Illinois Union Leader Campaigning for Democrat Encourages Crowd to “Vote Early, Vote Often, Whatever You Can Get Away With”

For nearly two years, Democrats have cried foul about Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election. However, some liberals only seem to possess strong convictions about voter fraud when their party is negatively affected. On September 15, 2018, an Illinois union leader drumming up support for the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in The Prairie State was captured on camera urging an audience to “vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with.”

According to KMOV-TV, the president of Local 439 Steamfitters/Pipefitters Union, Totsy Bailey, told the crowd at a rally in Caseyville, Illinois that JB Pritzker was a “great candidate for governor.” Pritzker will face off against incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in November of 2018.

In support of his candidate of choice, Bailey said, “He’s gonna win. He’s gonna win big. But he won’t win if we do not get out and vote. We need to early vote. Like I say, we can play East St. Louis route … vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with. I shouldn’t say that, but I really don’t care.”

Bailey’s comments were met with laughter from the crowd. In a video recorded at the event, the president of Local 439 Steamfitters/Pipefitters Union introduces a speaker. United States Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat, and Pritzker were two of the speakers at the rally. Referring to the event, Pritzker tweeted, “I had a great time getting the crowd fired up at a Metro East Labor Rally with Treasurer @mikeforillinois, State Rep. Jay Hoffman and so many others! Unions built the middle class – that’s why we’re fighting for them to succeed.” According to multiple sources, neither Durbin nor Pritzker addressed the remarks made by Bailey.

When KMOV-TV reached out to them, Pritzker’s spokeswoman, Jordan Abudayyeh, was the only one who responded. Deflecting the blatant problem with Bailey’s comments, Abudayyeh said, “Voting is no joking matter, particularly in an election with so much at stake. Illinois can’t afford another four years of failure from Bruce Rauner and JB is proud to be running on real plans to get Illinois back on track. Whether during early voting starting September 27th or on Election Day, JB encourages all Illinoisans who are able to exercise their right to vote”

When KMOV-TV approached Bailey about his remarks, the union leader stated that he didn’t have a comment about them before reportedly hanging up the phone.

Liberals are claiming Bailey’s comments were made jokingly. However, The Federalist Papers reported that the Illinois Republican Party feels the issue should be referred to the state’s Attorney General’s office.

According to a recent Fox News report, names of non-United States citizens are increasingly being found on voter rolls. According to the Washington Times, Elizaveta Shuvalova, a Russian native who received her citizenship in this country in 2017, was alarmingly registered as an authorized voter in 2012 when her name was placed on the San Francisco voter rolls.

Shuvalova’s voter log revealed that she signed up as a Democrat in July of 2012. Confused about seeing herself in the voter rolls, the Russian native said, “I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life. This is news to me.” In 2016, Shuvalova’s voter registration was canceled when she told voter authorities that she couldn’t legally vote due to her non-citizenship status.

The woman, who does identify herself as a Democrat, stated, “This is definitely a shocker to me. It is like an identity fraud because this is not coming from my end. Like I told you, I haven’t even been a citizen during that time frame. So what can we do about it?” Some groups contend that Shuvalova’s situation is far from an isolated case.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a non-profit organization that specializes in election integrity, discovered that non-United States citizens are being added to voter rolls in multiple states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In 2017, this group unveiled that a mind-boggling 5,600 hundred people listed on voter logs in Virginia were determined to be non-United States citizens. A third of these people had voted in previous elections. With the frightening reality of voter fraud in America, comments like Bailey’s should always be taken seriously.

~ Freedom News Report

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83 Responses

  1. No surprise here. These socialists came so close to destroying this country, but lost! Now they don’t care about even hiding the fact they have no respect for our laws or our country or that they are now full blown socialists! They are desperate! Like rapid animals and that’s what makes them dangerous! They are terrified that Trump is getting this country back on track and that his methods are working. Further, the criminal members of their party are scared that they will be taken down and held responsible for their crimes as they should be!
    Is it any wonder that they want open borders and giving ILLEGALS the right to vote even if it’s against the law? Is it any wonder that they cater to the interests of foreign nationals over the interests and Rights of AMERICANS?
    Build the Wall and enforce our laws!

  2. TexRancher, I agree with everything you say, but liberals are communists, pure and simple. Socialist, progressive, but liberal are all euphemisms for communist.

  3. So, voter fraud is rampant, we know that, but now the question is, what is going yo be done about it? Picture ID should be a requirement at the polls. No ID, no vote! Better yet, biometric ID is failsafe (as far as I know), if you are a legal resident of this country, your finger print will prove it! No more illegal voting, no more deceased people voting, no illegal voting, PERIOD! This IDIOT who said this in his speech should be approached by officials, and investigated, he is telling people to participate in a criminal act, is that NOT a crime itself?

  4. What is being done to check the registrations ?

  5. Is this going to be reported to the State’s Attorney General’s office? Seems to me this is a lot more crooked that the Russian allegations……as far as numbers go, way more illegals voting. Don’t the people of the state realize if these guys are so openly crooked and all for breaking Federal laws, they don’t give a rip about cheating their constituents.?? They are probably the ones that pad their expense accounts, use taxpayer money to pay off blackmailers from that special fund, etc. As far as I understand, if what they are saying is on tape and videos, there is the proof for a court hearing right there. Their crimes are far worse than what other people are sitting in prison right now.

  6. A vote for a democrat is a vote for communism,lawlessness and the elimination of the middle and upper middle class,if any election was ever for the salvation of the country this one is it so spend your vote wisely!


  8. Communism is rearing it’s ugly head again in America, with some leftists actually bragging about being communists. This is unsettling and dangerous thinking which works against the best interests of the USA. Vigilence

  9. There are many men in this country that spent significant portions of their life defending the USA from socialists a and communists.
    I don’t think they have forgotten how they did it We are walking the edge of civil war it is the only answer for the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heaps.

  10. How sad! That’s what is wrong in this nation today, if it’s illegal, do it! If we don’t wake up and soon, it’s going to be the worst possible scenario ever for us!
    Try being a straight shooter for a change, you might like it!

  11. Lawbreakers should be arrested for treason at the very least. Picture ID’s should be required. I’ve been an election judge for many elections and if you’re not registered you don’t vote. If you want to register, we required proof (but not photo ID).

  12. Need to get rid of this guy and the Fed.’s should ride shot gun over his actions! Like Oregon we need to stand up to these Crooks! The left are doing things we normally wouldn’t do just because everyone on the left hates Trump! Soon there going to have to pay the piper and were doing to be dragged down by these people! These people are fighting for globalization not for America! We need verification of U.S. citizenship otherwise how can we trust these states and cities to give an accurate vote? We can’t! These are the same people who want open boarder’s. We can’t allow this. We need to be able to control how many people come in to our country. Otherwise we will have more people then we can handle as we already have and the true citizens are slowly but surly being out numbered by illegal aliens which I think is the lefts true plan!

  13. Lawlessness is invading our country and the world. If the people which are trying to right in our country don’t stand up and face it, we will be overcome by it. Praying for our Leaders and authorities will be a source to combat it.

  14. This is the kind of people the Democrats are pushing on the voters. He should be in jail not political office! Vote Republican for a decent America!

  15. i want to know why democrats think only they should RULE the people. what is the reason they need to control everything? something is way rotten going on in that party.

  16. Make sure to get out and vote. I have always been a dem until no-bama entered the picture in 2008. BUT as crooked as that POS was and still is, I VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN!!! Never again will i vote for any democRAT!!! The democRATS must be stopped!!!

  17. This Democratic Voter Fraud must stop! It should be policed! Illegals can not vote in America, if we allow it then the USA is doomed… Thank You Democrat’s for destroying a good party! Play fair or get the hell out, and that include you Mrs. Feinstein of California…. And Schumer, Pelosi and the new grandstanders, Harris and Ford…
    Move aside and let the real politicians have a chance….

  18. It’s high time to quit yapping. And to start defending this country of ours before we lose. Any of you ever wonder why they push so many Negro’s. Women and people from foreign countries to run DemocRAT? They are flooding that party with them for a good reason known to them. WAKE THE FLIP UP.

  19. No “surprise” here. In COMMUNIST N.Y. CROOKED, CORRUPT, “king” andrew cuomo and “king” deblasio in N.Y. CESSPOOL city, not only ALLOWED illegals to vote they ENCOURAGED them to do so in a “ROYAL DECREE”, without any repercussions. (just like OBUNGHOLE the FRAUD said in a “speech” i heard in Florida) “King” andrew has recently “let out” 30,000 convicted FELONS including RAPISTS and cop killers, and “provided” their parole officers with voter registrations, and “orders” to “make sure” they made them out, and voted for the “proper party”. (of course, what CRIMINAL would ever vote for a “law and order” candidate)…. Incarcerated prisoners were also given ballots in the last Presidential election, I heard from a prison guard that was “ordered” to hand them out by “king” andrew,, collect them and hand them to the person waiting to receive them.
    if THIS isn’t “cheating” someone please tell me what the HELL IS????

  20. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  21. The DIMS need to be squashed like the bugs they are. The mindset of these people is scary. How in hell if you love your country, can you go against anyone who wants to make it better? POTUS is doing his best at getting rid of all the damaging things that the O’BWAMAS did to America. The past 8 years, before TRUMP, with the FRAUDULENT/MUSLIM/SQUATTER IN OUR WHITE HOUSE, was very damaging, with all the undisclosed negative actions this Fraud O’BWAMA pushed through, without anybody knowing it. No transparency, not 1 iota.

  22. Totsy Bailey? What the Hell kind of a name is that! Does “he” sit down to piss?

  23. Something similar happened to me. When my dad passed away, I inform our local election officials, that he had passed and asked them to please remove his name from the voter rolls. They had asked for a copy of his death certificate, which I had given it to them in person, where the person whom I had given it too had asked for a contact number in case her supervisor had any questions. Almost two years later, I had moved to a different state, but I gotten a phone call from someone from that office. She had been trying to clean of the county’s voter rolls and she had found some conflicting documents. He had registered to vote in the county in May 2005 and was a registered republican. She saw the death certificate and then found someone using his name, who had registered to vote as a democrat in the 2016 election, who just happened to vote for Hillary, the one politician he hated and despised the most. Eighteen months after his death. She had called wanting clarification. Yes, he died, yes, he did vote as a Republican and was a conservative his entire life. There is NO WAY in HELL he would ever vote for a democrat, but more specifically and especially HILLARY CLINTON because he viewed her and the rest of them democratic party, who were always so sleazy, dishonest, no lie or false allegation was ever off limits. They NEVER could produce any evidence to support their claims and they don’t need any proof. If a democrat says its true, then it must be true. In order for them to win any election, the dead continues to vote from the grave, as it’s another right or entitlement and they ALWAYS seem to vote democrat. And, their belief of winning at all cost mentality and every sleazy action is just a means to an end, funny isn’t it? ALL of these dead voters seem to prefer the democrats and what a coincidence, ah? Towards the end of our conversation, I said… did you feel that? What? Did you just feel the earth move? No! Well, that’s my dad rolling in his grave and I don’t think he’s happy. But, whoever used his name and had all of the details. His complete name, his social security number, his date of birth and where he was born. I don’t think that’s information that’s something easy to get because all of that information was taken off his death certificate and very limited access to it. I told her, it has to be someone in your office who is doing this. She said I think your right. A few months later she called to give me an update. They had discovered who was doing this, it wasn’t someone in her office but the office that was right next to theirs and they shared the file room. She made sure that no one else could ever do this again. Reuse a name of the deceased. Instead of keeping hard copies, they decided to scan the document on the county’s super computer. The hard copies were kept, but they were no longer in their building but were sent to a storage facility outside the county. It certainly makes more sense why the democrats continue to fight against using IDs in order to vote, yet, the irony here is that in order to attend a town hall, any democrat political event and in order to vote of the head of DNC party leadership TWO forms of ID is required. A driver’s license, student ID or another form of ID passport, military ID, etc.

    At this point, I can’t see or find any REDEEMING qualities, a soul or a conscience in the entire democratic party and half of the voters don’t seem to care either. So sad, disturbing, desperate, disgusting and pathetic. Their corruption is everywhere, that has saturated the entire party and it appears as if it’s something to be proud of. I expect there will be massive voter fraud in this midterm election. It has become very clear they will do anything, use everything in their political arsenal to ensure they win. The problem with all of this is, that the demonRats are clearly addicts and junkies to power or control, where any power or control they might get, will NEVER be enough or satisfied their unquenchable thirst for power.

  24. The Socialist sharia ideologist party members use any sleazy means whatsoever ever to get elected into office, illegal aliens, deas people, family pets and all registered to vote in multiple districts in numerous states.

  25. Inciting Crime.I know there in that business.But to put it in writing.Lock him up.What a disgusting lot they are.

  26. I am just an 83 year old great, great granny who is still on the war path against dirty, professional career politicians (ALL parties). We have work to do, all you wonderful Deplorable Trumpsters out there!! We need that Red Tsunami in November!!

    FIRST, we must replace Soros’ rigged machines with old fashioned paper ballots and hand counting and get voter ID to prevent illegal voting.

    Have I.C.E. in full uniform standing by problem polling places with a big deportation van parked nearby with the I.C.E. emblem boldly displayed on it!

    A big sign posted (in different languages) citing penalties for illegal voting, plus the fact that illegal immigrants/refugees and their families would immediately be deported when caught, should deter a lot of the fraudulent voting. Watch the illegals voters sneak off and disappear!

    THEN, we need to boot out ALL incumbent democrats, muslims and rinos from office with the voters in EACH STATE STARTING at grassroots level – from the town dog catcher to the mayor, representatives, senators, up to and including governors when necessary.. THINK ON IT, Trumpsters!! If EACH STATE did that the swamp would be drained of the majority of the swamp maggots holding jobs we the people vote on. Sound like a good plan??

    Can you imagine?? If each state, (town, city, and county) follows the above steps, we might get a more honest vote!!!

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