The First 5 Things Nancy Pelosi Will Do if Dems Win Back the House

Perhaps no other Democrat politician has taken the 2016 election beat-down as personally as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Expecting to regain the mantle of House Speaker in 2016, Republicans instead completed a trifecta by winning majorities in the House, Senate and taking back the White House. The election results were more than just a stunning loss to progressive Democrats, they stood as an indictment of Pelosi’s radical leadership, and the liberal extremist representing San Francisco wants payback.

In under two years, President Donald Trump has managed to confirm two U.S. Supreme Court positions, fill numerous federal judgeships, renegotiate NAFTA, turn the economy into a veritable locomotive and deliver historic low unemployment to African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

With each promise the President and GOP deliver, it highlights Pelosi’s history of empty promises and grotesque policy failures. That’s why the minority leader has a to-do list ready should Democrats win a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. And, hard-working Americans are not going to like it.

Impeach President Trump

Early in Trump’s presidency, radical liberals such as Pelosi were calling for impeachment based on the false Russian collusion narrative. Democrats actually filed for impeachment proceedings, but they lacked the votes.

These days, Pelosi has downplayed her desire to remove President Trump because the move is wildly unpopular with voters. Why would hard-working Americans want to curtail the business and jobs growth created by the president’s America First policies? However, there’s little doubt removing the duly-elected president tops her to-do list.

Pack the U.S. Supreme Court

Democrats have yet to recover from Obama’s Merrick Garland nomination not passing muster in the Senate. Although Democrats continue to cry foul, when the White House lacks the votes in the Senate the president is expected to enter negotiations over the nominee. Obama thumbed his nose at the GOP-held Senate and his nominee never got out of committee.

With President Trump securing the so-called “conservative majority” in the high court, Pelosi wants to either impeach Justice Brett Kavanaugh or push to add enough liberal justices to get the outcome left-wing radicals want.

Mass Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration at the Southern border is sharply rising. People in South American countries are forming massive caravans with the intention of overwhelming the U.S. Border Patrol. President Trump has threatened to deploy the military to shut down the border to protect American sovereignty. Liberal Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi have other ideas.

Pelosi has resisted and obstructed the commander-in-chief in every way possible from securing the border. Her efforts are neither random nor purely emotion driven. Democrats are finding less traction with American voters, and the left is seeing Hispanic and Black voters trending toward the GOP.

After decades of poverty and living in high-crime neighborhoods, President Trump has delivered on jobs and opportunity for minority Americans. Pelosi and her liberal zealots need a new class of voters to bamboozle — illegal immigrants. Should Democrats regain the House, Pelosi will use every nuclear option available to curb border security, even if it means drug cartels extending their power to the American side.

Suppress Religious Freedom

One of the key reasons that liberal Democrats such as Pelosi are so angry about judicial activist Merrick Garland being turned down for the U.S. Supreme Court is that he would have subverted the U.S. Constitution to give special status rights of some over others. The conflict between religious and secular rights should find a fair balance under the law.

As Americans saw from Obama’s other appointments, the trend was to make people of faith second-class citizens. With the high court out of reach, Pelosi plans to introduce legislation that would make same-sex and secular rights superior to Christians, Jews, and other religious-minded Americans.

Blood in the Streets

Despite the attempted murder of GOP members at a baseball game with House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and others being wounded, Democrats continue to call for violence against conservatives. The street gang known as Antifa has been carrying out violence against peaceful protesters, conservative speakers, and even attacked police. Not only has Pelosi failed to denounce the rise in liberal violence, she has all but endorsed it.

Expect Pelosi to further embolden violence against those who disagree with her extreme liberal agenda. With the gavel in hand, she would be in a powerful position to inflame tensions and cause more blood to spill in the streets.

~ Freedom News Report

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70 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. Perhaps it is time that we made the democrabic party a “terrorist” group, since they seem to be encouraging violence against those whose political/religious beliefs are different that those of the democrabic party. Probably should prohibit them from owning firearms as well…..might prevent a lot of needless shootings.

  3. Nancy needs to go back to California and have her doctor release some of the tension on the cables which hold up her plastic face so the blood can get to her dying brain.

      1. Nancy, obama, & hillary are the last people we need as “leaders”. Trouble is they have no idea HOW to lead! RULE is more their way, as in Communist ruling. They do not lead or even think of the citizens of the USA, they think of themselves & no one else. WE, the citizens will be paying to house, feed, etc the illegal immigrants they desperately want in the US, as they viciously take in the votes from the same immigrants while those politicians lie to the immigrants back on the promises they made to them. The same as the democrats did to the negroes after the negroes were released from slavery. Look at LBJ and his hidden quote “we have the votes from them niggers for the next 200 years”. Well, I hate to tell you LBJ, but you are wrong. Those people are seeing the light & realizing on their own that you & your fellow democrats are doing just that: LYING not following through with what you PROMISE to do. So the best thing for this country is to vote the democrats OUT OF OFFICE & put in the rational Republicans who do not go to lengths of relying on lies & holding back the truth to get their men in office. Hillary even had many people KILLED so she could get in office, but she never was elected. You’d think she’d get the idea that people don’t want her to be in office, but no, she keeps on trying to get in our hair by reappearing.

  4. Democrats are traitors to America. They will destroy America. Americans will have no freedoms or rights. The democrats nazi party is so dangerous. Why would anyone vote for them?

    1. Again, I agree. Our forefathers who founded and wrote the Constitution were brilliant men. They truly knew what they were doing. If they saw what the democrats are doing to their original plans for this FREE country with SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and CHRISTIANITY as its basis, they would be horrified! Now some politicians are wanting to let homosexuals practice their way as OK – an accepted practice. Well according to the Bible it is NOT! obama wanted to remove Christianity as THE religion of USA. THAT is PREPOSTEROUS! Nancy p. wants the government to make it so everyone will no longer be able to go to church. That is separation of church & state? We will no longer be a free country under the democrats as thy presently are. So it is up to all of you individually to make a choice with this coming vote.
      Freedom or Socialism. It is your choice.

  5. Nancy claims the election is over and she has won…that it is a done deal…??? Now she speaks for the voter’s…? Please get out and vote, and vote for the American dream!

    1. Only idiots will vote democratically. As you say, they are destroying our country. I am glad I have not much longer to live. Hopefully I won’t make it to election day if the democrats win, which I’m sure they won’t. However you know how we always must be ready for the unexpected.

  6. This woman is so poisoned by the massive defeat of the Democratic Party, she will stop at nothing to make sure she grasps the reins of power in DC, and uses Open Borders to import criminals as well as innocent mothers to pump up numbers of Democratic voters. She really needs to retire and throw her piles of money in support of things that will help our country. Hasn’t she noticed the odors in SF streets? Those smells are the result of her influence in local politics. Hang it up, Dear Nancy

  7. It is obvious that Nancy is deranged, I have tried listening to her and nothing she says makes sense. Except, about wanting the feel of the gavel in her hand again, making this a purely personal, selfish thing. This election is not about you Nancy, it is about we the people and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. You need to just go away and leave us alone!

  8. Nancy’s checklist for January after Democrats retake House and Senate.
    1. Impeach Trump.
    2. Impeach Pence.
    3. Move into White House.

  9. It’s obvious Nancy has lost her mind!!! She should be in an insane asylum!!!

  10. People should remember what a mess she made when she had the House before. She doesn´t benefit democrats or republican voters. She won´t have Obama. Trump doesn´t have to sign a thing. Judge confirmation is through the Senate, Sorry Nasty Nancy. The budget is already set for next year.You have to have grounds for impeachment. Even democrats voted against impeachment.Obama wasn´t impeached because it would have been racist

  11. She won´t get any where with illegal immigration. the invaders have Check Mated her, Even democrats with half a brain see what is happening Courts have ruled in Trumps favor. He said he would not pass another budget bill like last one. he is willing to shut the government down.

  12. Already knew she was a Marxist following the Rules for Radicals playbook but until Trump smoked them out of the closet I did not realize how far radicals had infiltrated America’s institutions.

  13. I find it absolutely impossible to understand what many in this country don’t understand what Nancy Pelosi represents. She is a Socialist. (Spell that Communist.) If she and others in her party get their way we will eventually end up living in a Communist dictatorship. In case those who support that traitor and others like her didn’t study any history, the Communist way is to attack and destroy from within. That’s exactly what those Socialists who masquerade as Democrats are doing. Personally, I have no problem with a two party government. Republicans and Democrats because it works. But that bunch of anti American traitors on both sides of the isle have to go if we want our country to remain free.

  14. Even if they win it does not mean they get her list done. Hell, Trump had Congress and a Senate and could not get every thing . It does not work that way. Even Obama stood against the tow houses and said he would use the pen and the phone with executive orders. People calm down!!

    1. But he accomplished some things by sneaking them through on long bills that people didn’t completely read, like they normally do

  15. Devilrats ked now by Ug Pelosi are wanting a civil uprising as they feel they can win at it due to the popular vote clinton suposely got,their in the majority. They forget we the people are Patriots,other than Democrap’s and will stand tall for our country. This dream of a civil war is coming from the likes of the many in their party that are Socialists wanting to take America as theirs. Doom stand tall looking directly at them tho. If they try it they damn sure won’t like it.

  16. Nancy probably thinks she’s already won because she believes her MSM biennial Friday-evening-before -election-day expose (from the usual “anonymous source”) will bring out the loony left in droves and, hopefully, cause patriots to stay home. However, if we patriots do get out and vote in sufficient numbers to offset cheating on the left, we will prevail and America will be safe for another two years.

  17. Oh puleese pelosy. She lives in a dream world. There is only One God and he has already upped by stepping in the fray and making sure that Trump became a better President then we have seen in many years. Are you ready Pelosy for the next act of the One True God.. You can say goodbye to the better Gops

  18. When an individual [ s ] like this shows nothing but hate, getting even, lies, etc, and shows no common sense and mostly no love, then the problem that runs their lives is called, confusion. An individual [ s ] like this cannot properly help run a country without hurting its people. That’s what confusion does. With confusion comes a lack of stability.

  19. Am fully confidence and courageous that ,the Lord GOD of host will lead Democrat back to power. Thus says the LORD of host to Democrats, IAM the LORD of host.I will surely lead you to power. Have confidence and courageous in Me ,mine servant prophet and Ministry .
    Prophet Zephaniah magnus pongo. The Ministry of Zephaniah- The Democrat white Temple Weija Choice Accra.

  20. I never thought that the USA would come to such a terrible spot as they have. The democratic party should be abolished and another take its place, unless it decides to again make sense & think of the CITIZENS of the US, NOT the IMMIGRANTS whose votes THEY plan to get. LBJ is a fine example of this when he said “the niggers will vote for us democrats for another 200 years”. How wrong he was! True, they were originally mainly democrat but many are turning Republican now because they are tired of broken promises from the democrats! Just think, 2 high up politicians, Nancy & Chuck, have such evil ideas for this country that if the original forefathers heard these ideas they would tear both of those people to pieces! Their “ideas” go against the original reasons for founding the United States.

  21. Pelosi, you can Corrupt, Lie & Cheat. Be a Socialist Democrat aka a Nazis. You can run, but you can’t hind…..2 things will get you ……..Karma or American Patriots. Either way . You have been found out & wondering……..

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