Trump Alerts the Military to Ready for Deployment to Southern Border

Upwards of 10,000 Central American immigrants are planning to overwhelm U.S. Border Patrol agents and the clock is ticking down on whether or not President Donald Trump will deploy the military to stop the illegal incursion.

The mostly Honduran members of the caravan have garnered international attention by claiming they only seek safe refuge from the upheaval in their home country. But that claim is obviously false as they are determined to cross through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico without applying for asylum.

The goal is to make it to the U.S. border and force Immigration and Customs Enforcement to catch and release them into the country. Once on American soil, they can disappear into the population and siphon off taxpayer-funded welfare benefits. The president has already warned that this massive caravan is rife with criminals escaping potential incarceration in Honduras and many fear ISIS operatives have embedded themselves into the group.

“Sadly, it looks like Mexico’s Police and Military are unable to stop the caravan heading to the southern border of the United States,” the president tweeted. “Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in. I have alerted Border Patrol and Military that this is a National Emergency.”

The crisis represents a worst case scenario example of the failed Democrat-enacted laws and liberal judges that have broken the country’s ability to maintain its border integrity. Members of the violent street gang known as MS-13 have reportedly hidden in the caravan as a means to penetrate the U.S. border. MS-13 and other Central American gangs have been steadily migrating into the United States and have been convicted of selling drugs, murdering and raping American citizens—children included.

“I would call in the military and I would seal off the border. I would close up the border. If that happens, and if that continues to move forward, the caravan we’re talking about,” Trump said. “I think some bad people started that caravan. You have some very, very bad people in the caravan. But I will seal off the border before they come into this country.”

Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have urged fellow Democrats to remain silent about the Southern border crisis as the election nears.

“The president is desperate to change the subject from health care to immigration because he knows that health care is the #1 issue Americans care about,” Pelosi and Schumer stated in a joint press release. If anyone didn’t believe the Democrats’ goal was to erase the country’s borders, the imminent dangers moving across Mexico right now should remove any doubt.

The president has already taken a tough stance with the governments who facilitate the thousands-strong caravan of illegals and criminals. The United States generously provides hundreds of millions in aid to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Like other nations that act against American interests, the president will end tax-payer funded support as a first measure.

“Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the U.S.,” President Trump tweeted. “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

The next step will certainly be to deploy the U.S. military and completely shutting down the southern border. Although the caravan has only recently crossed into southern Mexico, the timeline for their assault on America’s border could be a week or only a matter of just days away.

The Center for Immigration Studies policy director Jessica Vaughn points out that mass groups in the past have jumped on train rail cars to speed their way to the U.S. Although the practice of boarding trains in this fashion is widely considered illegal, Mexican police appear to not have the resources to handle them.

Federal authorities at the Guatemala-Mexico border already conceded their authority by allowing the caravan to cross undocumented and that has emboldened the illegal immigrants, gang members, and other criminals. With the White House closely monitoring the caravan’s progress, the military could be called to shut down the border within days.

The world is closely monitoring the caravan crisis. If the U.S. demonstrates it cannot maintain the integrity of its own borders, America’s ability to lead on the global stage will be greatly diminished.

~ Freedom News Report

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3,138 Responses

  1. President Trump should absolutely send the military to protect our borders, what other reason is there for the military to exist.
    This is not a situation where the military is used against American citizens within our borders it is a situation of preventing an illegal alien force from invading our sovereign nation.
    We see thousands of foreigners moving northward stating their intention is to cross our border and they don’t care if it is illegal. They claim they are fleeing the very country that they are waving the flag of. They claim refugee status and we know it is not about that.
    I f we do not show the resolve to defend our borders now when will we. If this illegal alien force is successful in invading our sovereign nation it will not be long before another and another and another invasion occurs.
    We must stop calling it a caravan and call it what it is an invasion.

  2. I’d put 5 divisions on the border,,,, and “ALL” Apache helicopters from YUMA & S. TEXAS would be brought up and into service.. !”DON’T RUN,,,,,,,,,, YOU’LL ONLY DIE TIRED”!

  3. Mexico knows they made a big mistake by not helping. They will regret it. Too many people especially Mexicans depend on the US dollar. Not only from US citizens living along the borders but a lot of Mexicans come to work here. I know I used to live on a border town, and it was hard to get a job. Most were taken by Mexicans with work visas or illegally.

  4. Go for it…bring on the troops and get that wall built as high as it needs to be to discourage anyone trying to cross over into the United States illegally. Anyone wants to be a U.S. citizen, then have them take the Citizenship test, get a SS number, work & pay taxes like our forefathers did and we do now.

  5. The fact is: Our government has the obligation to protect this country and its citizens from ILLEGAL INVASION and occupation! Trump is right to use the military to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic!
    If we are no longer a nation of laws then publicly announce it and Americans will then deal with these criminals as necessary! The Swamp will then drain itself!

  6. If this is not stopped we as a country will be overrun with invaders! This just the start of the push. Are any better than their home country? I doubt it! We have many hungery and poor people here barely getting buy! Seems all countries see us as a rich nation where money grows on trees. But how many countries are as many Trillions as we are in dept?

  7. The caravan is really an invision . this people are coming to the usa to occupy the united states. If they are not criminals why can’t
    they come here in a proper way just like the rest of us ? I feel some one out there are letting them come in and giving them support
    in a hurry to be able to vote for the Dem. Right now somewhere in the usa are registering the illegal emigrants to
    vote for the Dem,so the Republicans will lost this election’.

  8. What do most other countries do to protect it’s borders? As we’ve learned over decades, our enemies #1 line of defense, for unattended defense of an area is heavy use of land mines. We should be running a 500 ‘ strip of land mines the length of the Mexico/USA border and let them TRY to cross over illegally. Those who make it through should be met with heavy military fire. We should have done this years ago to keep all illegals from entering. We MUST defend our borders, despite the Commucrats love of anything they think can make President Trump look bad. Voters who have voted Democrat need to wake the hell up and recognize what the Democrat party has become – an enemy of the USA, and they need to be stopped before it’s too late. I have no doubt, the party and it’s funders like George Soros are working with these enemies. Anyone under 60 who votes Democrat should do a little research and listen to speeches by some of the past, great democrats like John F. and Bobby Kennedy. Today, their speeches sound more like very conservative Republicans – certainly NOT like any democrat today.

  9. SEND IN THE TROUPS NOW! Do not wait any longer.
    It is amazing to me the timing of this so called “caravan of refugees.” I have seen videos of people being packed into trucks, taken TO THEIR DESTINATIONS and then filming them walking!!!
    No woman or children….grown men! How are they refugees?! Of course for TV they show the woman with her child who is crying, looking all sad and hungry. When asked about Trump and how he may split up she and her child she replies, she left “her country because she feared for her life and she left the rest of her family looking for a better life in US.”
    Really?! The USA gives HER COUNTRY AIDE so that they can help their citizens live properly. We are in debt up to AND OVER our eyeballs and now she is going to
    INVADE OUR COUNTRY illegally and take more money that is for OUR LEGAL US
    CITIZENS!! That is after we as a nation tried to help these countries by giving them this Aide!!!!! NOT!!!!! And Pres. Trump is STOPPING ALL FUNDING!! Goooooo Pres. Trump!!! Build that wall!!!!!

  10. I will be willing to donate funds to help build the wall. We should have built it 10 years ago.

  11. I keep saying we should all chip in and help build the wall people go to casinos spend money and a million other things but why not spend money on the wall? You know the democrats will never sign the bill so we as citizens are fighting a war on our own building a wall Mr Trump wants too? We want to live in safety where you can take a walk and not be gunned down or raped or killed. Whats more important a new car, house, or safety for our children and our selves? why do we expect the government to take care of us when we are able to help?? I’m sure it would be tax deductible and what price can you put on safety? California is already letting illegals vote How crazy is that? and are encouraging people to come into the Us. STAND UP PEOPLE AND TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY for you own and your children or grandchildren! If these people storm our border we are doomed! Kelly Cofield

  12. On Monday’s Wednesday’s and
    Friday’s you meet the convoy with buses x50, trains, 1 or 2 and a few trucks, load them with Guatemalan’s, Honduran’s and El Salvadoran’s. The convoy can only walk at about 2 miles per hour..The busses etc. can travel @ about 70 mph…On Tuesday’s Thursday’s and Saturday’s the remaining convoy, crowd will be doused with water canyons and firefighting aircraft The crowd will break up under its own choice .44 days of continued trudging can be dispersed…

  13. Send at least two COMBAT EXPERIENCED troops to the border. String BARB WIRE temporary fence which might help a confrontation resulting in someones death. I place the blame for this squarely on the Democrats ( Fascist ) of the last ten years for promoting this invasion when they should have vigorously OPPOSED IT.. This 90 year old AMERICAN Democrat has voted AMERICAN RED. GOD BLESS AND SAVE AMERICA !!!!!! You can help by voting RED and voting the FASCISTS ( so called Democrats OUT )

  14. Two things! If America can not maintain the integrity of its own borders America will cease to exist as a major power and become a 3rd world banana republic! The goose that lays the golden eggs will be destroyed, no more eggs! Then what? Also, can we please refrain from referring to this as a “caravan”? This is a foreign invasion! Period!

  15. We need to build the wall & get it done . But for now we need to send our Milatary & national guard to stop the caravan coming to our boarder. Come here legally & we will be glad to except you like My grandparent’s came from Italy. We have too many homeless Americans & starving Children of our own now & can’t afford all the illegals also . Also it is so sad that the Democrats are so upset that they want violence & riots against each other to try to destroy the Republicans. We are all suppose to be one country under God . We should set an example to the world we are all together no matter what party we are and do what’s best for our country . That is the Christian way . God 1st , Love one another, & respect one another. No matter race , nationality, or Religion Love another.

  16. Either do something or watch all the momentum that the red now has going into the election disappear over night! But of course that’s exactly what the establishment GOP wants to happen! They just love snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! And besides, they want nothing more than for things to go back to the status quo! They just love all those big money making lobbyist that throw money at them for their vote! There’s no left or right in this government, there is only the ruling elite! The ones who make and pass laws for you the peon to obey! Of course they can ignore them because they aren’t meant for them to follow! I keep hearing people say, ‘oh our democracy’ whatever happened to it’! News flash, we are not a democracy and never was! we are suppose to be a Constitutional Republic! Not one of the founders said that what they created was a democracy, they said it was a Constitutional Republic! But what the hell do I know! Just relax folks, the knife sliding across your throat will stop hurting pretty fast!

  17. Let’s push them all the way back to south America!!

  18. Right now we have 5.5 billion people in total poverty and 1.5 billion who either just make it or live rich. If you spread the wealth out evenly over the whole world population what do you have.

    7 billion in total poverty

  19. Somebody will have to explain to me , how you stop the progress of women holding ‘someone’s baby’ in her arms in another country. From what I can see, Mexico is playing Trump as a fool.
    I can’t remember when the idea of using razor wire at the border was deemed “Un necessarily violent”. It was many, many years ago, and the President at the time agreed. My thought, at the time, was nobody would ever have to risk getting cut if they stayed away from the razor wire. I suppose the children in the woman,s arms were/are the real victim’s of those that hold them and don’t care about their safety. The Democrats would blame Trump and would encourage the well funded border bashing mob to find a way over or under the razor wire. Predictable isn’t it. Who in HELL would support a political party that encourages any thing like, charging a border wall or fence of their own country. How did the USSR and Nazi Germany stop immigration? Ask Chuck Schumer or any number of Democrat leaders, the answers would be entertaining.

  20. My question is whats the difference in the payment of aid to Refugees vs Asylum Seekers? I believe that asylum seekers are given more aid than the refugees. If that is true , why not change the aid cost to the taxpayer by making them equal. I do believe then the number of people determined to come to the U.S. as asylum seekers will be lessened. Perhaps that may reduce the crowds in the Caravans coming to the border. Better yet do not pay to aid them period.

  21. I will believe it when I see Trump do it. Border police are already overwhelmed and nobody is doing anything. Pelosi, I am a heteorsexual woman and you are a disgrace to women. Your party (Soros) has arranged this (why can you not figure out that we can see through this stunt?), so BE SILENT! A fool’s mouth calls for a beating!

  22. President Trump should put his real expertise to work. There’s 422 million South Americans. The “hundreds of millions in aid to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras” could be shifted to Mexico, who also receives aid, to build resort towns all along the northern Mexican border. $200 million USD is equivalent to $13,000 USD per illegal invader. Or, 258,000 Mexican Peso’s per illegal invader. This is just for starters.

    President Trump and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (“AMLO”) could turn a bad situation into a Mexican promised land. They would get credit of course as crisis solution heroes, but in return the illegal invaders would get to build Walmart’s, Kmart’s, JC Penney’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell’s, The Olive Garden’s, KFC’s, Waffle House’s, Golden Coral’s, Hilton Hotel’s, Budget Inn’s, Holiday Inn’s, Quality Inn’s, Hyatt Recency’s, Sea World’s, Universal Studies’, Hard Rock Cafe’s and Disney Resort’s, and so much more. There’s so much potential between the southern borders of Brownsville, Texas and San Diego, California. Although it would not grant direct voter participation from illegal invaders not permitted to vote south of the border, hundreds-of-millions of South American’s and hundreds-of-millions of Americans would gladly support a robust Mexican Paradise Promised Land (plan) approach. Hundreds of U.S. companies would lovingly support market expansion investments in beautiful (future) Mexico with all its perks. Oh, never mind.

  23. Some one is feeding them. That takes a lot of food. Some one is directing this mass movement.. How are they communicating? Find this person or persons and we will learn a lot more than we expect to. Stop it at the border. Bring in high pressure water hoses. Target the tatooed monstrosities with non rubber bullets. We all know a MS-13 and other bag guys by sight. Not one of these thousands in the march are entering our country legally. We have been soft on immigration for too long. It is time to protect our country. Most of us are descendants of immigrants. We , they did it the legal way. Ellis Island or thru Canada but still legal. STOP the march NOW. Turn them around.NOW

  24. What the President needs to do if’s employer hires in a legal take the business away from them they’re coming here to find jobs and if the people hire them lose their business because they won’t come here anymore that would solve the problem and they would get rid of the ones that are here illegal now make them get a green card And they have to update it every year

  25. We have sound weapons that will not harm them. But they will flea from them. We also ultra low wave weapons that cause your skin to feel heat, very uncomfortable will make them run away. These weapons are designed to be humane and be used just for this purpose. Also designed for crowd control in cities for riot control.
    Razor wire will also help in certain areas. Since this is 98 % men who are a invasion force rubber bullets are another option. Mexico let them get up to the border so they will need to provide aid and transportation back to their country

  26. There should be at least 2500 Troops sent to the Boarder to control 6300+ illegals. The caravan already proved that they are very determined to invade America and we saw how they mowed over the many guards at the Mexican border and on the road. Once at there destination after approximately 1500 miles of walking over a 3 – 4 week journey it isn’t going to be an easy task especially when most likely to the Militaries back will be unknown number of Liberals posting possibly Republican representatives and tons of fake news channels pushing for there open boarders position to hype the determination of the illegals push forcefully in. Its not just a caravan issue anymore. Guaranteed the media will blow this up worse then the separation of the children and parents situation.

  27. Only uneducated see this as a not well-organized march to make Trump life more difficult. I hope that the USA Immigration and all security potentials with the assistance of the USA Army will prevent entering this paid crowd to enter the country. After all these violent leftist demonstrations, all the extreme violence they demonstrate and call for banning all the known Republicans is enough to sign for every honest and a medium intelligent person who is behind this. I hope most Americans will understand who is fighting for them and give the prosperous future and vote for Republicans.

  28. This is invasion….
    President Donald Trump: I know your life is more and more difficult, but I know you don’t let anyone illegal entering USA 🇺🇸
    This is what you promised 🙏
    Thanks God you are the President of USA🙏🇺🇸I
    I love you from all my heart ❤️
    God bless you…🙏🙏🙏🙏

  29. If we start IMMEDIATELY, as in right NOW, by using the Army Corps of Engineers (supplemented by civilian contractors, as needed) there just MAY be enough time to STRATEGICALLY (where needed most) install an eight foot ELECTRIFIED chain link fence. The voltage doesn’t have to be enough to kill, just disable. Warning signs should be posted, not just in front of this fence, well into Mexico on billboards.

    This chain link fencing can be removed once we have a wall, and rolled up and be sold as Military surplus. Or even re-used for deportation internment camps for people who have come here illegally, once there is a SERIOUS effort to round up as many as we can..

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