Top 3 Lies Surrounding the Illegal Caravan

The migrant caravan is still marching on towards the U.S. border. It has been downplayed more than any threat in recent memory (except maybe when Obama called ISIS the JV team). In reality, this is the biggest caravan to ever make the trek, and it is big enough and populated by enough people that we can reasonably call it an invasion force.

That won’t stop the media from being the most ridiculous version of themselves. In fact, we’re going to look at their three biggest lies on the topic.

The Caravan is Harmless

The biggest lie from the left is that the caravan is exclusively populated by innocent mothers and daughters who are fleeing abusive relationships, persecution and just trying to survive. Their only intent is to claim asylum and escape the violence in their homes. That claim is absolutely, 100-percent true — at least, if you cherry pick a handful of families in the caravan.

The truth is that a high percentage of the invaders are single males in their 20’s and 30’s. They’re economic refugees, not political asylum seekers.

These are important distinctions. No logical person thinks that every member of the caravan is a direct threat to American security. There absolutely will be some legitimate cases for asylum in the mix. The lie is that it’s the bulk of the population. It isn’t, and that’s further demonstrated by the fact that over 90 percent of them refused to file for asylum in Mexico.

That’s an important step in international law. You have to apply for asylum at every border, and, once processed, you may then have the potential to try and move your asylum to another country. That’s clearly not what’s happening here.

Illegal Immigration is Good for the US

This is mostly based on crime statistics, and it’s so transparent it might make you sick. The argument is that violent crime has dropped since the 90s. In that same time frame, illegal immigration has risen. Therefore, illegal immigration reduces violent crime.

They double down on this by pointing out that immigrants are one of the most law-abiding groups of people in the country. Did you catch the language game there? They dropped any mention of documentation.

Here’s how it really breaks down. Legal immigrants are extremely law abiding. It’s why the right has no problem with them and openly embraces them. Illegal immigrants are another story. If we completely ignore all versions of immigration crime (which is a big deal), then we find that non-citizens are responsible for 21 percent of federal crimes in this country. This includes monetary crimes like money laundering, drug crimes and violent crimes. At the same time, non-citizens make up about 13 percent of the population. As Black Lives Matters activists might point out, that’s very disproportionate.

The biggest issue is that over 90 percent of those crimes you just read are committed by illegal aliens. The idea that someone who will utterly disregard our laws to invade our country will then suddenly have perfect respect for law and order once they get here is ridiculous, and we all know it.

Here’s the real kicker, though. Every single crime committed by an illegal alien is 100-percent preventable. We should never tolerate it. At all.

George Soros Isn’t Involved

This might not be their biggest lie, but they’ve put extraordinary effort into it. Left-wing media has gone to every effort to ridicule the “conspiracy theory” that Soros is involved with the caravan. They look to extremists who claim that the migrants are paid actors. Now, that’s obviously stupid, but it doesn’t mean Soros’s hands are clean in all of this.

In fact, One News Now did some real investigative journalism, and they were able to tie the Open Society Foundations to three separate aid groups that are supplying the caravan with money and legal advice. For those who don’t know, Soros founded the Open Society Foundations and he is the group’s top contributor. There’s no denying the link. He has directly funded caravan efforts. You won’t find that admission on the tongue of a single Democrat in the country.

Here’s the thing. Whether Democrats like it or not, we do have immigration laws, and it is the sworn duty of every member of our government to uphold those laws. Even the newly elected Representatives like Crazy Eyes Cortez have a solemn duty to protect our borders. They won’t, and they hate rule of law in general, but that’s still the deal.

When they do violate federal law, it will be up to us to be the voice of reason and demand justice. In the meantime, we should be grateful that at least our President takes the threat of border security seriously.

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442 Responses

    1. just. one the demonrats. Many ways
      to try and bring down our country!!! I don’t speak Spanish or Russian, AND WON’T .


  1. Bull manure, as was the last time these people are legally asking for asylum. But right wing lies, only allow for right wing propaganda. they DO come here for the jobs. However if the right wanted to stop the problem they would put teeth in to the laws of illegal hiring. But then their big donors would stop giving ring wing politicians money.

    1. Jobs are NOT a legitimate reason for asylum… if ALL they want are jobs, Mexico offered them all a job along with free housing and medical…

    2. Let me guess. It’s because the Republican’s “Control” the House and Senate, right? All they had to do was “Do It”, right? Forget that without the 60% they couldn’t “Do It” because no Dem would vote on it, thereby killing the chance. Remember when PRESIDENT Trump was going to Legalize 1.8m from DACA in exchange for legislation on Border Security? Remember when the LeftWits REFUSED to sign it because they don’t WANT Legalization because they need the strife b4 being able to point fingers?
      Yes. I can see where it’s all the fault of the Right. BTW. You forgot to say Alt-Right.

    3. Feel free to take a couple dozen into your home. Let us all know how that works out.. They were offered asylum in Mexico. A pretty generous offer. Once they cross our borders.without proper documentation they become criminals in this country. Why did they do nothing to improve their situations in their home countries. Yep, I know, socialist countries. We will give you what you need, OR give you nothing.. these people have not heard of a coup.?

    4. They only way that they can get asylum legally is to go to a point of entry, also they are not running away from their country to get asylum, if that was the case they would have taken Mexico’s deal for amnesty and by international law nobody will be allowed to get asylum in the U.S. since they turned down Mexico’s asylum offer if you don’t believe me Google it!

    5. Why didn’t Obama try to stop the last carvan? Because he wants them here! The reason Democrats didn’t take the offer Trump offered is because they don’t want him to get credit for it ! They never wanted to fix the problem!

  2. We need to be sure these people do NOT enter this country.. unless they do it legally at the ports of entry.. if we allow them into the country, this will NOT end… more and more of them will come to invade this country.. the more and more of these people who enter illegally, the greater the burden on the tax payers… at some point, we will not be able to sustain this flood of illegal aliens seeking to take advantage of our country.. they ARE a drain on our resources and our tax dollars…

    1. The left is staging a coup in this Country by claiming to help those that won’t do so in their own country!

  3. We know the left is doing this with Soros.They’re trying to destroy our country and the American people are so stupid they have kept them in office instead of helping our President fix the problem and BUILD THE WALL

  4. When will EVERYONE who reports on this matter stop calling it “a caravan” and those involved “Migrants”. Nothing is farther from the truth. These are forceful insurgents trying to illegally enter the US. They obviously are supported by something or someone. Nowhere on earth can the poorest of the poor, the most uneducated raise an army equal to this! Let’s forget the niceties & bring the naked truth to the forefront. What did JC say? “Get thee behind me Satan”. It’s time good US citizens started wearing the hats of real Americans. Shoo away the flies. The US is not a dung heap!

  5. If Soros is involved in this WHY is he not being charged with aiding and abetting a crime? He is a criminal General leading an invasion.

    1. It’s sad when this seems to be the only way to STOP ILLEGALS FROM ENTERING THIS COUNTRY. If someone told me they didn’t want me, I wouldn’t want to be there. These people leave us no alternative. Getting tough is the only way we’re going to stop these people. You’ve seen the videos of them destroying the border in Mexico. They’ll do the same thing here. This wall should have been built when it was authorized by Congress years ago. We wouldn’t be having this problem if our government didn’t continually drag it’s feet. No one can make an informed decision. They have to follow party lines. BULL! All you have to do is think about what is right for America and DO IT! That’s why you were elected by the American people! I say do what we have to in order to save our country. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WILL DESTROY US!!!

  6. I think we already know all the lies, but especially the 3 lies that are covered here. One would have to be quiet uninvolved with making sure we secure our borders and stop the invasion if they are not familiar with what is happening and exactly who is supporting it and why they are doing so.

  7. Very good article and you were dead right about sanctuary city and states they are unwilling to follow immigration laws and putting the country at risk what don’t they understand THE WORDS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MEANS? Sorry to say that they are not Americans and shouldn’t be reviving free medical health care while many American citizens are struggling to afford it. Given them welfare that’s putting a burden on taxpayers not only placing overwhelmingly cost to the education system and let’s not forget the criminals and the corruption?

    Clarify why this really is an invasion and the President, not CNN Acosta, is right in the use of the term:
    “an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.”
    “an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity”

  9. Why have we not kicked Soros out of our country like Russia and other countries have done on the sheer basis he is a threat to our national security. Dual citizenshiip, which Soros has, should also be illegal, you can’t have divided interests for unity and peace in a country. People are either citizens of the US and only the US or they aren’t allowed in. Period.

    1. I think the reason Soros hasn’t been deported is because of “MONEY”! Someone is being paid off and if I had to guess, it points right to the Democratic Party. They are the ones promoting Socialism, open borders, etc. He sure isn’t paying off the Republicans. Why on earth didn’t our people get out and VOTE for the people they knew were bound and determined to SAVE OUR COUNTRY??? Has the Democratic Party indoctrinated these people to the point that they cannot tell right from wrong…that they cannot think for themselves? It would certainly appear that way. I don’t think Antifa or any of these other groups that are forming mobs and trying to run our own citizens out of town have not even taken the time to research any candidate. They are like PUPPETS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  10. This was a well written article and “Spot-On” in it’s analysis and conclusions. But the best part was the article’s author calling Rep. Ocasio-Cortez “Crazy Eyes”! Now that remark made my day and I couldn’t stop laughing. Once again the author was right and I hafta give that person Kudos for it!👍

  11. This is an invasion force! If they really want to escape let them stay in Mexico. Stop Federal funding to California. And why do we have to set up a safe place for them? Do Not Let Them In – plain and simple.

    It is beyond me how the House received a majority of Democrat seats in the election and the Senate a majority of Republicans!! Is there something wrong with the counts? Or did illegals, who are Democrats vote? How can illegals be allowed to vote?? They are not citizens. Main word here – ILLEGAL. And why did Not the Republicans stand with the President of the USA?? They could have accomplished so much more if they had.

    1. I read that in the state of California ( soon to be known as Mexifornia), they had already made it LEGAL for ILLEGALS TO VOTE! This state should be disconnected from the United States and allowed to exist as a ROGUE STATE. If they;’re going to IGNORE OUR LAWS, THEY SHOULD NOT RECEIVE ANY FEDERAl fUNDING. Let them exist on their own We can wall California off and they can deal with ALL THE ILLEGALS!! There are only so many working taxpayers in our country and the illegals are not paying taxes, they’re only getting free medical care, food stamps, etc. People that have lived here all their lives, TRUE AMERICANS, can’t even get these kinds of benefits. We have Americans that are homeless and starving. WHY SHOULD OUR TAX DOLLARS GO TO ILLEGALS???

  12. Do Not Let Them IN!! Plain and simple. Do not provide aid of any sort to them! Refuse entry. This is an invasion force. They should not be allowed in the USA period!!

    Stop Federal funding for CA for providing sanctuary!

    How on earth did the Democrats gave the majority in the House??? Illegals voting? How can an illegal vote count? Note the word “Illegal”! I think the votes where Democrats won should be investigated to be certain every vote was from a legal citizen.

    Republicans stand with the Honorable President Trump! Quit fighting. So much more could have been accomplished in the last 2 yrs if the Republicans had not been fighting with themselves…

    1. The Democrats more than likely gained the house majority because the LARGE STATE OF CALIFORNIA HAS MADE IT LEGAL FOR ILLEGALS TO VOTE!! We should have had ICE at all the voting polls sorting out the illegals!!

  13. Lets hope that the illegal migrants get here soon and get across the border — It has the potential of improving the I.Q. level of the dumocrat party

    1. Believe me, the IQ of those in that caravan won’t help us at all!! None of them will have jobs or a place to live or even money to get a place to live. The won’t have clothes, money for food. THEY’LL HAVE NOTHING! So how do you figure these uneducated people can do anything to help our country??? Have you lots your mind? You’re talking like a Democrat!!




  16. First of all, if the democrats do not like the rule of law, then the rule of law should not protect them, from anything. If implemented, I am sure it would not belong before they would be clamoring for legal protection. They do not want to uphold the law, then the law should not uphold them, for anything. As for illegals forcing their way into the country, treat them as invaders. Set an armed guard with orders for them to shoot to kill anyone who crosses our border, illegally. If anyone, such as a cartel or anyone else from the south tries to interfere, they should be considered fair game.

  17. After we got rid of Sultan Obama I really felt I might be able to lock my concealed carry in the safe and live a normal life. Now that the invaders are almost to our borders and are being welcomed by the Socialists posing as Democrats I’ll be carrying my .45 ACP locked and loaded with one in the chamber. My wife and I live not all that far from the southern border and are pretty much out in the sticks so the bottom line is that we’ll do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from that invading army. And that’s exactly what it is.

    1. You have no choice but to protect yourself and your family. I would do the same if I were in your situation., Do what you have to do and do it with a clear conscience. IT ANY OF THESE INVADERS ARE KILLED, IT’S ON THE HEADS OF THE DEMOCRATS!!

  18. If those countries had the Second Amendment, they could all have guns and it would
    be easy to start a coup and throw out all their lying, stealing leaders!! Send them guns!!

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