Special Thanks to Fox News, the MSNBC of Conservatism!

You really have to hand it to Fox News. We complain and gripe about and mock CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the rest of the lamestream media constantly. Which they deserve. And because we only watch Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro on Fox News, we tend to forget that most of the Fox “reporters” are backstabbing, open borders, anti-American, Soros-boot-licking globalists.

So, thanks for reminding us of that once again, Fox! We’re positive that Nancy Pelosi and Obama will start loving you any day now, as they do with all of you Beltway cocktail party fake “conservatives” who try to make liberals respect them in the morning.

The polls closed on the East Coast at 7 p.m. on election night. At 7:15, the two girliest girls on Fox News – Bret Baier and Brit Hume – began talking down the results with their obligatory, oh-so-innocent, “Well golly, what went wrong? How did Republicans blow this so badly?” panel.

Keep in mind that only 11,000 votes in Virginia had been counted at that point, and even Fox News was showing that Republicans had won four House seats to the Democrats’ two. None of the liberal media outlets that we complain about constantly did anything that brazen on election night.

Don’t get us wrong, Fox News “journalists.” We’re not asking you to give up your seething hatred of Donald Trump, America or the Constitution. Knock yourselves out. Pop open another Zima with Bill Kristol, pat yourselves on the back and pretend that you are the True Conservatives™ in charge of all genuine conservatism while hating everyday Americans. We don’t care about that, so long as you keep Tucker, Sean and Jeanine on air.

But is it too much to ask that you wait until the other 75% of the country has had a chance to finish voting before you announce the final results? Nothing screams “Just stay home and don’t bother voting” to the other 100 million voters like telling Republicans that it’s all over while there are still several hours left to make a difference.

Then again, “fair and balanced” Fox newshounds, you wouldn’t be able to get your Voter Suppression badge from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation if you gave Republican candidates a fighting chance in the elections.

To give you just a small idea of how furious we are right now, it’s 11:30 p.m. as we’re typing this. The Democrats have “won” the House, as of this moment, showing the bare minimum 219 seats. Republican Congressman Steve Russell lost his House seat by only 3,288 votes – in a Republican district with upwards of 300,000 voters. Russell won the same seat in 2016 by a margin of almost 60,000 votes.

How many GOP voters gave up and went home without casting a vote in Oklahoma City because of Bret Baier and Brit Hume’s little stunt?

In Iowa, Republican Congressman David Young lost his seat by 5,230 votes – three hours after Baier-Hume’s “Operation Speaker Pelosi” hit the airwaves. Incumbent Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren of Illinois lost his seat by a margin of less than 7,000 votes. Rep. Mike Coffman lost his seat in Colorado. Republicans also lost an open red seat in Arizona.

All of these losses happened well after Bret Baier and Brit Hume told the nation that the race was all over, and the Democrats had carried out their blue wave rebuke of that icky Trump and his toothless, retarded, mouth-breathing supporters in flyover Nazi hick country. Some of them may still have lost their races, but they definitely lost votes because of Fox News.

Right now, it’s been almost 5 hours since the Baier-Hume sabotage, and if Republicans had held onto those seats, the House would still be an undecided toss-up… which would still be better than ever having to type the words “Speaker Nancy Pelosi” again.

How does Fox News’ stunt not qualify as election meddling and voter suppression? Paging Jeff Sessions!

Another infuriating low point of the 2018 election night: Ted Cruz nearly lost his seat in the Senate. Are you paying attention yet, Republican candidates?

For anyone who hasn’t figured out why immigration is such a big issue to the American people, one of the most popular Republican Senators in the nation nearly lost his seat to a vapid, convicted drunk-driving Democrat with ZERO legislative accomplishments in Congress. In Texas! There is absolutely no reason for that race to have been so close. The only reason it was that close was because Texan voters have been replaced with foreign immigrant voters – legal and illegal – who love socialist Democrats. After all, those the only varieties of candidates they have in their home countries.

If President Trump doesn’t build the wall and build it now – with or without the help of Congress – we’re going to lose our country. Imagine any Republican candidate being able to win the White House without those Texas electoral votes. Not gonna happen. (Side Note: Hooray for Florida! You guys are still part of America!)

P.S. Thanks again, Fox News.

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116 Responses

  1. Paging Jeff Sessions? That is pretty effing funny, man, since Jeff Sessions is the biggest Rino to ever crawl out from under a rock in D.C. He is the one and only reason why that pos Mueller is still sliming up an investigation into nothingness. The Fox people think they are so much better than everyone else and they are just as disgusting as all the rest. They knew what they were doing, expecially Hume who almost gagged trying to talk. Done with them. “Whatfinger” is the way to go along with other indy’s!

  2. Not to excuse Fox News, but any person who relies on only one source of “news” being READ to them is a fool. Thise people who were “tricked” into not voting because of TV news then shouldn’t be voting any way. How foolish Americans are becoming!!!!

    1. I watch onn which is one america news, On direct Tv they are 347. They have always been a Trump news channel. They don’t seem to be just one sided.

  3. All news networks are strange bedfellows.?They follow what is happening, right or wrong. They like divisiveness and thrive on it . It will be soon that FOXNEWS will join the others and provide FAKE NEWS.
    The anti conservatives are: #1 SHEPHERD SMITH followed by Martha MCallum who are the worse. I ONLY WATCH Watters, Guftfeld, Hannity and my Lebanese friend, Jeannine Pirro.

  4. I am kinda’ stunned. I was watching most of the time and did not take into account the matters you spoke of.

  5. While I was in grade school I vaguely remember an incident that caused restrictions to be placed on news media. One of these was there would not be any broadcasting of election results on the east coast until all the election precincts had closed on the west coast. This was due to the fact that during the 1960 Presidential election the media reported that Kennedy had won and many left the lines of the voting places because they thought their vote was wasted. Why is the media allowed to report early now?

  6. Take a close hard look at all the races that were very close. The Democrat voting fraud machine was oiled up and firing on all cylinders. To the author of this article there is no need for me to reiterate, I concur!

  7. The reason Republicans lost what they did was there were some poorly run and under financed campaigns on the Republican side. The seat the conservatives lost was the lazy ass folks in those electorates did not got off their asses, dumbo!
    I agree on the wall, but if these folks come up here and vote for Socialist Democrats like what they left in their home countries that are failing them so bad, why? You made no sense or these people are real dumbos like you, also.
    Do not take up investigative reporting. I just wonder how much Soros put in your pockets.

    1. The author has a point. I only watched Fox news as another opinion, Florida had already called Ron DiSantis the winner, (Thank God for that), but Fox News was quiet as a mouse. My sister who was glued to Fox News, would not believe me until I face-booked her with the headlines from another “real’ Conservative site. Yet she kept saying, that Fox news hasn’t called it yet. I kept trying to tell her, Fox News is just holding you hostage to their fake diatribe . It wasn’t til the next day, she finally believed me. I stopped watching Fox news, for information, I only watch, Hannity, Tucker, Judge Jeanine and Gutfeld.

  8. Sheppard smith is a liberal puke i dont know why fox keeps him i change the channel when he and most come on 8-11 p.m. is the best time to watch.

    1. I completely agree; 8-11 pm are the only shows worth watching. It’s so sad–can’t we have ONE conservative news organization?!!

  9. For all who are interested there is a fund out there to BUILD THE WALL. It is and if you go there you will find out how to donate. I contributed proudly after speaking with one of the members. It is made up of, I believe, 800 sheriffs across the country. Check it out. I would be very proud if we were able to build the wall by contributions and show Congress how to get things done. I believe they should have included Laura Ingraham in the list of those we watch along with Hannity, Judge Piro and Tucker. I am so over Martha McCullem letting the left control her shows. We know that Judge Napalitano and Shepherd Smith are really lefties and sickening to watch the Judge think he knows it all all of the time. You make a good point that if voters were encouraged to think it was over when polls were not closed, a great disservice was done to America.

  10. I totally agree with you Robert Eads…..I,too,turn Fox News off when Sheppard Smith comes on…makes me want to gag when I see his face……..also cannot stand Jessica Tarlov and do the same when she opens her assinine liberal pie hole!

    1. Wendy I agree with you mostly, however, you should add Juan Williams who is on the five. Talk about a lost soul, if God himself was president Juan would find fault with him.

  11. I was livid when they announced that the Dems had won control of the house with so little information. Fox has a number of people they should fire. Brett Baer and Britt Hume are definitely rhinos. Ship Smith is a liberal and Juan Williams should also be fired. They are so dumb not to realize they are helping the Dems by announcing to the people who have not voted yet, don’t bother it is over.

    As conservatives we have one station we should be able to rely on for news. The liberals have the rest. Why can’t we have a station of our own? Also I am opposed to most of the Fox announcers having guests who are liberals and giving them the chance to spew there hatred of our president. In my mind I believe President Trump could go down in history as the greatest president ever.

    1. Don I have found a station called OAN, and they do not tell fake news or make up lies like CNN, MSNBC and so many others. Fox is starting to lean left thanks to the new people who are running it now. The sons of the previous owner are left wing communist believers and the only reason they haven’t gone the way CNN has gone is because they are getting huge revenue from the ads because of their lofty standing.

  12. You must be taking something, distorted thoughts.

    1. If you are commenting on Mr Johnsons post then you should do some research because he is correct. I’m glad someone wrote this blog because I was watching Fox and Britt made me so mad I turned it off and went to bed. It was a boring, dead, and anti republican take on FOX and I was mistaken to watch it when I found out who was going to be reporting the election. FOX better wake up if they want to stay in business.

  13. The USA died a long time ago. We have been SUBSUMED into something the opposite of
    what we once were and were intended to be. Too much damage has been done . Too many
    minds have been twisted. The so called Constitution has been rewritten and should be called
    a Convolution. Trying to fix all that has been contaminated inside the same system that permitted
    the contamination is fools folly. We need to re-engineer what we call a Constitution and replace it
    with a Covenant [built to last] with systems; structures; and processes that KEEP dysfunctions out vs.
    letting them in. Make the Covenant driven by BEHAVIORS that are invulnerable to CANCEROUS infestations
    that will only metastasize.

    1. Fox is fast becoming like the rest. Tucker, sean, Laura are my go to. The rest are closet demorats. CRTV sounds better every day. Shepherd and juan are no it all jerks, turn the channel when their voices come on. Sad that we conservatives have to watch game shows and cooking for entertainment.

  14. I was surprised as well when they called it so early. I always thought they had to keep a lid on it until ALL the polls closed.

  15. The worst dumb ass is Chris Han the so call later through him off the cliff.

  16. I have been having the same thoughts about Fox news reporting, especially Hume, Wallace and even Judge Napolitano, On election eve, I could see the smiling on their faces as the results in Congress went the other way. What happened to fair and balanced? Now we need to bring back Bill O’Reilly. RVN 68-69 MAGA

  17. I think FOX has become CNN but watered down with some stale piss. All I watch are the opinion shows. Their “news” is an embarrassment to journalism.

  18. You are so full of shit….Fox news is so pro–Trump…it is the only news broadcast that I can watch without vomiting!!.

  19. Sheeple, sheeple, I dubbed them “Fox Fakers” way before the term fake news was used; they just weren’t so open about it! First NWO-ghoul on Pelosi’s agenda will be gun control and then more illegal infiltration – guaranteed!
    I awaken to hear about another NWO-FBI gun control mas shooting and as usual the “so-called” perpetrator is among them – how convenient! R.I.P. USA, Babylon II, your toast. burnt toast at that! REVOLUTION will be the needed SOLUTION to “Right” the ship of fools – guaranteed! You are either naive or chicken-SH!T to think otherwise or your one of them!
    This is the most important election of our lives!

    We are locked in an all out war between socialism and capitalism, the American Way or the European Way, and today will tell which way our country will go. If you are for open borders, yes, let all of South America in without any ICE to check for gang members, human traffickers or terrorists, then vote Democrat. If you support providing healthcare, free education, housing, college and a living wage to non-citizens paid for by you and the companies that built this country, then the Democratic ticket is for you. If you want to share your inheritance, what little your parents worked their whole lives to pass on to you and your children, with people who have never paid a dime into the tax system, then vote Democrat. If you feel the homeless drug addict deserves to be paid a wage and given a home that you get to pay for then you know who to vote for. If you want to stop dead the prosperity exploding across the country because of the actions of our wonderful President, then blue is the way to vote. If you want your stocks and investments to tank and you like living on less each month, if your passion is paying more taxes then I have a party you need to vote for.

    1. Very well said. I pray it is not too late tho. We need to get smart like Trump and be a step ahead of them all the way. So sad for our country but we are survivors so we much keep fighting the good fight.

  20. I,too, was astounded at Fox News. I switched to msnbc to see if they were saying the same thing, and was surprised to hear something different. I agree FOX is not what it has been in the past and will probably soon lose their great rating!

  21. Thank you for the information on Fox News. It is an eye opener.

  22. In the race to be first with ‘breaking news’, FNC’s ‘journalists’ did a HUGE service to the Democommunist Party! The Commie leftists should send a big wet kiss to them!

  23. Fox likes to be fair & balanced therefore you also have to have a liberal point
    of view. If you don’t listen to both sides you become “one of them”. As for
    announcing early voting results, I doubt the people in line are listening to
    the news, and if they are they should know their vote counts and maybe
    they can change the outcome. That’s doubtful as those who are still voting
    are in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii and they are not exactly
    conservatives. Chris Wallace is so blue and he can be out of the tallies.
    Shep is good on hard “happening now” reporting but that’s all and he should
    just stay in his lane. Thanks for the comment about the Sheriffs border
    fund, that’s certainly a need to know,. You are right about Judge Nap, what
    happened to him ? Once he got his hand slapped he is out of control.

  24. I only watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business. One American News is great too.

  25. I hate technology. however, I am trying to learn to utilize it at age 85. Please accept my comments. Thank you if you will. What a truly stupid article! Reporters of news are supposed to be neutral and objective. Fox Newa does at least try to be both. None of the other media do real reporting at all any more. News commentating, however, is supposed to be biased in whatever way the commentor wishes . Fox news reporters do achieve at least some objecyivity much more than any other media. Fox News commentators such as Hannity and Ingraham and Levin and Pirro are very biased in favor of Trump’s policies and in my beliefs. i love and appreciate them. i cannot stand Bret Baer nor some others. However, I love Fox newas overall1 I thank God for them because they do give us at least some true news. Without them we woulbe just “in the dark”. Also, it is so refreshing to hear some true wisdom, discernment , and encouragement from a few great commentators. Do not be so critical of Fox. we need to appreciate them even if, liks everything else in this fallen world, they are not perfect.

  26. We can thank the bozo, owners who are as leftist, scum! They are why a-holes like Smith,Williams,tardass, walnuts,fumes, nadumatano, muckcalthem,Maria barf,Chris hanJOB,they won’t shut that hole to allow anyone to get a word in sideways and every thing that comes out of that hole should be coming from the one they sit on! Good luck if we can hold on to the few good people that remain we all know who they are thanks keep up the great work 👍

  27. Fox News personalities that are against or lean against conservatives: Christ Stirwalt, Marie Harf, Geraldo Rivera Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Arthel Neville. Major contributors that have their own agenda and who I turn off when on TV: Britt Humes, Dana perino, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier. FOX NEWS is the only real television channel with some political reporters that support us “Deportables”.

  28. Thank you so much for posting my comments! I really do appreciate you more than i can say! I do, also, want to again commend Fox news. Thank you all. Let us pray for repentance and revival in the U.S.. There does seem to be some hope now that we did not have just 2 years ago. Love and blessings to all!

  29. Thank you for your report. I agree totally am very disappointed in Fox News …Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Jessie Waters I feel have the best coverage and comments! Would like to receive your reports and updates please! Where does Dina Perino stand…wish she would get over Bush! Miss seeing Kimberly Guilfoyle (sorry not sure of the spelling of her name). What is going to happen now and how will President Trump get around this? Thank you would respectfully like to hear back from you. I think President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the USA.

  30. Oh, come on! Fox News did NOT announce “final results” of ANY election at 7:15 PM Eastern! And Fox’s Bret/Brit team DID NOT say they had. They put up the FIRST returns they had from ANYWHERE on their fancy new toteboard (which I HATE), just as networks, on-the-air and cable, have been doing since (I can only recall as far back as) 1956!

    It’s an unrecorded contest among the 3 over-the-air nets and Fox and ALL the others, of interest to few outside the radio/tv industry. Any VOTER with an IQ of FIFTY must know the first returns are meaningless — and just to put a cherry on the sundae, the network ANNOUNCERS tell their (at that hour) sparse audiences. Is there anyone BREATHING that doesn’t understand this?

    The issue of whether TV nets should wait until ALL the polls had closed, everywhere, before announcing ANY results was discussed and discussed in 1980, when Jimmy Carter (incumbent D, Eastern Time) CONCEDED the whole damn shooting match before the polls had closed in the MOUNTAIN time zone, never mind on the West Coast. Did Carter’s premature (but accurate) analysis and early concession HELP California Gov. Ronald Reagan (challenging R, Pacific Time)? Probably not: most Reagan voters knew WEEKS ahead of time that they’d be voting for Reagan.

    What happens when, as in 1984, the national result is blatantly obvious the minute results come in from some early-reporting Eastern states, like, oh, Indiana, Ohio, and NEW YORK and even MASSACHUSETTS (which Reagan CARRIED in 1984!)? Or if it’s a very close election that might come down to the FINAL results in HAWAII ( ALSO carried by Reagan!)? Do the networks have to wait until 4 PM WEDNESDAY afternoon to announce the results?

    Today, with social media and instant communication tools galore, these are NOT academic questions. We are going to have to come to a national consensus that the networks can announce WHAT results they have WHEN they have them and are reasonably confident of their accuracy (no “Dewey Defeats Truman” headlines, please! ). I’d say the networks ARE pretty responsible about this — though partisans on BOTH sides will always complain “They SHOULD have called ___ (fill in state____) sooner, when the votes actually counted totaled .01% of the total!” RARELY do they call a state TOO EARLY, as the author of this post suggests!

    I can, and DO, complain about a LOT that the networks (even Fox) DO WRONG. But to suggest they should hang around until EVERY LAST VOTE has been counted in every last state, including Hawaii, is ABSURD. It’s up to the VOTER to decide how he/she is going to vote SUFFICIENTLY AHEAD OF TIME that he or she can CAST their vote and go home to dinner, or that their candidate is in a hopeless fix and they might as well NOT BOTHER VOTING.

  31. Fox declared Feinstein (California) the winner with only 18% of precincts reporting and she was only ahead of her Republican opponent by 4%. Is this too early to report, or is it because she has fed at the public trough for so many years? I think both.

  32. Sour grapes will not win elections! Next time, be more prepared and go to the polls to cast your vote regardless of what people on the news channels say! Period!

  33. This iis the first time I have looked into your Website…I am very impressed.. I hope you will keep me up to date with the news you don’t hear from the fake news outlets.

    I will look for your website.
    thank you,

  34. I must disagree with this author, Fox news reporting democrats winning would more than likely serve to entice conservative voters to rally not fold.
    If anyone folds because of a news broads cast, their intellect would be suspect in my book, and any vote cast by them certainly would not be informed.

    1. So you would stand in line to cast a vote that seemed futile. My hat is off to you but most people would not. We voted early by mail just to avoid the mess, but then I wonder how that turned out in liberals States.

  35. They did make the call for the democrats very earlier in the night and they are patting themselves on the back for being the first to do so.

  36. IMO, Chris Stirewalt is the lib insider rat who released the info. Has he EVER said a negative thing about DemonRats? Nope! And, yes, the young Murdoch’s are lefties. FNC will reap what they sow.

  37. With a heard of 3 hour wait in line to cast one’s vote it would not be surprising to see many leave the lines and go home thinking all was already lost. I saw that on Fox News and wondered how they could be doing such a stupid trick but since Fox News is now owned by neo-conservatives it now make sense. Trickery is rewarded once again.

  38. You guys really do not get it. We have a far left lifetime liberal Democrat Donald Trump as POTUS who is gleefully pretending to be a conservative and a Republican with no history of being either. Instead, his history before he was elected is being a leftist along with his entire family. In fact, Trump’s family could not vote for him in the primaries because they did not have time to change their registration to Republican to do so. He is a “Trojan Horse” as a Republican in the White House. What I am trying to suggest to you is the reason for the difficulty in getting us conservatives out to vote is not to have a conservative as POTUS. Come on people…His best friends are the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, and the Soros’. It is George Soros that gave between two and three billion dollars to the Trumps during the campaign and through Jared Kushner billions more in loans. IMHO, conservatives and Republicans are being used as fools for Trump.

  39. Was really angry when Chris, Brett and B announced Dems winning several hours before my state and other CDT and western state polls had not closed!!! With social media this was all over the news while voters eere standing in line for hours!!!! It clearly affected final votes in these areas.
    Loosing respect for Fox except the few like Hannity, Tucker, Jeannine, Mark Levin, Jesse Watters. Absolutely detest Shep, Juan, Geraldo, Chris Haun and most of other liberals who are constantly blowing their mouths on Fox!

  40. This article slanders Republicans. How insulting to assert that serious Americans would not vote just because of something said on TV. This is the most anti-Republican article I’ve ever read–and I read a lot of articles in the NY Times. The reason that the Democrats won the house is because they got more votes. Why did they get more votes? Maybe many women voters were turned off by the President. Maybe Democratic volunteers out-hustled Republican volunteers. Maybe voters wanted to see the Mueller investigation continue. But for sure, the Republicans didn’t lose because of something said on Fox TV. Republican voters are made of sterner stuff. They are patriots and not whiners. I wonder if the author of this piece was co-opted by the Democrats.

  41. I disagree that Trump is a liberal. He rejected the Republicans because in years past the Republicans like the Bushes, were not really conservatives, but were globalists and wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing. Trump is actually keeping all his promises and is legislating very conservatively. Trump also got rid of the 20 year vacation Obama hid in secretive moves to try and keep getting a paycheck from the federal government. He is friends with people he disagrees with because like the ol’ adage says, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Trump is much much smarter than people realize and his track record of success in everything he does proves it. Now, about Fox news. The fact they refused to run the ad Trump put out urging people to vote Republican based on the caravan was NOT AT ALL RACIST. I will no longer watch Fox news. They are pandering to the left. Bye Bye Fox.

  42. All the news channels was reporting that the rats took control of the house, not just fox. When it comes down to it, it was George soros, voting machines, illegals, and dead people’s votes. Need i say more?!?!?!?!

  43. I called this on Fox… a long time ago. Bret Baier imitated Trump on Fox the other night… I knew he was a leftie most of the time.. and of course the

  44. This article is spot on. Try living in Alabama and know you have a dem senator that was every bit due to local right wing radio. Look Roy Moore didn’t help himself by stuttering and stammering trying to answer questions about whether or not he had relations with women that were inappropriate but we’re talking about Alabama electing a den c’mon man!!!!

  45. This reminds me particularly of the Gore vs Bush recount in FL. The heavily Republican panhandle is in a hour later time zone from the rest of the state, so when the MSM declared the race won by Gore while the panhandle was still voting, many eyewitnesses reported that immediately many people just left the lines and went home. If not for this trick (and the dems not counting their military overseas votes), there would have been no need for any “hanging chads”. Also, the recount was only done in (d) majority counties so that the judges would be two (d)s to one (R), and we all saw how the (d)s used this to their advantage.

  46. Fox news was neck deep in that election also. Republican doesn’t mean conservative, these people are globalist. Ask yourself why Paul Ryan has fought President Trump at every turn. Think back,there isnt a dimes difference between obama and bush. Only one has a D and the other a R. When did it become lawful to openly try to overthrow our government and nothing be done to you because you are an elected official?!! People on both sides have said for years ‘We have got to have a president that isn’t owned by anyone ” but when we get one people choose to be led by the MSM because after all it’s gotta be true it was said on the news. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF!

    1. Sadly…so true!!! The N.W.O. owns the deep state and every president from Jimmy to Barry and his “loser” protege Hillary…the D.N.C. and a slew of R.I.N.O’s…and of course the mainstream fake media and now also control social media…soon no one will have a clue of what is going down as the probability of closing down/censoring independent conservative outfits like this is quite high if things continue as they are…welcome to the ONE narrative….which it appears many universities are already adopting…and they call themselves institutions of “higher learning(?)”

  47. The mainstream so called fake media sold out a long time ago for the proverbial “thirty pieces of (Petro$) silver”…and at least since Kosovo have become absolutely unreliable in the “truth/facts” departments….and are complicit in every evil since by their under/non reporting, half truths (= whole lies) and biased content….their fairy tales on Syria for example (they were wholly reliant on some idiot, the self styled “Syrian Observatory” in Birmingham, England, muslim capital of the UK and the infamous “white helmets” of retarded hollywood fame for their information…which they had the temerity to report as “fact”), is directly responsible for the unreported GENOCIDE of Christians in that country…over 1.5 million as at mid 2016….. They HAVE earned their appointed title…”enemy of the people”…

  48. It should be “AGAINST THE LAW” to project ANY winners or losers while any poles are open including Alaska and Hawaii. Straight up it should be “AGAINST THE LAW”.

  49. I’ve been watching Fox News now for a very long time and most of the people there seem to be for Trump, but there are a few I have noticed are not. The one thing I learned a long time ago, is how one can use words and twist them psychologically to mean something else or could mean what they truly believe. Human nature is an interesting thing to watch, when watching those that say one thing, but really mean something else. People can hide behind words when they truly don’t want anyone to see them as they are or what they say. Truth can set one free, but lies only betray the heart and can hurt others.

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