Hillary Clinton Calls for Less Civility in Politics

Hillary Clinton’s recent encouragement for the hatred the left showed for Justice Kavanaugh should remind us all that her version of democracy and the founding fathers is quite different.

Michael Goodwin recently detailed Clinton’s worldview in an op-ed for the New York Post and Fox News. As he put it – Hillary Clinton keeps finding ways to denigrate democracy.

Goodwin along with a number of conservative commentators did not miss how the seminal crisis in American politics, the Kavanaugh hearings, illustrated how much the left in general and Hillary Clinton in specific hate the Federal Republic form of government our democracy is based on.

Clinton showed her disdain for a democracy based on the rule of law when, after Kavanaugh was sworn in, she said Democrats “cannot be civil” as long as Republicans hold the White House and Congress. She told CNN, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

For over two years, the left’s biggest cheerleader has led the chorus in accusing President Trump of being a racist, misogynist, disrespectful to the disabled, and an anti-semite whose followers are a bunch of deplorables who are as bad or worse than him.

Clinton instigates our descent into a battle royale over the very meaning of democracy during her final presidential debate with Trump in 2016. As the FBI led the way in shielding her from the full implications of her illegal emails and the making a bogus application for a FISA warrant, Clinton framed Trump as an enemy of democracy. As Clinton railed against Trump for making an offhand comment about illegal votes, she led the way in doing in fact what she accused him of suggesting.

That night in October 2016 is important because it framed the battle we now see on the verge of becoming all-out war today. The New York Times characterized Trump’s response to Clinton back then as “a last-ditch attempt by a fading candidate, Mr. Trump, to save himself.”

The Times saw Clinton as the inevitable next President who would protect the “Obama legacy.” Her closing comments ended with, “I would like to say to everyone watching tonight that I’m reaching out to all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and independents because we need everybody to help make our country what it should be.”

As Goodwin noted, “two years later, she bears a huge responsibility for the disaster before us.” It was Clinton who first refused to concede, then retreated to the woods for reflection, and returned to claim the election was not won democratically.

In spite of a clear Constitutional mandate that Trump was the duly elected president, Clinton led her supporters to refuse to accept the election’s outcome. Her attack on democracy began with falsified charges of President Trump colluding with the Russians and showed its nexus in the coordinate character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh.

In 2016 Clinton warned that Trump would destroy democracy. Now, in 2018, Robert Mueller has not made one single indictment directly connected to President Trump but he “plods onward, searching for anything that would justify” his existence, all the while ruining the lives of those in his sights.

The Kavanaugh/Ford testimonies were more of the same. Clinton set the stage for the debacle last week with her feigned love of democracy while not-so-secretly fueling the fires of the deep state.

In that context, it is beyond mildly interesting that a former FBI agent reportedly tried to pressure a friend of Christine Blasey Ford into changing her sworn statement to the Senate so it would support Ford’s charges against Judge Kavanaugh. And one of Ford’s lawyers happens to be the lawyer for the fired former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe.

Now Clinton nods in approval while the “resistance” continues to try and tear America apart. If you want to know where they learned how to act like petulant brats because the election didn’t go their way, you only have to look as far as Hillary Clinton.

~ Freedom News Report

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121 Responses

  1. I wonder if that cretinous outlaw has ever seen a head hit by a 50 caliber round?

  2. How can you preach civility when your message is hate, discontent and destruction. Sounds as thought Hillary is staging an uprising.

    1. Let it come! We the people will fight for what is best for this Country! The hell with the Clintons & Obama & George Soros! We. Fought for our independent and for the people once before and we will fight again to defend our constitution Bill of Rights and to stop this socialist movement trying to destroy the United States from inside out !!

  3. clinton is a crook and a traitor to the American people and is scumbag liberal clown who is a pathetic excuse for a politician.

  4. What an evil person. So glad she is not the president. Between her and Obama America would be gone. Her nazi party has so much distain for good. Just a terrible woman. She has her Clinton cartel that will kill anyone who get in her way. How many people have died that tried to bring her down? She twist everything good into evil and lies. She has bought socialism right into America . Most people have no idea what socialism really is. She wants total control over americans. She is a very dangerous. Still can’t figure out why do many people think she is so great. Did not know how people have become so stupid and lazy that they would want to be control. Just disgusting how people have been dumb down .

    1. I must disagree. It was Lyndon Baines Johnson who got Medicare/Medicaide put into the Law. He was heard and quoted , after the “legislation” was passed, “Now , we’ll have the niggers on our side for the next 200 years”. I forget the guys name, but in the 1940’s on, he ran for President and finally gave up after 4 tries. His reason? He said that the democrats were passing everything his party wanted , so there was no need to run anymore. Yes ,Virginia, an avowed Socialist , calling the democratic party , Socialists!
      However, the Democratic {Socialists} Party is morphing into something more sinister , a party of intolerant , hate mongering , lying war mongers . They are the ones that can’t have a civil discourse , unless you totally agree with them .

      1. “They are the ones that can’t have a civil discourse , unless you totally agree with them .” We can have a civil discourse
        with Hilary and all her friends. Hillary meet Sam Colt! Have a nice day!

  5. Hillary Clinton will die of her own frustration and lust for power. She is a lost soul who venerates division, hatred, and Saul Alinski, the poster child of communism in Chicago, who wrote the book on communist marching orders to destroy the current order. Please remove yourself from sane society, Hillary Clinton!

  6. Hillary Clinton is the most evil person in our modern world. It is amazing how stupid her followers are.

  7. Is Killary and the DumboRAT’S Socialistic form of Government what PATRIOTIC AMERICANS want, I do not think so. Socialism very often leads to Dictatorship, Russia for example. They are really calling for Civil War and the overthrow of AMERICA’S WAY OF LIFE.

  8. lets see now,“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe,ok thanks for the advice. it is time to quit being civil to liberals and socialists.

  9. Any person who calls for violence against the American people needs to give up their position of running for president or any office.

    1. But, that’s exactly what the entire demonRats party is pushing for, They want violence to occur during the midterms elections towards republican voters so that we stay home. I plan to keep a baseball bat in my car. I will NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THESE CORRUPT, CRIMINAL POLITICIANS.

  10. They need too put this evil insane bitch and her followers away on an island that has know way to get off

  11. Hillary and Obama are the new Bonnie And Clyde they are evil and corrupt liers and I can’t think any level headed person following them. they are at the gates of hell and one push will get them in.Even Hillary’s daughter preaches the same hate!
    Hillary is one sick sick pup. and where is Obama? it seems as soon as he heard the law wanted him he split to let Hillary take the fall.
    People like them fall on their own sword eventually!

  12. Unreal but hitlery is so involved in her quest to become Pres and on to our dictator in her new dream of Socialism. She in her wobbly mind has her her party winning a Civil Uprising and a complete takeover of the country. She is totally gone into the real hate America realm so she can become a God to America and she is using weak women,youth and the illegals to create her evil dream. She is what the founders were seeing in the future and we’re putting stoppers into the Constitution for this. She must be stopped now or we will put a hard core stop to her and her new socialist party by defeating them in her civil war dream.

  13. Hillary Clinton is a sick, selfish and a hateful soul
    who has developed a disposition of selfishness that
    is unmatched. She will NEVER hold a significant job in the U. S. Government again as she has already displayed her lack of being truthful in the past. The American public has had her sized up
    for a very long time and she just will not go away!
    She has totally made a pest of herself…..America is
    tired of her not accepting real facts, regardless of
    the subject matter.

  14. Why isn’t evil hillary in jail for her acts of sedition? Why isn’t evil hillary in jail for the paid for murder of all of the people listed in the clinton death toll documentary? Why isn’t evil hillary in jail for files gate which includes personal information regarding senators and congress men and women? Those files are perfect for her to use to black mail our representatives to get whatever she demands. Why isn’t evil hillary in jail for China gate, Water gate, the Benghazi murders and the illegal transfer of weapons to Syria, Uranium 1 which transferred our uranium to Russia in exchange for money plus the hell that the ranchers in Bend Oregon went through and who she had to get rid of to get the uranium rights to sell to Russia? Why isn’t evil hillary in jail for the crimes associated with her clinton foundation slush fund? Why hasn’t evil hillary ever been prosecuted for any of her crimes which remain under litigation forever and ever? Is it because evil hillary is good friends with george soros and belongs to all of the one world government tentacles? Of course evil hillary has the complete support of the entire lying and brain washing corporate media which is also a tentacle of the satanic one world government. The question now is evil hillary going to be allowed to create a civil war in our country because she is above the law and nobody can stop her?

  15. Well she could not get elected so she ORGANIZED with SOROS and Obama the NEW (D ANARCHY PARTY) for MOB rule and is declaring herself MOB PRESIDENT ….after all she DID MAJOR in “ALINSKY”

  16. The only phrase that accurately describes her is …..”malignant C#@T”.

  17. Wow, calling for Violence and less Civility, that’s scary to think the DEM’s could get worse then they already are!!!!

  18. If Mrs Clinton was a honest person she should whole her own party and voters responsible for her down fall. The Democratic party elected a person with no experience ,and with his association with racist Louis Farrakhan and. AL Sharpton should have been question

  19. “All I know, I learned in Kindergarden”. This is a book , that the Clintons, Obama’s , and the democrat party should have read. Alas, they wouldn’t , for old Saul Alinsky did not demand it. They would have learned a lot.
    Question does Hillary and Michelle leave the toilet seat up or down??


  21. God, I despise that woman so much. She destroys everything she touches. And, the fact that she lost the election, or the fact that she still can’t wrap her head around “what happened?” She simply can’t understand why she lost the election still almost two years later. It appears there are more democrats in congress who seem to think just like Hillary. If they had power, we wouldn’t know about half of the corruption from the Obama administration done on behalf of QUEEN HILLARY. She just can’t get it through her head, why Americans rejected this greedy, self-absorbed, lying, dishonest bitch, malignant narcissist and psychopath for President. American’s distrust her as she’s incapable of telling the truth. Everything she had claimed what Donald Trump would do if elected, I fully believe it was what she planned to do, and let’s not forget the democratic party was fully on board with her plans. The democrats NEVER once thought she would be bad for America and now they are just as bad for America as Hillary is. Sessions needs to step down, so Hillary can be put behind bars, FINALLY!! She has said that if she’s arrested or put on trial she will take everyone else with her. What better way then to drain the swamp!


  23. She should be arrested than hanged, or shot for Treason.

  24. I really don’t need to leave a reply, because up to now, I agree with every single reply that has been stated, l guess the only thing I need to say is, don’t take the midterms for granted, please everyone get out and vote, we don’t want or need anymore Liberals to be in our Government, so get out and vote.

  25. The worst thing we could do to Hillary is to quit talking about her! That’s right, never think about her, never write about her, never talk about her, never, ever, EVER vote for her! Let her fade away into obscurity. That is the best, worst thing we could do to her!

  26. THAT BASTARD should remember one thing! Remember what Mussolini’s people did to HIM and his girl friend. They shot them to death and then they hung them by heels from a lamp pole.. Hilary, we aren’t going to shoot you and Billary ( we have a score to settle with you too, Bubba) to death BUT we will string you up by the heels from a lamp pole and beat your sorry asses to a pulp until you both are unrecognizable. Think about that too you miserable bastards.

  27. Well lets see here hillary, — your history is outstanding , a black witch, a widowmaker, a murderer, you did nothing to save our 4 men in the compound., you sent 4 letters to where they could find Amb. Stevens. –Then with your open cell phone you brought the death of 19 agents in china, let alone you be a pedophile with children. your sick plane trips out to that island, everything about you is a lie. Then that off beat statement that you said —if I go down we all go down. by that MF Trump. —OH YES YOU HAVE A OUTSTANDING MONEY GRABBING FEMALE WITH FOREIGN COUNTRIES. a TRUE TO FORM SCAM ARTIST. THEN URANIUM ONE SCANDLE WITH MONEY INVOLVED IN THAT ONE. ——YES SUCH A OUTSTANDING CHARACTER. —- No one would want to touch you with a 10ft pole—–you stink of rotten crime.


  29. It is interesting that she actually IS the one who wants to destroy “what you stand for and care about”….She is against the 1st & 2nd Amendments, the Constitution and is in favour of abolishing the Electoral College, which is the “essence” of the Republic. The woman is telling her idiot followers and the moronic mainstream corrupted media that she will destroy them and they all sing her praises…STUPID IS???

  30. Why she isn’t in prison for life is totally baffling! She committed treason as Sec’y of State and is guilty of multiple very serious crimes. She, Bill, and Barry should all be arrested and charged. Until that happens there is no justice in America!

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