An Army of FBI Whistleblowers Are Ready To Testify Against Mueller

As Special counsel Robert Mueller continues with his anti-Trump witch hunt, a growing number of whistleblowers who previously served under him say they are ready and willing to testify before Congress about his allegedly illegal activities.

In particular, several whistleblowers say they want to testify under oath that Mueller concealed widespread off-the-books citizen surveillance programs authorized by both the Bush and Obama administrations. If so, Mueller also perjured himself during several appearances before Congress in the past.

Revelation of the number of active and former agents who are ready to testify comes as Representative Robert Goodlatte (Rep. – VA) and the House Judiciary is preparing to question Bruce Ohr, and important player in Mueller’s ongoing investigation. Ohr will also soon appear before the House Oversight Committee chaired by Representative Jim Jordan (Rep.- OH).

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, who worked as an operative for Fusion GPS, were both directly involved in “Operation Crossfire Hurricane”, a plot that targeted President Donald Trump.

Once an employee under then Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, Chuck Marler has direct knowledge of the bureau’s Special Surveillance Group (SSG) that was initiated during the Bush administration and greatly expanded under Barack Obama.

In an exclusive interview with Big League Politics, Marler said that Robert Mueller lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee by claiming his surveillance programs were much smaller and less wide-ranging than he knew they were. That false testimony before Congress allowed Mueller to further expand surveillance programs without oversight. His aggressive push for more surveillance of U.S. citizens led to several FBI filing complaints with the result of reprisals in including being threatened with arrest.

Marler said, “ The information I have relayed to you is important but in the current climate of intimidation of whistleblowers and continued dishonest activity of some in the FBI, I have been reluctant to relay in this much detail. The reason, beyond disgust with Mueller and Comey, that I inform you now is because I know you have contacts with Judicial Watch.”

Some of the accusations that Marler and other whistleblowers say they can document include surveilling private U.S. citizens without a warrant and even stifling investigation of known terrorist groups.

NSA and CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, a computer specialist, reports he was part of a massive nationwide phone-surveillance spying program during the Bush administration. He worked under John Brennan and James Clapper during both the Bush and Obama administration. According to Montgomery, there “has been a wiretap on Trump for years.” Montgomery could deliver a lethal blow to the supposed standard of truth, Bob Mueller.

Montgomery said, “I used to work for the Special Surveillance Group (SSG) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Robert Mueller was my Director. I have been wrestling with his disregard for my safety and his dishonesty with me and other coworkers’ concerns. That is why in 2008 I decided to quit the Bureau ..and start my own business and get away from the corruption of certain members of the FBI management. I saw firsthand how dishonest some of them could be. Since Mueller has taken over as Special Counsel, I’ve been concerned about him continuing that behavior.”

Most troubling is that the man in charge of investigating Donald Trump supposed collusion with Russia has spearheaded unlawful intrusion into Trump’s affairs for years. Montgomery says that “he provided to the FBI seventeen businesses of Donald Trump, including the Trump Tower, the Trump leasing programs, all of these different programs, and including Trump himself and the various family members that had been wiretapped under these programs.”

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI contractor says there are agents within multiple FBI offices who are willing to blow the whistle on Mueller. She says, “I know of several veteran, highly decorated FBI agents, if subpoenaed, would testify that how Robert Mueller, due to what he was doing as the director of the FBI, cannot preside as the special counsel in this case,” Edmonds said. “It’s a slam dunk case, it’s documented.”

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has been a longtime advocate of more protection for Federal whistleblowers saying that “No FBI agent … should be afraid to cooperate with Congress or the Inspector General …any FBI agent … should not hesitate to reach out and ask to be heard.”

Hopefully, Republicans retain their control of Congress and these agents are allowed to testify.

~ Freedom News Report

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3,377 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. burn it to the ground and the guilty must be punished!!!!!

  3. This is all coming to Light now, and the evil that men do, will eventually be investigated, and the full prosecution will be brought to bear on all of them. We conservatives pray that justice will prevail in these cases and it will go to the highest level in the government agencies and possibly to the obummer White House, as they are creeping closer to proving that this was all under the control of obummer, due to his activities to campaign for Hil Liar y during the 2016 election, stands to reason that he is not ignorant of the FBI, CIA and NSA’s activities, more than likely was directing the activities ! Time for the truth to come out about the puppet of Soros, and bust them all ! Gitmo has plenty of room for all of em !

  4. Unfortunately, I have no faith in the Republicans to do anything about this witch Hunt including investigating these allegations against Mueller. They are all part of the corrupt Establishment and for them it’s business as usual. Can anyone explain to me why not one person has been prosecuted over this ordeal? There is no “equal justice under the law.” There is one system for the politicos and another for everybody else!

  5. All you have to know about Mueller is that when he was working in Boston in the 80’s , his office knowingly framed 4 innocent men for murder. Howie Carr, a Boston Herald columnist and radio personality remembers Mueller’s tenure here very well. Here is some info from one of Carr’s recent columns. It speaks for itself on the integrity of Mueller.

    “What did Bob Mueller know about the FBI’s framing of four innocent men for a murder they didn’t commit, and when did he know it?
    This is an important question for the “special counsel,” and for two days I’ve been emailing his press office, asking for answers about his tenure in the U.S. attorney’s office here, specifically, his time as acting US attorney in 1986-87.” No response. Zip, zero, nada.

  6. I’ve been waiting for the truth about all the underhanded actions of Mr. Mueller and his team for quite some time. The swamp is getting drained. Now it’s time to get rid of all the prehistoric critters allowed to pace the halls of the FBI, CIA, and NSA. This is exactly why people should never have ongoing security clearances while they are under investigation or when they are longer employed in their positions. Justice needs to be served, and President Trump deserves and apology plus full vindication.

  7. The Mudller may be a conservative Republican, but it appears that he has crossed over to the “DARK SIDE”. There is no DumboRAT that is more anti-Trump then the Mudller. And now that these whistleblowers are coming forward
    he could be in deep trouble. If it is proven that this whole investigation, from the very beginning, was a total DumboRAT Fabrication the Mudller, DNC and Killery .should be made to reimburse the Federal Government for ALL the cost of this “INVESTIGATION.

  8. Time for mueller and his sewer rats to go to GITMO! trump get it done ASAP

  9. According to the MS13 ( Müeller’s Special 13 lawyers) Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2) Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.
    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”
    – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police and Müeller .

  10. If this man cannot be stopped we will wind up in a gas chamber! He is using gestapo tactics!! Remember what happened in Germany no one listened and they all died!
    There must be something that WE the people of the US can do to stop this craziness and soon!

  11. When will DOJ come forward and stop this witch hunt? Jeff Sessions where are you? What do they have on you that you won’t stand up and take control? I’m praying for your courageous strength and wisdom to take action.

  12. that is a bunch of bullshit! muller has an impeccable record, so does comey. how about getting that POS trump to testify, why is he not willing w/o restrictions. because this pig can’t tell the truth !!!!! he should be wearing a portable polygraph around his neck every time he opens that big mouth of his.. why is trump trying to stop the investigation and everyone who is involved in it. he a lying pos, always has been. always has been a cheating scum bag, who scammed hundreds out of their money, even students. this draft dodging pussy grabbing, women degrading, handicapped mocking racist has plenty of experience in lying and cheating. wake up! this site also needs to stop printing bullshit as well.

  13. Jeff is somewhere in a corner sitting on his a– with a c—ing grim on his face, but he better not get to comfortably things are looking up.thank God and pray that God will keep their backs covered.

  14. Heavenly Father please keep these people safe that are willing to bring to light the criminal affairs of Mueller, and others in our government and help the swamp be drained of them all and punished to the fullest as they have hurt our nation through their criminal activities, treason acts and being a traitor to the American people,, We were once a nation that loved you and were united now evil is among us everywhere and, it is getting worse each day. Heavenly Father I ask that you put a band of angels around these people and your church and keep them safe in your loving arms, I ask that each testify and tell their story, and the Judge will honor his oath and bring punishment to the criminals and please keep them safe, and I ask this through your loving son, my Lord and Savior and ask of it according to thy will not mine. Thank you Father and I give you all the Honor and Glory for hearing and answering this request according to they will. AMEN

  15. A truly disgusting bunch of Traitors, the Minions of Soros, Clinton’s and the Obumer’s who all should be in Gitmo. Court Martial all of them.

  16. I have one thing to say and that is if Trump had not been elected , had it been Killary none of this information would be out there right now and this is the very reason why they all hate Trump so much he is putting all their bad behavior out there for the whole country to take a look at . The true patriots of this country need to vote republican this November and then again in 2020, re-elect President Trump .

  17. Sadly, it has taken this long for all this to to be revealed. It has now been revealed that China has been hacking Hillary’s e-mails since 2009 and the info was given to the FBI. Nothing was done. The same players in investigating our Pres. concerning Russia were involved in the China investigation. Strozk, Comey and Mueller have known about China for years but because it was Hillary nothing was made public even though the evidence was there. Nothing was really done in IT scandal. Nothing was done in DNC hack. Nothing was done in Hillary’s destroying her e-mails. Nothing was done on Obama’s campaign violations. Nothing done on Holder. Nothing done on Lynch. Notice that no one has ever been charged in the murders of known Clinton associates. Now the FBI has set up a phony invest. to try and impeach our Pres. President Trump fell into a trap immediately after becoming elected. FBI was waiting on nice guy Sessions to become director after Comeys firing. Sessions had some knowledge of some Russian spies and reclused himself and gave control of FBI to Rosenstein, who has been involved with these same players for years. Rosenstein appoints Muller and the trap is sprung. Talk about a trap. FBI already had investigation setup when it appeared that Trump might become elected. Ask Brennan and Clapper about Halper. But who was to know how deep and wide the swamp really was. We now know that the Democratic controlled Intel agencies have done more harm to America than Russia and China combined with the only solution is the voters. The courts are also controlled by many, many democrats who are not interested in the true American Constitution.

  18. It is so sad but not one of these people will be called to testify because if they did the dems would be done for. Sessions is protecting the deep state that is why he won’t do his job. He needs to be replaced and where is the Senate and their famous hearings why don’t the y supenona these GOOD FBI agents and put an end to Mueler getting rich off this investigation?

  19. If Trump doesn’t use knowledge of this to save his own bacon then he deserves to fry. And this is what I mean by that. If I were president of the United States there are certain powers that I have one of them used to go to the network television studios ABC NBC CBS and Fox and demand I don’t have to ask I can demand as president of the United States air time to address the nation.

    What I would do is I would have some of these whistle blowers at the White House along with several congressmen and women who I know support me. I would not have the address take place in the oval office but I would have a take place in another room in the White House but it wouldn’t be an address. I would have those congressman seated there I would have these whistleblowers step forward and be sworn and then I would have Rudy Giuliani a former federal prosecutor asked these whistleblowers these questions on live TV under oath. And then I would immediately issue any kind of pardon necessary for them along with an executive order That would bar them from being fired. Let the American people see and hear what it was that Robert Mueller has actually done. And then let the outcry begin and after the outcry grows a couple of weeks. Donald Trump would have the excuse to fire Robert Mueller by saying he’s too on trustworthy to be associated with anything having to do with the governing of the people. I would do my level best to find out if people like Rod Rosenstein knew about it. And if I find out that they did, that’s my excuse to fire them too.

    I mean President Trump is good at theatrics. What could be: A. more theatrical than that, B. More likely to rile up his base to a frothy fervor. There are a lot of independence who did not like this advanced surveillance business who feel that it is an infringement upon our civil rights of privacy. More importantly, there were an off a lot of Democrats who campaigned on the same thing. They would be hard-pressed to stick by Robert Mueller when that kind of information came out.

    These congressmen and women who would be witnessing this in the White House with then be able to go forward and press Congress to hear these people under oath before Congress say the same exact thing.

    I have been complaining about President Trump playing checkers while Robert Mueller and these Democrats are playing chess. It’s time for President Trump to get his caca together and start playing chess back. Now of course,, the media would call it nothing more than theatrics. But the fact that the American people themselves would have witnessed it is an entirely different ball game.

    The other thing that President Trump could do immediately after that testimony was given, is give a quick five-minute address to the nation. In that address say something that sounds apologetic like: I’m sorry I’ve been on Twitter sometimes talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger being on the Apprentice and stupid stuff like that. I, the President promise to do a better job.

    The American people love someone who shows recalcitrance. When Bill Clinton had to go before the American people and make that apology and admitted he lied about Monica Lewinsky, his approval ratings went up. The American people are always willing to forgive. We are a good and humble people that way. But you Gotta ask for the forgiveness. Some people are willing to do that and some are not. I would argue it was his willingness To humble himself that save Bill Clintons bacon. Now I for one, loathed him and do wish he had been removed from office. But in hindsight, I can recognize what it was that saved him. And it was we the people. We love to see a little bit of humility in our leaders. I guarantee you if Donald Trump were to show a little bit of humility and then just back off of Twitter for a while, he could guarantee his own reelection and guarantee that he would be able to fire Mueller and not face any repercussions for it.

  20. Rockin On BUT, only if us Republicans keep the House! I can’t imagine what will happen, if the commies win.

  21. It seems there are lots of people who think Mueller is the one who should be investigated. From what we have seen so far he is among other things very bias against the president. Maybe we will get the truth someday.

  22. I’ve seen this before and then it just goes dark. So when if ever are these agents going to come forward and demand to be heard? If as you say it’s an army of them why the delay? When I see bunches of FBI agents going public I’ll start believing these stories, until then it’s just more blah, blah, blah!

  23. There are penalties for treason – anyone proven to be a traitor needs to be held accountable. Gitmo is too good for them. Just as was done to Saddam – these traitors to this country need to take the same walk. Hillary,Mueller, Obama would be a great start.

  24. November do your homework and then go vote. Because the opposition party will be out voting not based on right and wrong but how they are feeling. Please vote and encourage those you know to do the same.

  25. It’s become very clear, Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, MUST BE DESTROYED BY ANY LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY. PERIOD

  26. Mueller has already gone beyond the authorization of his Warrant. I’ll be glad when people find out the TRUTH about him.

  27. We can post all we want, but we know that this story is dead already because the “unbiased” media won’t let it get out. Now, if conservatives wake up and take back the media, the perpetrators would soon be behind bars.

  28. Problem is, Jeff IS part of the “Deep State” swamp that needs to be drained!!!!!

    He needs to go like NOW!!!!!!

  29. I wholeheartedly agree with most all that has been said,,, if Something isn’t done ( and quickly} we are “going down the tube because of the corruption allowed to flourish in DC and the power hungry liberals who admittedly want to destroy our nation. We MUST. if necessary pull all stops and kill…if we must….we have always fought to defend other nations,,, and this is much more Urgent than any we have been involved in!

  30. Why does all of this NOT surprise me. I mean, what surprises me is some folks actually ARE surprised by our guv’ment doing this type of stuff. They’ve been doing this for generations! They’ve been doing this so much in fact that it’s become a joke to many of us in the law enforcement community.

    “Spooks”. I’m sure you’ve all heard that term of endearment for them and yet we all go out and buy more Rokus, Alexas, “phones” that have every other contraption on them that’s well above and beyond the old style “phones”, cell phones, wireless and hard wired internet, electronic security monitored by outside sources, wireless security, modems, our car radios (entertainment systems), our vehicle gps, etc.

    Folks, like it or not we’re all wired unless you’re living in a cabin in the woods hundreds of miles from nowhere. And even then you’re not “alone”.

    I know, I’ll put my tinfoil hat on now.

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