not mean the sky is falling! To make that into a calamity is to kiss up to Al Gore and the weather freaks. The temps have not been rising and the data has been skewed by wayward scientists during the climate issue. Throwing our tax dollars at the liberals for their coffers is ignorant as there is nothing we, as humans can do to change long term weather patterns nor to convince the sun to change its events. If you would allow that every example of weather distortion given has had corresponding periods through the ages much worse then much better and all at the behest of nature. We do not control the weather and anyone insinuating that is a fool! What we need is for the global warmers to give back the dollars they have defrauded and go hide in the forest ..perhaps looking for the Sasquatch!

  7. The Earth is in a 10,000 year wobble orbit–we are almost at the end. The Sun (our star) is nearing the end of a 100,000 year wobble cycle- It is also shooting off million mile long solar flares–it is an atomic pile you know–when we get into the smooth orbit (in about 35 years) our weather will calm down and we’ll be good to go.

  8. These suggested comments seem as far from reality of our Planet and the
    safety of us all, and the future of the people for generations to come, you truly
    do not care or show the common sense to admit to the world that clean air for all
    is for those to survive on this planet in the near future right in front of us.
    Sad situation what you have brought to all man kind on our planet of the future.

    A great Disappointment to us all.

  9. Yep Great Lakes were formed before man became intelligent, perhaps before man even existed. The temperature of earth was greater back in prehistoric times, numerous volcanoes existed and spewed all kinds of gasses. Also the giant dinosaurs pooped everywhere and of course poop produces methane gas. Plants are dependent on carbon dioxide to exist and flourish. Reduced plants or no plants equals the end of all life, including man. So carbon dioxide is a good thing.

    The climate change thing is a con job. Financed by fanatics and our liberal controlled regulatory agencies. The purpose is to extort more money from the masses and for them to get rich off the rest of us.

  10. well if you, do not want catastrophic climate change do not do what the pharaoh of egypt did to anger G-D.

  11. There is no reason to think that the weather has been changing any more than normal.More true; the things that are proposed to correct this are
    purely lunatic. There is no reason to think we caused warming or that we have the power to control it.

    1. It’s all part of the left wing agenda. Take from the rich and give to the poor. And the elites profit from it. Of course.

  12. i live in a liberal state and this is another way to line the pockets of the rich. When we Are in a drought the sky is falling but when it’s raining and it has for the last two years not a word just keep building more homes but with mandatory solar. We can’t sue PG&E when they cause fires but wait they are gonna be selling solar now. Right when solar will be mandatory on all new homes. Let us not forget the 14 billion $, 50 ft long high speed rail and increased immigration that mostly the middle class is hit with paying. Global warming is about making money off of us suckers. China or Iran or other countries do not care and you can not control them so stop feeding them our money they’ll gladly take it but won’t use it for global cooling.

  13. When I was in grammar school or junior high my science teacher taught us earth has gone through tropical periods and ice ages numerous times over millions of years, even that palm trees have been found in glaciers. Is that true, I don’t know, but he was the teacher, the expert at the front of the class. I have been around for more than six decades. I grew up on a lake, we would ice well before Christmas and once we got snow on the ground, it was there until the end of February. This seemed to be the norm when we first moved to Connecticut, as I got older the snow fall each winter grew less, by the time I in my late 40’s we rarely go snow that amounted to much. The last few years, I have seen more snow storms and a big increase in snow fall. Does that make me an expert, no. Do I believe in global warming, no, but I do believe in climate change, yes. I also believe we have a greater population in this country, and around the world. And here in the U.S. we have people build right on the coast lines, both east and west. In the deserts and tornado country. I’ve seen entire mountains removed by mining and wondered if that was changing our the rainfalls because the clouds would not have to rise over them and release the moisture in the clouds before getting to the plains. Do I believe man is changing the weather? may be, but who cause climate change millions of years ago, cave man? If man is changing earths climate, the only real solution is the global population needs to be reduced. There are many places throughout the world where the land can no longer produce enough food to feed its populations. Anything less is just a band aid and temporary solution, but no one wants to hear this much less talk about it.

  14. Our Eco-Nazis are relentless in their pursuit of the new communist regime. First it was “The new ice age” in the 1970’s; remedy = nationalize everything. When that projection petered out the same criminals switched to “The globaloney warming” hoax – their remedy stayed still the same = nationalize everything with our Eco-Nazis in charge. After 21 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING (as per the solar cycle) the far-left creeps were forced to change the name of their anti-American conspiracy to the brand new “Climate Change” scam.

  15. This part of the Demorats plan to have a one party system with no voting rights. Climate change is one of their propaganda weapons to destroy our freedom.. We ave no control of our weather or making crazy predictions of having to leave the earth in 50 years because we are destroying the earth. The crazy leftist Demorats are undermining all freedoms that we have under our constitution and have destroyed our voting rights by fake ballots that are dead people not on the voting requirements. You can see the Demorats propaganda machine fake news that are supported by the mainstream media. They are a big hoax to freedom loving Americans who they want to destroy our God given rights and our constitution and apply the rules of a communist dictator state where they control us and destroy our liberty.

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