Americans Are Sick of This Two-Tiered Justice Track

Why is Hillary Clinton still stumbling around in her villa, drunk as a skunk and screaming about Vladimir Putin to her curtains, instead of rotting away in a cell for espionage crimes and the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play scheme?

For that matter, why aren’t James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper wearing orange jumpsuits and giving J-Dawg cigarettes as “protection money” in the slammer right now?

Oh, right. It’s because we have a two-tiered system of justice in America. In one tier, you have elites like Hillary Clinton, Comey, Clapper and Brennan. They get to do whatever they want and break any laws that they feel like breaking to protect themselves and line their own pockets. And in the second tier? That’s for suckers like you and me who are forced to play along with this broken system.

Joe Robertson from Montana was in the second tier of justice with you and me. You’ve probably never heard of Joe, but you probably would have liked him. Joe was what we would have affectionately called an “old coot” where I grew up. He was a retired Navy veteran, and he was concerned about the possibility that his rural home and property would be damaged or destroyed when an inevitable wildfire occurred nearby.

Joe decided to do something proactive about this, so he dug a ditch on his property and created a series of ponds. Bonus: He could raise a little money from the Forest Service by allowing them to pull right up to his ponds to fill up their water trucks when forest fires occurred.

It should have been a win-win-win situation. Firefighters would have closer access to necessary water, Joe’s property was protected and his neighbors’ properties as well. Unfortunately for Joe, he was in tier two with you and me.

The Obama Department of Justice and the EPA zealously prosecuted Joe Robertson. In 2016 he was sentenced for the “crime” of digging a ditch “in proximity to navigable waters” (on his own property). Joe had violated the Clean Water Act. Obama had conveniently revamped this law through a clever rewording of the Navigable Waters Act, which in turn allowed the federal government to claim every mud puddle in your driveway as a federal navigable waterway.

For the Good Samaritan act of digging a ditch on his own property to protect his home and his neighbors from future wildfires, Joe Robertson was sentenced to 18 months in a federal penitentiary in 2016. He didn’t get any time off for good behavior.

In addition, the feds fined him $130,000 for his big crime, an amount to be garnished from his social security checks for the rest of his life. The feds didn’t get to collect very much of the fine, however, because Joe recently passed away at age 80. A Navy veteran who served his country honorably had to spend 18 months in prison at the sunset of his life, because the Obama EPA wanted to make an example of one of us little people.

Meanwhile, the feds sucker us all into complacency by dropping hints and misinformation to make us believe that they’re actually investigating real criminals in the Deep State. How’s that big investigation of the Clinton Foundation going, by the way?

Guests on Sean Hannity’s program kept dropping hints to us for years that the FBI was vigorously pursuing the fact that Bill Clinton was being paid millions for speeches in countries that were negotiating with the Hillary-run State Department.

That must be a really complicated investigation, considering the fact that it’s now been SEVEN FREAKING YEARS since Hillary Clinton left that job. The Clintons don’t seem to be worried about this big investigation. Bill is starting a podcast soon, and the “happy couple” is charging audiences to come hear them blather on stage.

The next big dose of melatonin that they’re feeding us is that another Inspector General report is going to drop sometime in May. Just you wait, American sheeple! There will be Criminal Referrals following the IG’s findings into FISA abuse and the FBI spying on President Trump. Clapper, Comey and Brennan will be handcuffed on national TV!

Uh huh. It’ll be just like the last Inspector General report that came out a few months ago, the one on FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page helping to concoct the Russian collusion fantasy. How are all those “Criminal Referrals” going?

The Swamp is hard at work. Justice is coming any day now.

Tier One: Make millions of dollars by committing espionage, treason and sedition. Tier Two: Go to prison for digging a ditch in your own yard.

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3,112 Responses

  1. Keep your guns loaded and close at hand. A new revolution is coming. The people will not put up with this crap forever.

  2. First of all. You don’t send a 78 year old for digging a ditch to prison. It is heartless and clownesque like Obama himself and all his administration. And you definitely don’t fine a guy that old on pension $130K after having served his country in the military. These are situations where if he inadvertently broke the law, you send for the guy, explain to him how govt looks at his deed and also explain to him that his action is not warranted at law and that the situation needs to return to how it was before (quod ante). Imprisoning and fining him should only happen were he to prove obdurate. After all he was no danger to life and limb and the ditch was on his property.
    And if you send him to prison ensure that he is paroled asap. So Hillary destroyed 33k emails while under subpoena, hammered to bits some dozen cell phones, lies through her teeth with every breath taken throughout her life + dozens of other great crimes: To me her equivalent fine would be $200Billion and 10000 years in jail.

  3. I would like so very much to read a good story, in a good newspaper (if there is any such thing anymore) about ALL those involved in the arrest, trial and conviction of this man, having been killed in automobile wrecks, or of some painful form of terminal cancer! God forgive me, but I do not have the vocabulary to express my loathing and hatred for ALL these liberal, Obama-loving, dumb-ass, globalist, demcrat sons-of-bitches! AND the people who carry out their bidding, excusing themselves by sayin, “just doing our job!” This country would be so much better if they would all just quietly and peacefully DROP DEAD ! ! !

  4. We need to keep Trump and Barr in there for another term, elect a republican house and elect more republican senators this next term. Quit calling senators and congressmen “leaders”, (they are representatives) and get a convention of states and remind them who they work for. Some of them have never had a real job and lived under the tier two environment. It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” type of situation. Only when the PEOPLE take over this country, the way it was designed, will our representative realize their place. All laws should apply to everyone equally. It should be against the law for votes to be bought by special interest. Without Trump, Barr and a few of the honest representatives in place, our country is in trouble.

  5. I agree with all of you. The “ Demo-rats have different rules just like all socialistic dictators! What this retired military man had to suffer in his own country for simply digging a damn ditch is unbelievable. Obama was trying very hard to destroy our country and Hilary would have continued in the same path. They are all so evil! President Trump is working so hard to undo the damage the Obamas and Clinton’s have done and he has to fight all of the swamp in DC to do it. Can you imagine if they wouldn’t be so entrenched in our government what he could accomplish! I pray with all my heart that he wins in 2020 because if the Socialists win we will lose our country and we will all be slaves to their dictatorship. God put President Trump in office, now we have to keep him there. 🙏

  6. Just like the day of the Lord’s return is coming, so is the day of politician criminals coming when they will be wearing orange jumpsuits. As entrenched as they are, it’s only a matter of time. Notice their frustration.

  7. I have read all these post and all I can say is I am glad to see the outrage of Americans. I wish I had a weapon and the money and time to find every one involved in this act against a brother in arms. Obama and his gang should all be charged with treason and put in front of a wall along with the Clintons. All the money they have should be confiscated and put in place to build the wall. Until we clean out congress and the rhinos we have no chance. Send a clear message, “NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARD”.
    Disabled Veteran US Naval Air Vietnam 65-71.

  8. How cruel and inhuman ! I think
    of Montana as being an open
    range with good, caring,
    God fearing human beings who
    would never allow a 78 year old
    man to be sentenced for digging a
    ditch on his own land! I can only
    imagine the response from my
    Dad, years ago, if this had
    happened to him. If Donald Trump
    had been President, at that time,
    he never would have been
    sentenced for such an asinine
    law!! God Bless Donald Trump now and four more years👍🏽

  9. How cruel and inhuman ! I think
    of Montana as being an open
    range with good, caring,
    God fearing human beings who
    would never allow a 78 year old
    man to be sentenced for digging a
    ditch on his own land! I can only
    imagine the response from my
    Dad, years ago, if this had
    happened to him. If Donald Trump
    had been President, at that time,
    he never would have been
    sentenced for such an asinine
    law!! God Bless Donald Trump now and four more years👍🏽

  10. ObeyMe and Hitlery, are literally laughing at us, knowing that their side’s control of the media ensures that not a finger will be laid on them! Indeed, their “unbiased” media will spin this real investigation as being little more than Republican political posturing, giving their side even more seats in Congress next year. Tell me again… why does the right refuse to morally engage in taking the media from the left?

  11. One is put in jail for tax fraud and or lying to the FBI and Al Sharpton is not next to that one. Martha Stewart spend time in jail for lying to the FBI and Hillary Clinton that did 10 times worse than Martha Stewart is still talking to her curtains in her villa. Lives of generals being destroyed by the democrats for no good reasons at all. Members of the house like Maxine Waters and others openly spewing hate and destruction are not held responsible for their actions. Senators that openly lied to get the job are not removed of their jobs and are still in office. Speaker of the house that need to lay down her gavel because even she is involved in obstruction, resistance and destruction of the mere laws they swore to uphold. The Law not being uphold and turned into a joke thereby putting law officers in dangerous situations. Christianity put on death row while other religious groups and cults are put on pedestals and protected. Democrats pushing the illegality button on all levels and those low lives get away with it. What is happening to the voter and their rights. It is being reworked by the LEFT/COMMUNISM. Are we as common citizens that blind as to let the adversary push us all in a corner.? And with all I mean black white and whatever color you give yourself. Please stand up for the good what this country called “America ” has to offer. Trump gave us a push in the right direction, he shook up about everything he could shake to get rid of the corruption in high places. Our President is under constant fire by about all the instigators of bad stuff. His time is short, Mr. Trump worked and works tirelessly to get situations straighten out, but he can not do it alone. He need the real citizens from America to stand behind him and give him the power to bring power back to the CITIZEN and to make the LAW strong and unbreakable with no loopholes. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Make America Strong again. MASA

  12. Read the writing’s of Thomas Jefferson and act on them he wrote the constitution but he also told us how and when to defend it

  13. a 78 year old vet on his property are u f ing nuts. by law we on our properity can did a ditch too bad he didnt get a 20 ft down and cover up the b sters who arrested him they should be taken out and use a wipe on there a s for doing what they did to him and penatily of 130,000 i am angered what they did to a vet who fought for his country. why not go after the a ses who did worse and fbi didnt go after hilassery for murder and going against the u s of a. including the piece of crap who should have never been president since he was a terrioest to the us of a . the democrapshit should all be find and the loonie who are very old should be taken out since they are stupid and retarted. and the asses who want to take our freedom away from us. take them out behind the barn. the fbi should never gone with the democrapshits they should have been non in the jackasses and the elelphant. maybe they can do there jobs and go after the real a sholes that are trying to take our freedom away from us. i wish i had a gun but i cant hit the side of a barn. my dad who was a marine he tried and so do the marines that were in my home town lol i was very lucky if i hit the paper i do know i hit the window way up in a metal hut that the marines used on the base who were single. lol i was a marine daughter who love her dad and what he did during war and being home. these ppl who want us to be ashame for what our ppl did doing all the wars that was in the states and countrys i am not ashame what happen in the states. i am a proud women who loves her country and wish that all the crap stops

  14. All these comments are all fine and good.I all ways ask people who do you think is responsible for the condition of are Country .And with anticipation they say who,like I have some wonderful revelation. I reply the next time you look in the mirror and see your reflection your the one to blame. We can talk the talk but when it comes to action we just say let someone else sacrifice their time and blood.Its easy to go half way around the world and shed someone else’s blood that doesn’t have anything to do with are Country.But try to get a coalition together while are own Country is in a all out teriny through the democrat party,we just say I’ve got to much to sacrifice until it’s to late.So I say it’s time to react by talking to everyone you know in every State Capital in America and put on your Trump hat and organize a day to march and overwhelm that city with support for one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. Start by swamping conservative talk shows and Fox news to help organize the date to march on every state Capital in America. Even if were threatened we will not back doun even if it gets to the point of bearing arms and taking action against the teriny we are faced with right damnded now!!!!!!

  15. Wait a minute. This is too confusing for we little people to comprehend. Uncle Joe is digging his trench in his watered down political startup and having to sing his messages to avoid stuttering He is an old white guy running on his past record of being in the room at the time when his senior partner was firing the shots and Joe was only the driver of the billion and 1/.2 fee his son got from the Chinese bank to invest in the very USA company that deals in USA military parts? What am I missing here? Joe has a history alright and it is not only sniffing a poodle.. The deep state is a massive sink holes in WDC that is siphoning our treasury as borrowed dollars flow into the wrong pockets against America’s best interest. OK , Now I get it. Maduro was trying to get on the plane and the Russians said not yet. We do not have your Birth Certificate hidden so the Congress will not let you run against Trump in the next elections. Never mind, we communist will always have France,. Your plane left for Paraguay and it is now in the hands of the north Koreans. It all comes around to our understanding that you can always trust a Communist to be one.. The Cuban Military is going home. Even they cannot stand eating pre-owned take out food out of foreign dumpsters. Paraguay has finally surrendered. They cannot subsist on America Spam one more day . It is so good to be an American. We get to vote out the insane in the white suits pretending to represent our republic. Fix the political pot hole. It is growing. Not to worry, Uncle Bernie is now a millionaire, so capitalism has proven his undoing. It is all working out.

  16. I’m just so tired of all this bullsHt!!! I know there has to be a legal way for us (citizens of the U.S.A.)🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 to challenge the
    Dems and get them the hell out of the
    way!!! Is there anyone who knows how we
    could get this started??? I’ll do all I can to help!!! We just need to do something and
    do it NOW!!!❣️👠

  17. Read my comment hilda ,it’s a good start to wake up a sleeping Giant. We are the majority of Americans who sacrificed too make this country the best Country in the world. The media and CNN has done their part to lie too the rest of those groping in darkest because were living in the last days.It’s in God’s hands, read his truth report, the Bible in Mathew chapter 24:3-14.Remember read my comment on this site,6-3-19 .No excuses ,let’s get started.

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